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Picks for Sale! And PG Rankings.

Chad Ford reports that the Knicks, Pacers, and Rockets are among the teams looking to buy a pick. Who are the sellers in the first round?

…The Wizards have a high lottery pick they’d consider moving.

The Pistons at No. 15, the Hornets at No. 21 and the Blazers at No. 24 are also all willing to deal. And a few teams with multiple first-round picks — the Thunder, Grizzlies and Bulls — might be willing to sell, too.

Ideally I wouldn’t want the Knicks to give up an asset besides cold hard cash for a pick. I like the idea of building a young, core group of guys that will include Chandler and Gallo.

Ford also did a straw poll of NBA GMs to get the current consensus rankings for point guards. It has to worry Steph Curry/Knicks fans that he is currently considered the second best PG prospect:

1. Rubio

2. Curry

3. Flynn

4. Holiday

5. Evans (I don’t believe he’s a PG)

6. Teague

7. Jennings

8. Maynor

9. Lawson

10. Mills

11. Collison

12. Calathas

13. Toney Douglas

I would be happy with any of Curry, Flynn, or Holiday, with Curry a strong preference (not including Rubio because I think he’ll be gone). It looks like the Knicks could definitely get one of them.

Knicks 128, Wizards 122

The Knicks only had 10 turnovers, of which Duhon had the majority (6). Quick shots off of lots great ball movement are hallmarks of Mike D’Antoni’s offense and executing the way the Knicks did tonight minimizes the opportunity to turn the ball over. This is in stark contrast to what has happens when the Knicks resort to one on one sloppiness and over-dribbling. That style is conducive to turnovers and blowouts. The longer you hold the ball, the longer the D has to set up, and the longer you have to turn the ball over.

Super hot shooting doesn’t hurt. No amount of quick, crisp passes and open shots will lead to wins when the shots aren’t falling, and the Knicks shot 54% tonight.

It is getting harder and harder to argue that the Knicks shouldn’t keep David Lee as he expands his overall game, continuing to play himself into a monster contract. At the same time, I’d say he’s still not worth more than $10 million, and the more he plays like this, the more value the Knicks will be able to score in a trade. I’m talking established players and high draft picks now instead of undeveloped talent. I’ll just say that I’m thankful Isiah isn’t in charge because Lee would get the max under the former regime.

The Knicks are on a 2 game winning streak and might be only 2.5 games out of the 8 seed if Milwaukee loses tonight.

The only criticism I have tonight is that the Wizards shot 60% from the field (55% if you remove Nick Young’s 13/17, still too high a percentage.) You won’t win many games giving up that percentage if you aren’t playing the Wizards. Having a shot blocking power forward or center would help matters immensely.

Good game from Q-Rich today who was hot beyond the arc, made some nice passes, and played great D. Jeffries also had a nice game, making lots of hustle plays, keeping rebounds alive, keeping the ball moving, and not messing up the flow of the offense. He was +17 tonight in 32 minutes. Lee’s +/-  in a 30 point scoring game, by way of comparison was zero.