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As The Warriors’ World Turns, Potential Opportunity Arises For Knicks

As things get uglier in Golden State between the Warriors and Stephen Jackson, you have to believe that the team’s desperation to move him grows. Adrian Wojnarowski notes that the last time the Warriors had to trade a malcontent, the best they got for him was an old John Starks.

So, opportunity presents itself. And while Alan Hahn reminded fans yesterday what The Knicks FanBlog first informed you of in August (that kind of stuff gets lost in the offseason), namely, that any Jackson trade is highly unlikely, if I was Donnie Walsh I’d definitely consider something like this:

It is good for both teams and restores balance to the universe by netting the Knicks and Warriors the players they were supposed to come away with after the draft.

It won’t happen though. It seems that Donnie loves what he sees in Hill, the Knicks seem to be valuing stability and continuity this year, the press and coaches for some reason love Jeffries and his newfound chucking and oldfound turnovers and clumsiness, and the chances of Donnie adding any payroll are nil (while this trade is just about cap neutral for the next 2 years, it may hamper the Knicks’ ability to shell out max dough in 2011).

Curry has a promise from Knicks…and Warriors?

Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times reports in his column (“The Woelfel World of Sports”) that the Knicks, and the Warriors…have given Stephen Curry a promise that they will take him if he is on the board during next week’s draft:

The Bucks’ chances of landing Curry, whose father, Dell, played for the Bucks during the 1998-99 season, are virtually nil. The Bucks were recently informed that Curry had canceled his scheduled workout later this week with them.

The scuttlebutt is Curry has been assured by both Golden State, which has the seventh pick, and New York, which has the eighth pick, that they’ll take him.

The fact that Curry cancelled the Bucks workout should indicate that he indeed has a promise somewhere in the top 9 (not a surprise). Also, the Knicks promise was reported before the lottery, so its not exactly shocking.

It is surprising however, if true, that the Warriors made Curry a promise for a couple of reasons: (1) Warriors guard Monta Ellis thinks he should be the future for the Warriors at the point, and allegedly would be irate if the Warriors drafted one (though I don’t think the Warriors will let Ellis’ temperament determine their pick); (2) Curry has never worked out for the Warriors (although Wolves new GM David Kahn has stated that a lack of a workout isn’t determinative); (3) because Curry is reportedly turned off by the Ellis situation; and (4) because they have soooooooooo many guards.

So there is reason to question a Warriors’ promise. But then again, there is reason to question everything the Warriors do, if you’re using the last few years as a guidepost.

2010 Cap Competition

By now everyone knows the Knicks are trying their hardest to get under the cap for 2010. The free agent class is terrific, so why wouldn’t they. Trouble is, everyone knows the free agent class is terrific, and lots of teams are employing the same strategy. Here are the teams that represent the Knicks main competition (in alphabetical order):

Atlanta:  The Hawks have Josh Smith signed to a big contract that extends past 2010, Al Horford, Mo Evans, and Acie Law also extend past 2010, but their contracts are not cap destroyers. The Hawks should be able to make a run at 2010 free agents.

Cleveland: The Cavs have Mo Williams, Delonte West, Boobie Gibson, JJ Hickson and Darnell Jackson under contract in 2010. They should be able to make a run at a top free agent.

Houston: The Rockets have Shane Battier, Joey Dorsey, Carl Landry, Chuck Hayes and Aaron Brooks signed through 2010. Not a lot of cap space eaten up by those guys.

Miami: The Heat have James Jones, Michael Beasley, Mario “super nintendo” Chalmers, and Daequan Cook signed through 2010. Watch out for the Heat.

Minnesota: The T-Wolves should have some cap room, with Al Jefferson and several guys with smaller contracts extending through 2010 (Ryan Gomes, Kevin Love, Ronnie Brewer, Sebastian Telfair).

Oklahoma City: The Thunder have Nick Collison, Nenad Kristic, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Jeff Green under contract through 2010. Most of these are rookie contracts. They should have space.

Portland: The Blazers only have a few guys under contract through 2010, but they probably wont have cap space, since they have to make decisions on Aldridge and Brandon Roy.

Spurs: The Spurs have basically only a couple marginal contracts on the books past 2010. Except of course for Duncan and Parker, who are already their two max guys. They might have some room, but I don’t see them as major competition for the top prizes.

Utah: If the Jazz can move Kirilenko for an expiring deal, they’d be in real good shape, with just Deron Williams taking up significant cap space in 2010.

Of course, some teams are still jockeying for position in the 2010 race and can get themselves in good position through trades (Toronto – if they trade Kapono for an expiring – and Chicago – if they can move Hinrich – for example). Some, like the Clippers, Warriors and Pacers, have not shot.