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Latest Draft Rumblings and Other News

1. The Thunder are reportedly high on Stephen Curry…Honestly, I don’t think he’s a reach at 3, in this draft. The fact that the Bobcats are interested and might trade up has me worried too.

2. Donnie Walsh interviewed Thabeet yesterday. He has one skill but it’s definitely one the Knicks need.

3. Ty Lawson will work out against Stephen Curry for the Knicks. Hahn thinks Lawson has a chance at going 8th. He’s wrong.

4. Eddy Curry might be less fat (Italian Stallion was the first on the net to report this, following Eddy’s tweeting).

5. The Knicks might invite Alex Acker to summer league. They reportedly view him as a potential late bloomer.

6. The Knicks might bring in Carlos Cabezas for a look and also a guy named Fabien Causeur, the starting PG for Le Havre. I don’t know how I feel about having a guy named Fabien on the squad. Just bloggin’.

On Workouts…

Work-outs serve a purpose. But for the most part, I think if you wait until work-outs to narrow the field for you, you’re probably making a mistake.

Chad Ford was down on Thabeet all year, questioning his athleticism and strength. He watches him in one work-out and says that with some practice, all of a sudden he can be the next Mutombo.

Incidentally, Chad also was huge on Darko, raving about how the kid could shoot left handed threes without jumping during workouts.

A lot was also made about how Kwame Brown dominated Tyson Chandler in work-outs.

I just don’t get how a scout’s opinion on a player can vacillate so greatly based on work-outs. Darko could hit those off-hand 3s, but when have you ever seen him do that in a game? Never. And no, and Darko didn’t play in too many games in Europe before he was drafted. He had a reputation for dominating practice and then he had great work-outs. (Red Flag for those who love Jennings.)

The point I’m getting at is that for most prospects, like Thabeet for example, there is at least a full season of game action to use in evaluations. I have a feeling that Donnie Walsh, who scouted Steph Curry extensively, watches actual games in deciding which players he likes. I doubt he’s ever flustered by a work-out.

By the time work-outs happen, a saavy GM probably already knows that he likes the guy he’s invited to the gym. The work-out is like a getting-to-know-you session. Are you a sociopath? A nice guy? Smart? Obstinate? Sociable? As into us as we’re into you? Oh, and lets see that jumper we know so well from watching you play in games for over a year.

That’s why I don’t totally discount the Steph Curry promise even though people have called it ludicrous to suggest the Knicks made a promise before workouts. In Chad’s article, he completely changes his tune about Thabeet because he canned a few jumpers in a workout. What about the entire season of games Thabeet played. Doesn’t that tell you more about the kid than one work-out session?