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Picks for Sale! And PG Rankings.

Chad Ford reports that the Knicks, Pacers, and Rockets are among the teams looking to buy a pick. Who are the sellers in the first round?

…The Wizards have a high lottery pick they’d consider moving.

The Pistons at No. 15, the Hornets at No. 21 and the Blazers at No. 24 are also all willing to deal. And a few teams with multiple first-round picks — the Thunder, Grizzlies and Bulls — might be willing to sell, too.

Ideally I wouldn’t want the Knicks to give up an asset besides cold hard cash for a pick. I like the idea of building a young, core group of guys that will include Chandler and Gallo.

Ford also did a straw poll of NBA GMs to get the current consensus rankings for point guards. It has to worry Steph Curry/Knicks fans that he is currently considered the second best PG prospect:

1. Rubio

2. Curry

3. Flynn

4. Holiday

5. Evans (I don’t believe he’s a PG)

6. Teague

7. Jennings

8. Maynor

9. Lawson

10. Mills

11. Collison

12. Calathas

13. Toney Douglas

I would be happy with any of Curry, Flynn, or Holiday, with Curry a strong preference (not including Rubio because I think he’ll be gone). It looks like the Knicks could definitely get one of them.

Don’t call him Knick Calathes

Nobody was projecting Florida point guard Nick Calathes to be a lottery pick, but he could definitely have been a sleeper in this year’s draft. He did it all for Florida this past year, shooting, passing, and boarding with his good size. He has very good court vision and a high basketball IQ. The main knock on him is that his feet are too slow to defend well at the next level.

Calathes might stay in the draft but he’ll spend at least the next season playing in Greece for Panathinaikos, according to the Orlando Sentinal. That’s sure to hurt his stock if he stays in the draft.

The Knicks only have one pick in this draft, though there has been speculation that they want a second. If Calathes stays in the draft this move will drop him down to the very bottom of the first round.

But should Calathes even be a target at this point? Should the Knicks be looking to develop their talent ASAP? Or if the opportunity presents itself later in the draft, should the Knicks nab Calathes and wait?