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Sessions Offer Imminent

Courtesy of ESPN.com’s Marc Stein:

There were strong indications Thursday night that the New York Knicks were assembling the final details of an offer sheet they believe will ultimately land Milwaukee Bucks restricted free agent Ramon Sessions.

Terms of the proposed deal were not immediately available, but NBA front-office sources told ESPN.com that the Bucks were indeed bracing for the offer sheet and also more likely to pool the free-agent cash they’re prepared to spend this summer to try to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers to the signature of athletic power forward Hakim Warrick rather than matching what’s coming to Sessions from the Knicks.

One trusted source insists that the Knicks believe they can extend Sessions far enough to dissuade Milwaukee from matching but without affecting their well-chronicled strategy to leave enough salary-cap space to recruit one maximum-salaried free agent in the summer of 2010. An offer sheet to a restricted free agent must be for at least two years, but it remains unclear how much of New York’s $5.9 million mid-level exception Sessions would receive.

Let’s cross our fingers that this is accurate…

Lee Chicago Bound? (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Loyal Knicks-FanBlogger Slumdogballer posted a rumor that he had heard from a contact at the Garden in the comments a little while ago:

I think there might be something more to this then just Chicago being interested in David Lee.

I think a deal like this is being cooked up:

D Lee to Chicago
Hinrich to Portland
Bayless/pick to NY

Well,  apparently Alan Hahn is now hearing the things as Slumdog. Big time hat tip for having the scoop and posting it here.

Hahn’s latest post covers the Bulls rumors and the latest on Ramon Sessions.  It’s must read stuff.

* * *

Marc Stein and Alan Hahn are both reporting that the Knicks have begun the process of reviewing proposals for sign-and-trades involving David Lee. Stein had this to say:

Details remain scarce, but David Lee’s name is finally starting to come up again more often now that pretty much all the top unrestricted free agents apart from Odom and Andre Miller have been signed. With summer league ball behind us, the free-agent focus starts to shift to restricted free agents like Lee.

The problem? Unless Portland uses its cap space to make him an offer, Lee will be relying on the Knicks to cooperate in a sign-and-trade arrangement. And it’s believed that New York is determined to retain Lee and Nate Robinson on one-year deals that preserve full Bird rights for both players without obligating the Knicks to slice into their projected salary-cap space for 2010 free agency.

But one well-placed insider volunteered this tip when it comes to Lee’s situation: “Keep your eye on Chicago.”

Hahn chimed in on his twitter page:

David Lee situation still looms for Knix. Teams lining up in S&Ts. @STEIN_LINE_HQ sez da Bulls are in the mix. Will have more on this later.

I think it’s safe to say that any deal with Chicago would almost certainly involve Ty Thomas coming back to the Knicks. If DW was somehow able to also pawn off Jeffries or Curry on the Bulls in exchange for an expiring, the trade would be a huge win. And the cap savings for 2010 could conceivably open the door for the Knicks to make a multi-year offer to Sessions or some other free agent PG.

(By the way, what is it with the Knicks and the Bulls? There’s a whole mess of teams in the NBA, but it seems like these two only ever want to trade with each other. When Isiah was here you could write it off as part of his Chicago thing, but now he’s gone and yet the attraction persists. Strange…)

That said, Stein also reported in his column, as David Aldridge did yesterday, that his sources are telling him that the Knicks are no longer interested in Sessions:

It’s starting to look as though Milwaukee restricted free agent Ramon Sessions might have to settle for an offer that does not start at the full midlevel exception price of $5.9 million, with sources insisting that the Knicks are no longer chasing Sessions and that Oklahoma City is reluctant to use any of its salary-cap space to pursue the point guard.

The Clippers remain highly interested in Sessions. There are persistent rumblings that they prefer him to Allen Iverson in every category apart from box-office appeal. The Bucks, meanwhile, remain prepared to match offers on Sessions … to a point.

I’m hoping Stein has bad information here because I think Sessions would be a really nice addition to the young core the team seems to be building.

ESPN.com: Knicks Have Interest in Boozer

ESPN.com’s Chris Broussard and Marc Stein are reporting today that the Utah Jazz intend to match Portland’s offer to Paul Millsap but, to do so, must first offload Carlos Boozer and the $12.6 million he’s due next season. No surprise there.

What is a little bit surprising, though, is that Broussard and Stein (doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue like Woodward and Bernstein) are also reporting that the Knicks are among the teams that have interest in acquiring Boozer.

Boozer is an expiring deal so trading for him certainly makes sense from the Mission-2010 perspective but it would also give the Knicks ownership of the bird rights of one of the elite 2010 free agents. It’s not clear that Boozer would be a perfect fit in SSOL but, since the commitment would only be for a year, the Knicks would basically be getting a free look without a whole lot of risk.

The problem is that, since Utah’s greatest need in any Boozer trade is to free up cap space to re-sign Millsap, the Knicks don’t have a whole lot to offer them straight up. Any trade would have to be a three team deal (at least). I think I might have a solution, though.

While the Blazers decided to extend an offer to Millsap, they’ve also shown a lot of past interest in David Lee. Here’s what I propose: First, Utah matches Millsap. Then, the Knicks, Blazers and Jazz execute a three way deal whereby the Blazers acquire a signed-and-traded Lee (and another small contract to make the money work), the Knicks get Boozer and the Jazz get Travis Outlaw and a big, fat trade exception. In fact, if the Knicks also offered Jordan Hill or Wilson Chandler to the Jazz in this deal perhaps they can reacquire their 2010 first round pick. I’m pretty sure (85-90%) that this works under the cap.

UPDATE: I now realize that this trade fails to take into consideration that Lee would become a BYC player after signing the contract. To my understanding, that means that his deal has to be slashed in half when calculating the cap consequences in a trade. So he’d have to be paired with another contract going back to Portland to make it work under the cap. I think Lee and Cuttino Mobley’s deal might get it done.