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Knicks Have Trade Offers. Are Deciding. DUH!

According to Hoopsworld.com, the Knicks are not only actively shopping players and feeling out the market, they have specific trade offers that they are evaluating:

There has been a lot of talk about the New York Knicks making some moves in the coming weeks and sources close to the situation say that the team is not only fielding and making calls, they are openly evaluating offers.

Well, everyone knows the Knicks don’t want to stand pat this year. Not with Jeffries and Curry taking up 2010 cap space. But what are the moves Hoopsworld is referencing? They don’t say, other than to rehash the one everyone already knew about thanks to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports: Al Harrington for Ty Thomas:

There is some substance to the Knicks interest in injured Bulls’ forward Tyrus Thomas, mainly because he is a player they have on their list as possible free agent targets in July and a trade now allows the team to “try him on” and make a decision on his future. Thomas is an ending contract so a deal for him does not impact their 2010 plans.

Sources close to the situation said recently that a deal involving Tyrus is not out of the question; however any deal would not likely include Al Harrington as recently suggested. Sources said Harrington is not a player the Knicks are ready to part with as he’s one of the few players capable of creating his own offense.

So if the deal doesn’t include Al Harrington, who else can provide the Bulls with scoring?

The Knicks are supposedly open to some level of deal that sends out Nate Robinson, however Robinson would lose his Bird Rights in a trade, and has the right to refuse any deal after agreeing to a one-year deal last summer.

First, it is completely over Hoopsworld’s head, that bird rights mean nothing to Nate, since the Knicks aren’t going to re-sign him. No matter what, this summer, Nate won’t have bird rights except if the Knicks agree to a sign-and-trade. And, it’s pretty obvious that the way things stand Nate might want out of his current situation so he can try to earn his next contract on the back of play rather than cheerleading. Bird rights are pretty useless if everyone thinks you’re a twelfth man because you aren’t going to rake in the big bucks anyway.

Bottom line, are the Knicks looking to make trades? DUH!

Kyler: Lebron Can’t Make Playoffs Without Booby Gibson

Steve Kyler of HoopsWorld wrote in his NBA AM column this morning about the fundamentals of the Knicks present cap situation and his view of what the front office will need to accomplish during the season in order to land what he calls a “legitimate sit down” with Lebron, Dwyane Wade or Chris Bosh.

The facts he presents in the piece concerning the Knicks cap situation are accurate, but then Kyler proceeds to argue that the Knicks must have a playoff roster in place because those players won’t be headed to the Knicks if they believe they’re going to miss the playoffs in their first year on the team. That’s just silly and, frankly, downright insulting to the talent of the elite free agent players available next summer.

First the silly: Forgetting about Wade and Bosh for a moment because they’re clearly plans B and C, as we’ve written so many times in this space, take a look at the Knicks pieces for the future and then the Cavs’ long term guys sans Lebron: Does a team with Mo Williams, Delonte West JJ Hickson, Anderson Varajeo, Anthony Parker, Jamario Moon and Daniel Gibson even sniff the playoffs without Lebron? Is Kyler honestly suggesting that the no-Lebron Cavs group is a playoff-ready roster? Plainly ridiculous.

Now for the insulting: Unlike Kyler, I seriously doubt that any of these guys ever believe that they’re going to miss the playoffs, and that especially goes for Lebron. I think he thinks he could snare the 8th seed if Dan was his power forward and I was the 6th man and, truth be told, he’s probably right.

These articles always follow the same formula: The writer looks for an angle that favors the home team and then makes that factor the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR free agents will consider when deciding which team to sign with ( e.g. difference in potential earnings, difference in talent on the roster, loyalty etc.) . The disparity between the Knicks and the free agent’s old team is always dramatically overstated and the importance of the factor itself is always given too much weight.

Of course, no one knows just yet what these guys have planned. What we do know, however, is that despite the best efforts of certain writers to paint the situation differently, the Knicks are clearly in the running.

Kyler: Curry a Consideration for Wizards at 5

After having dismissed reports of Stephen Curry’s rise on NBA draft boards as the product of an overheated NYC media (while flaunting some impressive certitude) during his chat yesterday afternoon, Steve Kyler of Hoopsworld backtracked this morning and is now reporting on Hoopsworld’s website that the Wizards have narrowed their field to Jordan Hill, James Harden and Curry for the fifth pick.

I guess since Kyler hadn’t heard it until this morning, technically it couldn’t be true. 😉 This still doesn’t necessarily mean that Curry will be the Wizards’ choice at 5 and I still think there are valid reasons to believe Curry will be on the board at 8 but, nonetheless, it’s a pretty substantial retreat by Kyler from yesterday’s blanket statement that “Washington does not take him at #5″.

I suppose the bigger point is, “who really cares?” because, despite Kyler’s audacious style of delivery, he doesn’t appear to actually know more than anyone else.

Kyler: Curry in the Top 5 Just NYC Hype

Over the past week and a half or so, it seems Steph Curry has emerged as the fastest rising player in this draft. First, Blake Griffin called Curry the second best player in the draft. Then he scorched the nets and blew Knicks’ brass away during his head-to-head workout with Jrue Holiday. And now it seems like every team between 2 and 7 is a threat to pull the trigger on him and potentially spoil the draft night of at least half our fan base (unless, of course, the Knicks got an even better player).

Now, I’m not saying that I don’t believe the hype. We certainly love Steph Curry around here and it sure seems like he’s blowing up right now. But Steve Kyler of Hoopsworld, for one, is not buying it. Check out this Q and A from his chat this afternoon:

Art in New York:
Hey Steve, There’s alot of rumors swirling around about Curry going earlier than 8th, do you think its true or its just the hype from the New York media because he is what the knicks want???

Steve Kyler:
I think everything around Curry is New York hype… I have been told he’s the third name on their board, so I would say most people will be surprised where he ends up I doubt he goes #6 to Minnesota… #7 to Golden State would piss off Monta Ellis… Washington does not take him at #5… Sacramento is not looking at him at #4… OKC gets Rubio at #3, so Curry #2 to Memphis?

No chance.

(The two names Kyler’s hearing are ahead of Curry on the Knicks’ board are Jordan Hill and Jrue Holiday.)

One thing I should mention about the guys at Hoopsworld that I’m sure you can detect in that response: They all have this air of self-assuredness that seems to imply that they own a monopoly on the good intel and that we can ignore everything else we’ve read/heard and take what they say to the bank. And Steve Kyler is no exception in that respect.

While I’m not quite as confident in Steve Kyler’s information as Steve Kyler appears to be, the logic behind what he’s saying is valid. The fact is, although Curry seems to be in the mix everywhere, he doesn’t seem to be the first choice of any top 7 team. Maybe those teams are still playing coy and trying to disguise their interest. That’d be good business. But it could also be that the New York media is indeed fueling the explosion of hype around Curry. In fact, Kyler’s going so far as to say that Curry isn’t even the Knicks’ top choice at 8.

So, while I’m not convinced that Curry will be there at 8 when the Knicks select (no matter how confidently Steve Kyler proclaims it), I remain equally unconvinced that the team has to trade up if he’s the target.

Where does that leave us? I have no idea.

Start Turning Those Wheels

Virgil, our favorite visitor from the Atl, asked a good question of HoopsWorld’s Bill Ingram during his chat this afternoon and got a pretty favorable answer:

virgil in atl ga:
the knicks have some decisions to make, do you think they have enough to trade for the #1 or 2 pick

Bill Ingram:
I don’t think they get the #1. The Kings are high on Griffin, though the dream scenario would be for OKC to win the lottery and get the local hero. Could they get #2 from the Wiz? I don’t know. Would they take something like Nate Robinson? The Wiz are built to win now or win never, so maybe . . .

So that’d be cool. Let’s start cooking up some scenarios. I’ll go first. How’s about:

A sign and trade of KryptoKlown and the Knicks’ 1st round pick (presently 8th) for Mike James and the Wizards’ first round pick (presently 2nd).

Of course, there are some mitigating factors to consider such as: (1) this all becomes moot if the Knicks win the lottery and work their way up into the top 3 and (2) KryptoKlown can’t be moved until July 9th because it would have to be in a sign and trade. This means that on draft day the Knicks and Wizards would have to agree to draft a player on each other’s behalf and then consummate the trade several weeks later.

Additionally, while Ingram provided some optimism about possibly moving up in the draft, he then proceeded to pour cold water on the Nash to New York scenarios:

Mike D’Antoni in NY, NY:
Will Nash and I be reunited next season?

Bill Ingram:
I can’t imagine Nash leaving one project team for another. If he leaves Phoenix it will be for a contender, not a lottery team.

Rubio May Not Be Out of Reach

Consider this nugget from HoopsWorld’s morning report today:

Don’t Hold Your Breath On Rubio: There is little doubt that Euro sensation Ricky Rubio would be a top five selection in June’s NBA Draft, and he may very well put his name in the draft just to see where he’d land. The problem for Rubio is he has a hefty buyout with DKV Joventut, his current team in Europe, a buyout that could consume most of his first NBA contract. NBA teams can contribute up to $500,000 towards a buyout agreement without salary cap penalty, but even the $500,000 his drafting team could offer won’t close the gap enough to matter. The belief is Rubio’s contract buyout is $6 million Euros, and at today’s exchange rates that’s roughly $8.1 million. Its possible Rubio could negotiate a “payment” plan with Joventut and spread out the expense, which has been done before with Darko Milicic and other high profile European draft picks, but don’t expect them to negotiate it down. Joventut recently increased Ricky’s compensation without being required to in hopes of keeping the young Spaniard in Europe. The thing to keep in mind is that these buyout clauses on international deals are a part of the business model in Europe; teams in Europe start grabbing guys when they are 13 and 14 and invest in their development hoping they can ultimately sell them to other Euro teams or strike it rich with an NBA guy. If they can win some games and be competitive along the way that’s a bonus. For Rubio this is simply part of the business. There is little doubt Rubio’s name will be in the draft, but the odds that he ends up playing in the NBA next year is pretty slim, meaning Rubio may not go as high as some project, simply because it may be two or three seasons before he actually plays at this level.

If Rubio does decide to make himself eligible for this year’s draft, but his stock slides because he’s unable to buy himself out of his agreement with DKV Joventut (hey, it’s a better team name than Armani Jeans Milano) this year, I’d nevertheless be strongly in favor of the Knicks drafting Rubio in the late lottery–even if it means that we have to wait to see him put on a Knick uniform for a few years. The kid is that special.

Sure, the Knicks wouldn’t benefit from their pick right away in this scenario, but Rubio is perhaps the only player in this year’s draft that might have the potential to single-handedly change a franchise ‘s fortunes. In the meantime, Donnie Walsh could go about executing his plan and find a stop-gap solution at point (you know who might be good for that job? that guy Steve Nash). And in two short years, the Knicks would add a seasoned, 20 year old niño prodigio who’d probably be ready to take the PG reins from Day 1.

Sounds like a good plan to me.


From Bill Ingram’s chat at HoopsWorld earlier today:

Steve Nash in Phoenix AZ:

Will I leave the Suns this off season? Whatabout Shaq?

Bill Ingram:
Shaq is all talk. Too much talk, frankly. If they’re still this bad at the deadline, Shaq’s contract will be worth a bundle – to the Suns, as well. The Suns can get out from under Nash’s contract this summer, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them do it – especially when LB ran the show so well when Nash was hurt.

Very Interesting, I wonder where he’d land… 😉

Bill Ingram Giveth…

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I’m participating in the ongoing Bill Ingram chat over at HoopsWorld.

Bill’s already answered a couple of questions concerning the information he has about the Knicks’ deadline dealing plans, including this reassuring response to a question from your-friendly-neighborhood bloghost:

jon@knicksfan.net in NY, NY:
Does Donnie Walsh have any deals brewing for the Knicks? Things have been strangely quiet, especially for New York.

Bill Ingram:
Don’t bet on NY standing pat. They have a lot of work to do and there are plenty of deals that could help their situation.