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Knicks Have Trade Offers. Are Deciding. DUH!

According to Hoopsworld.com, the Knicks are not only actively shopping players and feeling out the market, they have specific trade offers that they are evaluating:

There has been a lot of talk about the New York Knicks making some moves in the coming weeks and sources close to the situation say that the team is not only fielding and making calls, they are openly evaluating offers.

Well, everyone knows the Knicks don’t want to stand pat this year. Not with Jeffries and Curry taking up 2010 cap space. But what are the moves Hoopsworld is referencing? They don’t say, other than to rehash the one everyone already knew about thanks to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports: Al Harrington for Ty Thomas:

There is some substance to the Knicks interest in injured Bulls’ forward Tyrus Thomas, mainly because he is a player they have on their list as possible free agent targets in July and a trade now allows the team to “try him on” and make a decision on his future. Thomas is an ending contract so a deal for him does not impact their 2010 plans.

Sources close to the situation said recently that a deal involving Tyrus is not out of the question; however any deal would not likely include Al Harrington as recently suggested. Sources said Harrington is not a player the Knicks are ready to part with as he’s one of the few players capable of creating his own offense.

So if the deal doesn’t include Al Harrington, who else can provide the Bulls with scoring?

The Knicks are supposedly open to some level of deal that sends out Nate Robinson, however Robinson would lose his Bird Rights in a trade, and has the right to refuse any deal after agreeing to a one-year deal last summer.

First, it is completely over Hoopsworld’s head, that bird rights mean nothing to Nate, since the Knicks aren’t going to re-sign him. No matter what, this summer, Nate won’t have bird rights except if the Knicks agree to a sign-and-trade. And, it’s pretty obvious that the way things stand Nate might want out of his current situation so he can try to earn his next contract on the back of play rather than cheerleading. Bird rights are pretty useless if everyone thinks you’re a twelfth man because you aren’t going to rake in the big bucks anyway.

Bottom line, are the Knicks looking to make trades? DUH!

Picks for Sale! And PG Rankings.

Chad Ford reports that the Knicks, Pacers, and Rockets are among the teams looking to buy a pick. Who are the sellers in the first round?

…The Wizards have a high lottery pick they’d consider moving.

The Pistons at No. 15, the Hornets at No. 21 and the Blazers at No. 24 are also all willing to deal. And a few teams with multiple first-round picks — the Thunder, Grizzlies and Bulls — might be willing to sell, too.

Ideally I wouldn’t want the Knicks to give up an asset besides cold hard cash for a pick. I like the idea of building a young, core group of guys that will include Chandler and Gallo.

Ford also did a straw poll of NBA GMs to get the current consensus rankings for point guards. It has to worry Steph Curry/Knicks fans that he is currently considered the second best PG prospect:

1. Rubio

2. Curry

3. Flynn

4. Holiday

5. Evans (I don’t believe he’s a PG)

6. Teague

7. Jennings

8. Maynor

9. Lawson

10. Mills

11. Collison

12. Calathas

13. Toney Douglas

I would be happy with any of Curry, Flynn, or Holiday, with Curry a strong preference (not including Rubio because I think he’ll be gone). It looks like the Knicks could definitely get one of them.

2010 Cap Competition

By now everyone knows the Knicks are trying their hardest to get under the cap for 2010. The free agent class is terrific, so why wouldn’t they. Trouble is, everyone knows the free agent class is terrific, and lots of teams are employing the same strategy. Here are the teams that represent the Knicks main competition (in alphabetical order):

Atlanta:  The Hawks have Josh Smith signed to a big contract that extends past 2010, Al Horford, Mo Evans, and Acie Law also extend past 2010, but their contracts are not cap destroyers. The Hawks should be able to make a run at 2010 free agents.

Cleveland: The Cavs have Mo Williams, Delonte West, Boobie Gibson, JJ Hickson and Darnell Jackson under contract in 2010. They should be able to make a run at a top free agent.

Houston: The Rockets have Shane Battier, Joey Dorsey, Carl Landry, Chuck Hayes and Aaron Brooks signed through 2010. Not a lot of cap space eaten up by those guys.

Miami: The Heat have James Jones, Michael Beasley, Mario “super nintendo” Chalmers, and Daequan Cook signed through 2010. Watch out for the Heat.

Minnesota: The T-Wolves should have some cap room, with Al Jefferson and several guys with smaller contracts extending through 2010 (Ryan Gomes, Kevin Love, Ronnie Brewer, Sebastian Telfair).

Oklahoma City: The Thunder have Nick Collison, Nenad Kristic, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Jeff Green under contract through 2010. Most of these are rookie contracts. They should have space.

Portland: The Blazers only have a few guys under contract through 2010, but they probably wont have cap space, since they have to make decisions on Aldridge and Brandon Roy.

Spurs: The Spurs have basically only a couple marginal contracts on the books past 2010. Except of course for Duncan and Parker, who are already their two max guys. They might have some room, but I don’t see them as major competition for the top prizes.

Utah: If the Jazz can move Kirilenko for an expiring deal, they’d be in real good shape, with just Deron Williams taking up significant cap space in 2010.

Of course, some teams are still jockeying for position in the 2010 race and can get themselves in good position through trades (Toronto – if they trade Kapono for an expiring – and Chicago – if they can move Hinrich – for example). Some, like the Clippers, Warriors and Pacers, have not shot.

Trade Deadline: Morning Roundup

The Knicks are involved in two rumors this morning.

1. Jeffries to the Wizards. This would be a terrific salary slashing move that would go a loooooong way towards enabling the Knicks to keep Lee and sign Lebron. The salary matches in this deal (assuming it’s a one-for-one) are one of Mike James, Brendan Haywood, or Etan Thomas. Who cares which, honestly.

2. Larry Hughes to the Knicks. Various iterations of this trade have made the rounds. In one form, the Knicks send back Jerome James and Malik Rose. In another, the deal expands to include Lee and Jeffries, and the Knicks take back Joakim Noah. I’d be ecstatic if this happened. For one, Jo Noah would quickly put up Lee numbers or better, but with more blocks and toughness on D. What’s more is that the Knicks wouldn’t have to extend him this summer or even in the summer of 2010. So not only would the Knicks replace Lee with a tougher, younger version of Lee, they’d save money by not having to re-sign Lee and also would lose Jeffries.

At that point, the Knicks wouldn’t have to worry about finding a taker for Curry. They would be far enough under the cap even with Curry to sign two max free agents in 2010, while fielding a core of Gallo, Chandler, Noah, and the 2009 draft pick. Unfortunately, the buzz is that this deal is dead. I hope it gets revived.

Knicks 102, Bulls 98

Good Old Days
Good Old Days

For the second time this season, the Knicks and Bulls played a fun, uptempo game. Neither team is good but they match up well against one another.

The key for the Knicks, as usual in their wins, was that they took care of the ball, and for the most part shot well.

The Knicks only had 11 turnovers. That’s a good number: San Antonio leads the league with 11.5 per game. This compares with the Bulls’ 17 turnovers.

The Knicks also moved the ball well, with assists on half of their makes (18:36).

As for shooting, the Knicks finished at 43%, but factored into this was an aberrational shooting performance by David Lee, who shot 3/14. Excluding Lee, the Knicks shot 48%, a great number.

Great D again from Jeffries, who drew a few charges, blocked 2 shots, and only messed up on offense a handful of times, throwing the ball away and laying a brick or two.

Q-Rich is hot. Hopefully he can continue hitting those threes but I wouldn’t bet the farm.

Nate is warming up, though still a knucklehead, with some out of control drives and a blown dunk on an almost spectacular putback.

Chandler was quiet but had a couple of nice aggressive drives and a couple of true jumpers. He played some solid D on Rose too, staying with him for the most part and blocking a shot. He only got 19 minutes, but made the most of them.

Duhon had a nice aggressive game on offense, taking it to the rack with abandon and also shooting well. He was under control and took care of the ball.

Gallinari looked great again. He had a pretty ugly miss and was turned around on D a couple of times but the D wasn’t too bad because he’s a smart player and knows where he is supposed to be. His reaction speed will improve and his D will get better, but he’s already showing signs on the defensive end, with another block tonight, which he followed with a great, quick outlet to Nate for a fastbreak layup. This on top of a spectacular fast break dunk that got his teammates and the crowd juiced.

Big things ahead for Dino.

Image by: Jonathan Daniel/Allsport

Sunday Scattershot.

1. Alan Hahn reports that the Knicks might look at Jannero Pargo. Pargo played with Duhon in Chicago years back. Signing Pargo would continue the importing of players from those wildly successful late ’90s, early 2000s Bulls teams that has served us so well:

  • Jamal Crawford
  • Eddy Curry
  • Duhon
  • Jalen Rose
  • Antonio Davis
  • JYD

2.  The New York Times speculates that just mentioning that Marbury might join their team has sent the Celtics into a tailspin. I don’t doubt that.

3.  Tommy Dee says “[s]igning Lee doesn’t screw the Knicks if they can move Eddy Curry”. I’ve been saying that for a while now. Since the salary cap increases every year, and Nate is looking like he won’t even command the entire mid-level, the Knicks can sign Lee to about a $12 million dollar contract (salary structure be damned) if they can figure out a way to move Curry, preferably Curry AND Jeffries.