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The Problem With Boozer, or Odom, or Paul, or Roy, or Miller, or Lee

There are currently impact players available, potentially available, or unhappy with their current situation.

Boozer, Miller and Odom appear to be available. Additionally, Chris Paul indicated that he wouldn’t be surprised if the Hornets traded him (though I, and Chris Alvin0 would be).

Meanwhile, Brandon Roy has expressed dissatisfaction with the Blazers for not extending him a max contract extension this summer.

Finally, as we all know, David Lee wants a big bucks extension that the Knicks aren’t willing to provide.

For this exercise, lets just assume that the Knicks have the talent to land any of these players (other than Lee) in a trade, which is pretty questionable.

Out of all of these players, the ones that haveto interest Donnie Walsh the most for this coming season are Miller and Boozer. This isn’t because Miller and Boozer are the best players of the bunch, but because they are a excellent players with either an expiring contract (Boozer) or the apparent willingness to sign for one year (Miller).

The problem of taking on any of these other players is that without unloading Jeffries or Curry, the Knicks are damaging themselves for the Summer of 2010 (they already have to some extent, through the draft). Donnie has indicated strongly that he just won’t shell out significant money on a free agent in a deal that goes past this upcoming season. If the Knicks bring in any of these guys other than Miller for a year or Boozer, they have to clear out salary. This probably includes Lee, who is asking for about a $8-$10 million raise over his previous, cap-friendly salary.

The offseason has a ways to go, but I just don’t see a deal being made for Odom (as Isola suggested today) or anyone else, including Lee, if the deal goes beyond this year, unless Jeffries or Curry are part of it.

Situation To Monitor: Brandon Roy

Brandon Roy apparently is unhappy with either the pace of extension talks with the Blazers or the amount they have offered (You mean they didn’t just say, “Hey Brandon, here is the max.”?)

Brandon Roy told KJR radio in Seattle today that he’s frustrated and disappointed with the Trail Blazers handling of his contract extension negotiations. He talked a lot about the hard work he’s put in, and all he’s done to make his dreams come true, and about being patient as he watches the good days and bad days come down the pipeline.

He wants to get a deal done and is confused as the rest of us as to why the left brainers in the organization are standing in the way.

On watching the negotiations: “I sit back and think about all the hard work I’ve put into my dream… excited about the opportunity to provide for my family. I go in… knowing that I’ve come into the league and I’ve done everything I can do to get a max contract.”

On how he feels about the negotiations: “It’s 50-50 right now… I’d love for something to get done so I can move forward and meet free agents…”

On whether he was involved in the Hedo Turkoglu recruitment: “Not playing much of any role. It’s hard for me to go out and recruit Hedo for five years when I have only one year on my deal.”

Well played by Roy’s camp. It’s absurd that the organization is misplaying this negotiation so badly. Sign the guy already.

Brandon Roy is a max player in the league and I’m sure the Knicks (and many many other teams) would love to give him max money in 2010 if the Blazers don’t come to their senses. Of course the Blazers could always match any deal next year.

D’Antoni Admits His Error

In a stunning move unheard of in professional sports, Mike D’Antoni actually admitted yesterday that he blew the Portland game by not advising his players to give a foul in the final seconds before Brandon Roy’s game winning shot. D’Antoni said of the screw up:

“When you asked me [Sunday] night, it hit me,” he said. “But that’s the way it is. That’s my responsibility. Probably won’t happen again but can’t swear to it. I messed up.”

Though it certainly doesn’t excuse the error, that kind of candor is so refreshing. Could you ever envision a scenario where Isiah would take responsibility like that for a mistake that he made? Or Steph? It would never ever happen in a million years. Clearly, President Obama has successfully ushered in the era of accountability. 😉

Two more thoughts about D’Antoni’s blunder:

1. Sometimes the means and ends don’t exactly meet up perfectly. I know the media don’t like to hear it, but this has been a good week for the Knicks. They went up against three NBA superpowers and a legitimate playoff team on the road, took each team’s best punch, and hung tough in every game. They had chance to win two of the games (Cleveland and Portland) and, if it wasn’t for the Coach D’s mistake, they very likely would’ve knocked off the Blazers on Sunday.

It’s true D’Antoni made a mistake, but it’s also true that he’s a great coach – one of the best in the business – and it’s obvious the Knicks are on the right track. They haven’t played basketball at this high a level in a long, long time.

2. Even though the Knicks didn’t give the foul, they could’ve won the game if they’d played competent help defense. Take a look at this video that Tommy Dee posted on the Knicks Blog this morning and then tell me that David Lee couldn’t have offered a little bit more resistance than that. He rotated over but then just sailed passed Roy without contested the shot. As we’ve been saying for a while in this space, just because Lee doesn’t block shots doesn’t mean he has to be like a turnstile around the basket. Play a little defense David!