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Start Turning Those Wheels

Virgil, our favorite visitor from the Atl, asked a good question of HoopsWorld’s Bill Ingram during his chat this afternoon and got a pretty favorable answer:

virgil in atl ga:
the knicks have some decisions to make, do you think they have enough to trade for the #1 or 2 pick

Bill Ingram:
I don’t think they get the #1. The Kings are high on Griffin, though the dream scenario would be for OKC to win the lottery and get the local hero. Could they get #2 from the Wiz? I don’t know. Would they take something like Nate Robinson? The Wiz are built to win now or win never, so maybe . . .

So that’d be cool. Let’s start cooking up some scenarios. I’ll go first. How’s about:

A sign and trade of KryptoKlown and the Knicks’ 1st round pick (presently 8th) for Mike James and the Wizards’ first round pick (presently 2nd).

Of course, there are some mitigating factors to consider such as: (1) this all becomes moot if the Knicks win the lottery and work their way up into the top 3 and (2) KryptoKlown can’t be moved until July 9th because it would have to be in a sign and trade. This means that on draft day the Knicks and Wizards would have to agree to draft a player on each other’s behalf and then consummate the trade several weeks later.

Additionally, while Ingram provided some optimism about possibly moving up in the draft, he then proceeded to pour cold water on the Nash to New York scenarios:

Mike D’Antoni in NY, NY:
Will Nash and I be reunited next season?

Bill Ingram:
I can’t imagine Nash leaving one project team for another. If he leaves Phoenix it will be for a contender, not a lottery team.


From Bill Ingram’s chat at HoopsWorld earlier today:

Steve Nash in Phoenix AZ:

Will I leave the Suns this off season? Whatabout Shaq?

Bill Ingram:
Shaq is all talk. Too much talk, frankly. If they’re still this bad at the deadline, Shaq’s contract will be worth a bundle – to the Suns, as well. The Suns can get out from under Nash’s contract this summer, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them do it – especially when LB ran the show so well when Nash was hurt.

Very Interesting, I wonder where he’d land… 😉

Bill Ingram Giveth…

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I’m participating in the ongoing Bill Ingram chat over at HoopsWorld.

Bill’s already answered a couple of questions concerning the information he has about the Knicks’ deadline dealing plans, including this reassuring response to a question from your-friendly-neighborhood bloghost:

jon@knicksfan.net in NY, NY:
Does Donnie Walsh have any deals brewing for the Knicks? Things have been strangely quiet, especially for New York.

Bill Ingram:
Don’t bet on NY standing pat. They have a lot of work to do and there are plenty of deals that could help their situation.