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UPDATED: Knicks Soon To Be Sessions’ Only Option?

UPDATE (9/4/09): Well, as I wrote below yesterday, there was a chance that a third team would come along and snatch up Ramon Sessions. Looks like it might be the T-Wolves, who are attempting to save face from the embarrassing and amateurish Ricky Rubio fiasco by sticking it to the Knicks once again after completely ruining their draft.

(Thanks to Auggie for the heads up.)


With all but the most deranged and disturbingly obsessed fanboys accepting that Ricky Rubio is staying in Spain for at least the next 2 years, the focus for the New York media and fans can shift back to Ramon Sessions, who has most likely been the Knicks’ target at point guard since Jason Kidd spurned them.

The news out of Los Angeles is that the Clippers have offered Carlos Arroyo a contract to shore up a point guard corps that includes Baron Davis, Sebastian Telfair, and Mardy Collins. The Clippers were the only other team aside from the Knicks rumored to be interested in the Bucks’ restricted free agent.

Unless some other team surprisingly offers Sessions a deal it looks like his options are limited to the Bucks qualifying offer (which would leave him a restricted free agent again next summer, since he has less than 4 years of service in the NBA), and whatever the Knicks want to offer him to be their starter and point guard of the future.

Sessions Watch

This afternoon Gery Woelfel of the Milwaukee Racine Journal Times tweeted:

Knicks almost had deal 4 R. Sessions a month ago. Now Clippers apparently close. Mike Dunleavy mum on topic.

But within minutes news broke of a trade sending Rasual Butler and his $4 million salary to the Clippers in exchange for a future second round pick.

Are the Clippers really going to add another $4 million to their books for Sessions?

Hoopsworld’s Eric Pincus, who covers the Clippers, is skeptical:

personally i’m still skeptical that sessions to LAC happens – would Rasual coming make that even less likely? not sure yet


Note – if the Clippers can convince the Bucks to do a S&T for Sessions – the most LA can offer via their trade x is $3.455 mil starting


Clipper source/Sessions “Never out of the hunt for anything that makes us better but we feel pretty good about where we are right now.

I don’t think $3.455 million is what Sessions or Chubster Wells are looking for. If they are going to take that amount, I think they’d prefer to do it in New York to start for the Knicks. Not to compete with Telfair to play behind Baron Davis in a slow offense.

Also, I’m starting to take Gery Woelfel’s info with a smaller grain of salt every day. It’s clear to me that he’s just passing along Chubster’s talking points.

It might be that the Knicks are Sessions’ only real option and that Donnie and Chubster are just waiting each other out. The Knicks though, according to a RealGM report, are not all that interested anymore, though I think that this too is bluster to get Sessions to accept a lower amount.

Stay tuned, as if you had a choice.