Trade Deadline: Morning Roundup

The Knicks are involved in two rumors this morning.

1. Jeffries to the Wizards. This would be a terrific salary slashing move that would go a loooooong way towards enabling the Knicks to keep Lee and sign Lebron. The salary matches in this deal (assuming it’s a one-for-one) are one of Mike James, Brendan Haywood, or Etan Thomas. Who cares which, honestly.

2. Larry Hughes to the Knicks. Various iterations of this trade have made the rounds. In one form, the Knicks send back Jerome James and Malik Rose. In another, the deal expands to include Lee and Jeffries, and the Knicks take back Joakim Noah. I’d be ecstatic if this happened. For one, Jo Noah would quickly put up Lee numbers or better, but with more blocks and toughness on D. What’s more is that the Knicks wouldn’t have to extend him this summer or even in the summer of 2010. So not only would the Knicks replace Lee with a tougher, younger version of Lee, they’d save money by not having to re-sign Lee and also would lose Jeffries.

At that point, the Knicks wouldn’t have to worry about finding a taker for Curry. They would be far enough under the cap even with Curry to sign two max free agents in 2010, while fielding a core of Gallo, Chandler, Noah, and the 2009 draft pick. Unfortunately, the buzz is that this deal is dead. I hope it gets revived.

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  1. Jon

    I like both deals in tandem, but not as much if its just one or the other. That is to say, I like the Jeffries deal, but if we trade him for say, Mike James, we’re going to be very small up front.

    I like the Noah trade also. I don’t think he has the offensive upside of Lee, but he rebounds just as well and he was aces with the ball above the free throw line when he played at Florida. He’s a terrific passer and he’s a much, much tougher defender than Lee. But if we were to trade Lee to the Bulls without doing the Wizards trade, I would want the Bulls to take Jeffries off our hands in the deal.

    So, if we do both trades, I think we’ll go a long way towards setting ourselves up beautifully for 2010. If we do only one or the other, there’s still a lot more work to be done.

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