Lebron James Optimism Down

2/18/2009: Over the All-Star break, David Stern announced that the salary cap may well go down over the next two seasons. Chris Sheridan of ESPN.com did the math, and showed that if the Knicks keep Lee and Nate, they won’t have the money in 2010 to sign even ONE max free agent. If the Knicks move Lee and Nate, will there be enough left on the roster to entice Lebron to want to sign. The only way out of this situation is to trade Curry and/or Jeffries, preferably both. That seems unlikely to happen, though anything is possible.


  1. spaceman

    donnie should trade harrington for camby.
    we probably could have gotten Tchandler for lee and rose.
    that would have been an awesome front line.
    hopefully we can get miller and camby.

  2. T

    It’s strongly possible that he would come to NY above anywhere else. All the moves made in NY are all about Lebron in NY. Even the T-Mac rumors for a year to make sure the cap space is clear.


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