The Knicks Should Avoid Amare: Reason 3,492

Amare is not on the elite tier. We should all remember that. Sure, he has the talent, but the elite players also have the drive (Kobe, LeBron, Wade, Bosh). Keep that in mind as you read this excerpt from Chad Ford’s latest chat:

Ray (New York): What is Steve Kerr smokin? If I were a Suns fan I would be fuming at the fact my team is even considering trading our youngest, most talented player. If Amare does get traded, do you think its a financial move or a move to get better?

SportsNation Chad Ford: (1:13 PM ET ) Mostly financial. Lots of teams, the Suns included, are hurting right now. The bad economy even effects billionaires. Primarily, the team needs to get under the luxury tax threshold by this summer. That means sluffing somewhere in the neighborhood of $7 to $9 million off the payroll. Ideally they’d cut even more. But it’s also about the team. They are underachieving. They lack any intensity and Stoudemire has been the poster child for that. So both factors are in play. But if the Suns were making lots of money, I think they’d be looking for a different mix in return for Amare.

Bob (Phoenix, AZ): Ray – Suns fan here. Its called addition by subtraction. Amare is a Drama Queen, has not improved, has fallen in love with his J this year, doesn’t play defense or rebound. I can’t wait until he is gone.

SportsNation Chad Ford: (1:14 PM ET ) I think that sort of sums up what I’ve heard from a lot of Suns fans.

So, there you go. I don’t know about other Knicks fans, but I’ve had enough drama to last me the rest of my life as a Knicks fan. I’ve also had my fill of underachievers lacking intensity during the Isiah years, thank you very much. No way, no how, no Amare. At least not as a building block.

Rather, the only reason to trade for Amare is to flip him, since, as Ford acknowledges, if the Suns were not looking for expiring deals, they could get a ton of talent for the guy:

But if the Suns were making lots of money, I think they’d be looking for a different mix in return for Amare.


  1. JLS125

    Another Chad Ford post:

    New York: Will the Knicks trade David Lee?

    SportsNation Chad Ford: Another tough one. Donnie Walsh is trying to work out a deal for Jared Jeffries or Eddy Curry. If he does that, they’ll keep Lee and re-sign him this summer. If he doesn’t, it’s a big gamble. Don’t trade him and you can be sure a team with cap space will make a serious run at him this summer. The Pistons and Thunder, for example, both have room to go after him. If they offer too much, the Knicks could lose him for nothing. However, they could wait, try to move Jeffries or Curry in the summer or hope that with the deteriorating financial markets, no one puts up the cash for Lee. Most GMs are risk averse and would trade him for, at the very least, a good draft pick. Donnie Walsh may play it out and take the risk.

  2. JLS125

    doesn’t matter anymore:

    Count the Knicks out of the Amare Stoudemire Sweepstakes, which has become the buzz of the NBA leading into the All-Star break. According to multiple sources, among the many calls Phoenix Suns executive Steve Kerr fielded about the availability of Stoudemire, one came from Knicks president Donnie Walsh. But nothing came of it other than an understanding that the Suns would not send the 6-11 all-star forward/center to Mike D’Antoni’s Knicks.

  3. Italian Stallion

    Steve Kerr is fast becoming the new Isiah. In fact he may surpass him. In fairness to Isiah, he inherited a mess and made things a little worse over several years. Kerr inherited a team right at the edge of winning it all and is rapidly turning it into a lottery team for quite awhile.

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