Landing Bosh Now

The blogojevich-sphere has been on fire with speculation regarding Stephen A. Smith’s reportage that Chris Bosh has already let the Raptors know that his days in the Great Wilds of the North are limited.

The Knicks Blog’s Myles A. Mills throws out a Harrington, Lee, and Jeffries for Bosh deal.

At first I thought this to be a poor use of assets. After all, Bosh is going to be a free agent soon enough. Why spend Lee for Bosh when you can eventually have both?

However, why chance it? If the Knicks could trade Lee for Bosh they’d secure one superstar, which would be enough to lure another in 2010. If they just wait until 2010, they would be one team amid many trying to secure Bosh’s services.

Plus, if the Knicks are to the point where they are hesitant to trade Lee for Bosh then they are entering John Paxson territory, holding onto Loul Deng instead of trading him for Kobe or KG when the opportunity presented itself, and paying Hinrich way  more than he’s worth.

The Celtics weren’t scared to trade all their promising youth to Seattle and Minnesota and it landed them a title.

That said, I don’t think the Knicks have the goods to get a Bosh deal done. Not when Miami can offer Marion and Beasley and Dallas can offer Josh Howard.


  1. Heri

    Well go for it because I believe it was here that I said the Knicks should try to trade for Bosh and was told Toronto would never trade him.

    I have news for you, all free agents should be traded before being allowed to walk away; not that all will be traded.

    Lee and Harrington is too much for a player walking away.
    Lee alone would be more than enough, but Curry would have to be in the mix. If not, I’d keep Lee and see if Toronto can find a better replacement. Too many good free agents available to be weak in trade. Don’t give me any BS about the trade not being legal, you add and/or subtract and make it legal. Or you can always go to the master of the loop hoes; EZ does it.

  2. Heri

    Further more, Bosh; I’m sure has a destination or two in mind and won’t sign with anyone just willing to trade for him. You heard about the pull of the Meca? If he’d be interested in New York, most are; and he hears rumors of a trade to New York, he would not be interested in signing with any other team. It would make it impossible to trade him anywhere else, but the place he’d signed with.

    So, Lee would be a gift to them that would have to go with Curry.

    Don’t give me any lip about legality. Add and/or subtract and it’s possible.

    It’s a matter of letting a rumor loose for Bosh to taste.

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