Knicks’ Trade For Bargnani A Tacit Admission Of Front Office Ineptitude

If it wasn’t abundantly clear before the Bargnani trade that the Knicks’ plan is to retool their roster in 2015, there is now no doubt. Indeed the Knicks included a first round draft pick in a trade for an all time draft bust who addresses zero of their needs just to shed the final year of Steve Novak’s contract.

In that context the Bargnani trade was nothing if not a tacit admission that the current Knicks management regime committed a terrible blunder by signing Novak to a fourth year.

It took them around just 12 months to realize what they should have known about Novak’s contract-it’d interfere with their ability to sign additional marquee free agents in 2015.

And to correct this momentous error the Knicks resorted to the classic Dolan era snake oil – parting with a first rounder.

Let’s be clear about what this trade is: Bargnani won’t help the Knicks’ defense. He won’t help their rebounding. Nor will he make them a better three point shooting team as opposed to when they fielded Novak. Bargnani won’t help the team advance to the NBA finals. Nor will he be in the team’s future plans beyond 2014-15.

No. This is nothing but a 2015 salary dump. Of $4 million.

You know who would have been in the team’s future plans? The 2016 draft pick management squandered when they happened to realize that the deal they JUST gave Novak fucks up their 2015 plan. Now, instead of drafting a young kid with upside, maybe they’ll sign, I don’t know, 36 year old Keyon Dooling.

The Knicks have tacitly admitted front-office failure in a pretty spectacular way. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come back to bite them in the ass too hard down the line.

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