Preview: Knicks vs. Pacers

  • Offense: 1
  • Defense: 9
  • Overall: 1

  • Offense: 29
  • Defense: 1
  • Overall: 20


Something’s gotta give:

  • After last night’s flagellation at the hands of the Grizzly Bears the Knicks DRtg dropped from 2nd to 9th. Surprisingly, the Pacers rank first in that metric and something is going to have to give against the Knicks’ still-peerless O.
  • The Grizzlies demolished the Knicks on the glass and that played on a big part in New York’s demise. The Pacers rank third in rebound rate, or the percentage of available total rebounds collected. The Knicks? 28th.
  • The Knicks are still tops in the league with respect to taking care of the ball, the Pacers rank 24th. Look for some ball hawking leading to extra possessions to be a key to a Knicks’ victory.


Offense, defense and overall rankings are based on ORtg, DRtg, and NetRtg, respectively.


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