Here’s a list of things the Knicks are 1st in…

Through 5 games, the Knicks are GREAT! Undefeated, and the first team with double digit margins of victory in each of their first 5 games since the Native Americans invented basketball by throwing wolves’ heads into primitive crock pots that were also used for making popcorn, or popmaize, as they called it. (NOTE: According to Ian Begley, the Knicks are the actually the third team to do this, not the first – no word on whether he agrees about the wolves’ heads part though).

Anyway, the Knicks are doing something right, and here’s a list of things they’re doing better than anyone else in the NBA:

  1. Winning percentage (1.000 bitch!);
  2. Longest W streak (5 games, tie with Grizzlies and Thunder);
  3. Margin of victory (15.6) – the next closest are the Grizzlies (9.0);
  4. DefRtg – the Knicks allow the fewest points per 100 possessions (so close for OffRtg – 2nd);
  5. Assist/TO ratio – 16.5 (!)
  6. Turnover % – 11.6
  7. Opponents’ turnover % – 19.6%
  8. Opponents’ points off turnovers (raw and adjusted for pace) – 10.6
  9. Opponents’ fast break points (raw and adjusted for pace) – 10.2
  10. % of points off of three pointers – 34.8% (actually not really sure if this is good or bad…if the percentages remain high, it’s definitely good though)
  11. Opponents’ PPG (raw and adjusted for pace)

That’s a nice list. I also wanted to point out another cool stat. Much has been made of the Knicks pace – pretty slow – in fact 26th overall (93.36). But it appears that they don’t have to play that way. Indeed it seems that the Knicks have run up their big margins by playing very fast. When they have a nice lead they nurse it at the teet of slow paced, deliberate play:

When the score is:

  • Tied, the Knicks are 21st in pace. (17 total minutes.)
  • When the score margin is 1-5 the Knicks are 1st in pace. (77 total minutes.) (99.12)
  • When the score margin is 6-10 the Knicks are 28th in pace. (59 total minutes.)
  • When the score margin is 11-15 the Knicks are 23rd in pace. (47 total minutes.)
  • When the score margin is 16-20 the Knicks are 26th in pace. (29 total minutes.)
  • When the score margin is 20+ the Knicks are 28th in pace. (10 total minutes.)



  1. Patrick

    In re: pace, that would seem to indicate that the Knicks exceptionally slow pace on the year is more a product of their having substantial leads most of the year, rather than a deliberate choice to slow the pace down no matter what. Most teams play slower when they’re up 15; the Knicks have just been up 15 most of the year.

    • Dan L

      Hi Pat. Thanks for the comment. I actually didn’t know that most teams play slower when they’re up by a lot but it makes sense that they do. Like in football, you run to milk the clock when you’re winning.

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