Knicks 114, Suns 109

Great win tonight by the Knicks. I know it was a high scoring game, but the tempo of the game betrayed the quality of D the Knicks played. The Knicks came up with 5 blocks and 12 steals, not to mention quality man to man and help D, particularly by Jeffries (man I hate complimenting him). True, the Suns shot 47%, but the Knicks were definitely active.

However, as is the case with most Knicks victories, the Knicks won on the offensive side of the ball, with a respectable team shooting percentage of 46%, 49% if you remove Chandler’s 1/9.

Duhon is proving to be a clutch performer, hitting another big trey in crunch time. This time it was with 2:04 left to put the Knicks up by 7.

Nate finally came around but it looks like he passed the flu in his game over to Wilson Chandler, who despite some decent D, stunk up the joint on offense.

Allan Houston David Lee was phenomenal yet again. 25 points and 16 boards with the best outside shooting performance of his career. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The Knicks have to reconsider trading Lee and limit the scenarios to ones where they receive an established or budding star and/or early draft picks. At this point he’s worth the $10 million. At this point I’m worried the Knicks will give him more. (It should be noted, however, that the 25 points came on 21 shots. I’d like to see higher efficiency. Also, he was -12. Don’t dismiss the +/- numbers. Lots of coaches, Stan Van Gundy for example, live by them.)

Lastly, how could anyone not love fancy Allan Houston Gallo at this point. He only played 18 and half minutes but was +21 during that time. It didn’t even seem like he got that many minutes, probably because I wanted him out there the whole night. The ball moves better when he’s on the floor, the spacing is better because he’s so deadly and the intensity increases a level. He energizes the squad, there’s no doubt about that. Don’t sleep on his D either. He recorded a rejection for a third night in a row, this time on Shaq, sending a buzz through the crowd. He also D’d up Amare really nice on one particular post play, knocking the ball out of Stoudamire’s hands before Stoudamire eventually got it back and put it in. If it bounced a different way it could’ve been a turnover.


  1. Heri

    What’s wrong with complimenting Jeffries? Sure, he couldn’t shoot a basketball into the pacific ocean if his life depended on it; but he has a knack for defense. At 6’11” he can play any position, just plug him into any opposing player streaking and odds are Jeffries will slow them down. He’s what Phil “action” Jackson meant to the knicks chips. D E F E N S E. He’s an evil necessity. I don’t know about you, but for the right price; it be nice to have him on the bench in 2010 to put out any fires. Remember how he had to be held back and in check from going after Melo in the Denver and Knicks brawl. Melo wanted nothing to do with it. That’s what I’m talking about, he earned my respect right then. His game is very defensively strong.

  2. Heri

    The Knicks have gotten better and are feeling good because of it. With the emergence of gallo comes a too dumb strong bench. Rethink the balancing of your starters and bench. Gallo has been playing and guarding the 2 and 3 positions while staying mostly around the perimeter. This is for his protection, I’m sure. With the emergence comes obvious change to be. Balance out the bench and starters. Start Gallo at the two and increase his minutes to 25 – 30 right before the all star games rest time off. See how the 21 responds. Start Harrington and Chandler at the forwards. With Nate, Q, and Thomas you have enough offense off the bench. Jeffries can be your defense off the bench where needed. With health bet the house on the playoffs. Upset, anyone?

  3. Italian Stallion

    The Knicks seem to play better with Gallo on the court. He plays with a lot of energy and effort and it’s infectious.

    He also seems to have “it” (whatever “it” is). He has that kind of intangible quality that could make him a huge star in NY if he backs it up with the kind of effort and shooting we’ve been seeing so far. The crowd loves him.

    He seems much more mature than his age and experience would suggest. I guess playing in the Italian and Euro League gives a player more seasoning than many of us thought. I read that the Euro league is better than the NCAA and that his skills would translate easier and I guess that commentator was right. I’m getting pumped. I think he adds some of the main ingredients the Knicks have been missing.

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