Knicks 102, Bulls 98

Good Old Days
Good Old Days

For the second time this season, the Knicks and Bulls played a fun, uptempo game. Neither team is good but they match up well against one another.

The key for the Knicks, as usual in their wins, was that they took care of the ball, and for the most part shot well.

The Knicks only had 11 turnovers. That’s a good number: San Antonio leads the league with 11.5 per game. This compares with the Bulls’ 17 turnovers.

The Knicks also moved the ball well, with assists on half of their makes (18:36).

As for shooting, the Knicks finished at 43%, but factored into this was an aberrational shooting performance by David Lee, who shot 3/14. Excluding Lee, the Knicks shot 48%, a great number.

Great D again from Jeffries, who drew a few charges, blocked 2 shots, and only messed up on offense a handful of times, throwing the ball away and laying a brick or two.

Q-Rich is hot. Hopefully he can continue hitting those threes but I wouldn’t bet the farm.

Nate is warming up, though still a knucklehead, with some out of control drives and a blown dunk on an almost spectacular putback.

Chandler was quiet but had a couple of nice aggressive drives and a couple of true jumpers. He played some solid D on Rose too, staying with him for the most part and blocking a shot. He only got 19 minutes, but made the most of them.

Duhon had a nice aggressive game on offense, taking it to the rack with abandon and also shooting well. He was under control and took care of the ball.

Gallinari looked great again. He had a pretty ugly miss and was turned around on D a couple of times but the D wasn’t too bad because he’s a smart player and knows where he is supposed to be. His reaction speed will improve and his D will get better, but he’s already showing signs on the defensive end, with another block tonight, which he followed with a great, quick outlet to Nate for a fastbreak layup. This on top of a spectacular fast break dunk that got his teammates and the crowd juiced.

Big things ahead for Dino.

Image by: Jonathan Daniel/Allsport


  1. Italian Stallion

    I think we have to like what we see of Gallo so far, but I can’t help feeling uncomfortable every time he gets banged around, runs hard, or jumps high. I feel like it’s just a matter of time before his back goes out again.

    I read that after the game he had a big slab of ice on it. So it’s obviously still bothering him. It’s really a shame. He has some nice skills and a high basketball IQ for such a young inexperienced kid. I’d like to see him stay healthy enough to play out the rest of the season. Then hopefully in the off season he can put this injury behind him.

    I am starting to wonder how they are going to work out the minutes between him and Chandler. They are our two best prospects but they are both SFs at this stage of their careers. I guess they can play Gallo at the 2 and Chandler at 4 here or there. Gallo can also sub for Chandler the rest of the time. D’Antoni is going to want to keep developing Chandler too.

  2. knicker4life

    @ Dan L – Just want to say thanks for the insight and obvious hard work put into the website. This is indeed a great addition to the Fix, especially the coverage on all the other articles and blogs concerning Knicks in one location. Now concerning Gallinari, must say he is having a good start and I’m not at all suprised. I guess it’s the fast paced life in NY that makes some NY’ers so impatient. Funny thing is, the last player to receive a warm welcome here was Marbury!

    I don’t blindly agree with the moves that Knicks management makes,
    but I just WANTED to have some faith in the new Pres. and coach concerning their first draft choice together. I believe as a fan I tend to believe and hope for the best until something shows me otherwise. Injuries happen. How people could begin calling Dino a bust before seeing him play, because of an injury is beyond me.
    Probably some of the same people that booed him on draft night, but will hop on his bandwagon when he does well,just like David Lee.
    I know video footage of highlights can make almost anyone look good, and thats all we really had to look at. However, what the highlights showed was a variety of skill sets that was very impressive for a young man his height and age. Definitely worth a look. IF his back heals completely, he looks like a great fit for Dantoni’s or anybody elses system. He and Chandler can play together because they both are able to play effectively at more than 1 position. I like Gallinari’s instinct and long arms in the passing lanes. Dino and Chandler look like good, young, two way players. I think it’s Q Rich’s playing time that will be affected by their development the most. Right now Q Rich is hot but we all know that that is subject to change instantly, and besides that, Q Rich is probably not in the long term plans. LETS GO KNICKS.

  3. Virgil

    Why is he in the short term plans. Q is still problem to me. Put him on the bench and start chandler. He is a better fit right now. What I am hoping doesn’t happen is Gallo starts getting chandlers minutes for teh sake of loyalty to Qbum

  4. Dan L

    I’m a little worried about Chandler’s minutes too. I hope Gallo doesn’t take them. Chandler didn’t even crack 20 minutes last night. Q had it going, so I guess it was ok, but I don’t want to see that happen consistently.

  5. Heri

    IF his back is healthy and I’m afraid he’ll get hurt are two observations written above that are simply true. This is why the taught of a bust also follows.
    Let’s simply hope he takes off and the taughts of bust are laid to rest. You have to admit it’s two taughts that should not be associated with a six pick.

  6. Heri

    If you’re worried about Chandler’s minutes it’s because the Knicks drafted two same position players with their first pick in consecutive years, which isn’t the best drafting method. They are both said to be future power forwards, you have Lee and talk about signing LeBron. Go figure. We are presently the thinnest in the back court. Could also use a true young athletic center for D’s system.

  7. Jon

    I don’t think I’d worry too much about Gallinari stealing Chandler’s minutes. For the time being Rooster is a strictly a bench player seeing just a little more than a quarter of daylight each game. He’s got a ways to go before he really starts causing problems in the rotation, and by then the front court might be thinned out by trades anyway.

    True, they pulled Chandler yesterday but that was for ineffectiveness. Chandler was, in fact, having a bad game so D’Antoni went for the win with the guys that were playing well.

    Long term, we know Coach D views Chandler as a 4 and, at least on offense, he sees Rooster as a 3. In terms of pure basketball potential, they actually make for a really nice blend as a forward tandem. Chandler brings defensive versatility and athleticism and Rooster gives you all those great ball skills and the high IQ.

    In the meantime, Gallo needs to prove he’s healthy over the long term and Chandler needs to provide evidence that he’s going to eventually develop a court brain and some consistency. Until then, they should earn their minutes and play when they deserve to play. The future does look very promising though.

  8. Heri

    2010 is right around the corner, but it’s all about 2009. That’s right, the future starts now! Start Chandler, Gallo, Lee, Duhon and Jeffries. I don’t care who plays in the back court with Duhon, Chandler or Gallo; doesn’t matter to them either. What matters is development. It’s no secret, Gallo is playing to see if he is healthy, if healthy means he will be let loose. 30-35 minutes as soon as he has his conditioning and health in check. Play the future now, start the game with them. Harrington, Nate, Q and Thomas makes it a strong bench and finally nine strong rotation. Start the puppies together, now and see how they develop.

  9. Heri

    You can start Gallo and slowly increase his minutes. Who starts doesn’t matter, it’s who plays big minutes and finishes. Start the puppies.

  10. Heri

    The best starting five LeBron has played on would look like this: Chandler and LeBron at the forwards. Lee at center. Duhon and Gallo in the back court. Oldest is Duhon, no one into their prime. You sign another free agent and it wouldn’t be fair, but what the heck. “DYNASTY.” We have a draft pick and say a free agent for the bench and need to trade Q, Curry, Harrington, Nate and/or Jeffreys to come up with two additional bench players. Not bad, a healthy Gallo makes a hugh difference to how we are headed. This is just how it shapes up right now. Who said New Jersey is ahead of us? With health its a very good team to offer the free agent class of 2010.

  11. Heri

    The only doubt would be Lee and Gallo out of position, since both are true forwards. Lee has shown he can play center, but under sized.

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