Advanced Stats: Knicks vs. Warriors

I’m no expert at advanced statistics but I do like to peruse for interesting nuggets.

Analyzing the material available on HoopData it’s clear that offensively, the Knicks’ problem last night was poor shooting from distance. The Knicks shot 4/21 from three (28.6%). If they had shot at last season’s average of 36.8%, they would have netted an additional 9 points in a game they lost by 14. Particularly at fault here was ‘Melo, who didn’t make a single one of his four threes.

Similarly, the Knicks shot 7/24 (29.1%) from 16-23 feet last night. At last seasons’ average of 39%, they would have scored an additional 4 points. Amar’e had the most misses from this range, shooting 2-9.

The Knicks could’ve made this a much closer game if their stars didn’t put forth an uncharacteristically disappointing shooting performance.

Also disappointing is the Knicks’ stars lack of presence at the hoop on offense last night. Amar’e took 2 shots at the rim yesterday (last year he averaged six). Similarly, Carmelo didn’t take a single attempt at the rim last night which is disappointing for someone who averaged five last season with the Knicks, and seven with the Nuggets. That’s unacceptable considering the 76.5% clip at which the team was making these shots.

The lack of interior offense is only partially attributable to Amar’e and ‘Melo’s lack of aggression. It’s also clear that the Knicks have no point guard who can get their star players good easy looks, much less direct the offense. From what we’ve seen, this results in too much ISO and standing around.

The Knicks need a floor general in the worst way.


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  1. lovethoseknicks

    One of the things I’ve been concerned about with this team is that the lack a real play making PG was going to lead to a less efficient offense than people were expecting (even though everyone has been concerned about the lack of a PG).

    Both Chandler and Amare do most of very efficient scoring finishing at the rim. Both finish well off the P&R and Chandler also likes to dunk off lobs.

    Amare turns into just an average offensive weapon if he’s taking a lot of jumpers and turns the ball over a lot if he puts the ball on the floor.

    Chandler mostly vanishes without help from a good PG.

    Fields could use some help from a good PG on back door cuts or kick outs for open shots off the PG’s penetration.

    Even Douglas is better taking open shots off the PG’s penetration when he’s playing SG.

    The only player that creates well for himself is Melo, but he tends to be a ball stopper and go into ISO mode too often. So it becomes a matter of how often he’s getting to the FT line (a very good thing) vs. how often he’s hoisting up bad shots (granted some nights they are falling). He has never been a really good play maker and he’s even somewhat careless with the ball. So if we try to run the offense through him, I don’t think it’s going to work. The best case scenario is a few extra assists and a new career high in TOs.

    I don’t want to come off as too negative, because I’m not. I jut saw some problems with this team unless someone stepped up as a play maker. We may just have to live with a less efficient offense until Baron Davis is healthy and make up for it with a better defense.

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