New York Media And Professionalism: An Open Letter to Steve Adamek


You are undoubtedly among the most professional and honest reporters covering the Knicks. I always turn to you to cut through the detritus and noise churned out by many outlets in these parts.

But I have to say that I’m a little put off by the lecturing tone of your latest blog post. I understand that Maria acted unprofessionally in a forum for professionals. She shouldn’t have been there.

But since your goal is to defend your industry from a new paradigm threatening to slowly erode it into nothing, I would like to point out that just because somebody has a press credential, he isn’t necessarily a professional.

For example a certain reporter for a major New York newspaper told Mike D’Antoni that Jordan Hill said that D’Antoni doesn’t like to play rookies when in reality all Hill said was that he had to be patient and wait his turn. The reporter did this to antagonize D’Antoni and illicit a predictable irritated response, and to manufacture a story.

It worked. But it was unprofessional.

He also wrote that Mike D’Antoni equated Danilo Gallinari to Darko Milicic in a critical way when he did no such thing.

Another media member for a different major New York newspaper hates James Dolan so much that he wants him, and by extension the team, to fail. It clouds his coverage to the extent that he openly writes pieces suggesting to free agents that New York is the wrong place for them if they want to win. And if you question this man? Be prepared to endure the level of professionalism of a derelict school-yard bully with the foulest mouth you can imagine.

I don’t know who the part-timer you referenced is but his pestering John Wall about his dad seems right in line with the behavior of some of the media you seem to be defending. All of it is enough to give players and coaches the willies about playing in New York.

Plenty of folks have blogs but few would stoop to Maria’s level, much less that of some “professionals”. Tommy Dee has a blog and every time I have heard him interact with a player on TKB radio he has been nothing but respectful of the player and of the division between the subject and the (new) media observer.

He’s just one example.

Steve, I want to emphasize that you do an amazing job, but a more moderate tone to your latest blog post might have been appropriate since it’s clear that the imprimatur of professionalism isn’t bestowed by a press pass, but the decency of individuals. Fortunately for those who regularly read coverage of the Knicks, decency is one characteristic you hold in abundance.

Keep fighting the good fight.

Best Regards,

Dan L


  1. NYKat

    lol, Dan, just about everybody who covers the Knicks has an agenda, honestly… some of the guys you reference in this post are either blatant Knick haters or clear Knick homers, there’s almost no inbetween…

    Adamek is probably the closest you get to objectivity around here…

    seriously, it’s a joke in this city

  2. Sony

    Ademack tries to be the most objective but I am not impressed by much of his work. If you want last week’s news and a grouchy personality, it is a good to browse. I also hear he uses his forum to talk politics which is unprofessional.

    Another journalist tries hard but since The Dolan family owns controlling interests in the Knicks, Rangers, MSG and Cablevision. Cablevision owns Newsday, he is censored. Also, when is rapping and song lyrics in posts professional?

    Another journalist is sometimes fun to read, many times unprofessional, and he sold his objectivity to Marbury and still does to this day even though Marbury hasn’t been on the team in over a year. The strangest writer out there.

    The last journalist is a real mean s o b and hates the knicks and fans, and has no professionalism whatsoever. He is a complete waste of time if you ask me.

    • 37 Years

      Many good points, Sony, but to be fair, I think Hahn does a great, professional job, especially given the probable constraints of working for the Dolans. And I think Beck, of the Times, is excellent too. All we ask for is detachment, objectivity and professionalism. How Berman and Isola can possibly consider themselves journalists is beyond me.

  3. Bob

    I love Isola. He is smart, witty and tells it like it is. He is great on tv. Isola also offered you an opportunity to debate him on national tv and you refused. I cannot believe you turned that down. What are you chicken? Maybe you are only good behind a computer and not in real life? I do not know why you dislike Isola so much. Is it because he treatened to sue you for libel? He was just joking. Be a man and debate him on tv if you are so smart.

    • Dan L


      First, Isola is none of those things you give him credit for. He is an admittedly jaded, crotchety and rude beat writer.

      Isola didn’t ask me to debate him on TV. He jokingly asked @LeBron23NYK to debate him on TV.

      Learn to read if you are so smart.

  4. 37 Years

    Bob, inasmuch as you’re literally the ONLY poster I’ve ever heard who likes Isola, the only logical conclusion is that you ARE Isola. And just in case you are, let me just say that you’re the most unprofessional hack I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading. Fortunately, it’s been awhile since I’ve read any of your drivel. Dan writes a terrific blog, and were he ever to engage in a debate or any other war of wits with you, Frank, the mismatch would be akin to swatting a fly with an SUV.

    Great work as always, Dan!
    Btw, Donnie really has spit the bit on the last two drafts.

    • Dan L

      Yea. DW had MANY opportunities to draft a pg last year and blew it.

      It might have worked out for the best but I guess we’ll see soon.

      This year I was underwhelmed. Missed the guy he wanted by one pick again. Didn’t get a first rounder (even though just one was sold.)

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