Getting The Point (Guard) In 2010: More Options Than Many Realize

We all know the Knicks have tons of cap space. And we all know the free agent point guards available this summer. It’s not an overwhelmingly impressive group:

  • Raymond Felton
  • Luke Ridnour
  • Steve Blake
  • Sergio

Depending on how things shake out though, there could be a large number of additional point guards available this year, any of whom are better than the ones listed above.

For example, the Hornets are a thrifty organization and might be willing to package Darren Collison in a salary dump. But beyond that, there’s the first pick in the NBA draft.

No, the Knicks can’t get it. But there are plenty of teams in the lottery who are set at the point. And while the odds are small that any particular one of these teams will land the first pick, the odds are pretty good that one out of the group will. These teams are:

  • The Bulls, who already have Derrick Rose;
  • The Warriors, who already have Stephen Curry;
  • The Hornets, who already have Chris Paul and Darren Collison;
  • The Knicks Jazz, who already have Deron Williams;
  • The Nets, who already have Devin Harris;
  • The Clippers, who already have Baron Davis;
  • The Wolves, who already have Ricky Rubio, Johnny Flynn, and Ramon Sessions.

Any one of these teams can draft Wall. But for most of them, the incumbent isn’t a bench player, and wouldn’t be happy on the bench. Some of these teams would trade down and try to take Evan Turner or another prospect. But if any of them decide to keep Wall, they’re going to have to decide what to do with the guy(s) they already have.

Just something to think about.


  1. gregori

    how about collison & okufor (12.9 mil) for curry’s expiring.
    the salaries match and knicks would get a fine young pg.
    new orleans would do it in a second as they would save 40mil additional in salary after paying off curry.
    alan hahn did enlighten me regarding what a bum okufor is but at least he’s of some use.
    i don’t know is it worth taking on that salary in place of curry’s to gain collison?

  2. Traps

    So, a rotation like:


    Frye or Wallace

    Obviously, this is your Plan D or whatever. Inflate Camby’s price a little at one year and hand the keys to the castle to Melo and Al Horford. Get your two ‘maxes’ in ’11.

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  4. Trent Mother Tucker

    Point guards are overrated Nash and Kidd have zero rings. They’re two of the greatest point guards over the last 10 years.

    Two of the best during the 90’s, Stockton – Mark Jackson have zero rings. Gary Payton was good during the 90’s and got a ring with Miami.

    2010+ will be dominated by the Thunder. They have everything to be championship contenders and they don’t have a true point guard in Westbrook.

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