Joe Johnson To Knicks A “Done Deal”. Bosh On His Way Too?

Frank Isola provides us with some insight into the forthcoming monster summer. He spoke to an Eastern Conference GM who said that the Knicks’ pursuit of Joe Johnson is a “done deal.”

Isola continues that sources have informed him that the Raptors would be open to parting with Bosh in a sign and trade that would include, at least, David Lee. Of course David Lee would have to agree to go to Toronto, but I think he’ll follow the money.

Johnson himself sees New York as a palatable situation as long as the team can sign “another player”. Bosh and Johnson are a formidable duo and an instant contender with Gallinari in the mix (I’d trade Chandler for a PG and hold onto Bill Walker or TMAC if there’s a couple mil left over).

Now, this is an obvious outcome that we’ve all speculated about numerous times, and it isn’t beyond Isola to pass off speculation as breaking news. He once “broke” a trade that was completely made up by a commenter on Tommy Dee’s I’m not sure if his source for the Bosh information is a message board rant on UltimateKnicks or a legitimate source, but hopefully it is more accurate than his Google-FAIL assertion (one of a steady stream in his articles and posts) that “the Knicks are the league’s biggest losers dating back to the 2001-02 season”.

In fact, at least the Hawks have a worse winning percentage than the Knicks over the period he defines at  37.9%. The Knicks come in at 38.08%.

Not that hard to fact check these things. Just saying.


  1. Traps

    What PG would you have in mind, Dan? Or does Curry come into play here for Augustin and Ajinca (plus whatever else)?

    • Dan L

      I didn’t really have anyone specific in mind but I would be happy with Augustin. If the Knicks are willing to take on salary they might be able to land Collison.

    • Jon

      I’d bet that if the Knicks do an S&T for Bosh, the Raptors will be pushing hard to dump Calderon on the Knicks in that deal. Thinking Lee/Chandler/Curry for Bosh/Calderon.

      Could be Calderon, JJ, T-Mac, Gallo, Bosh. Not bad.

  2. CeeLARock

    If this is what we are getting in 2010 then it was a waste in my eyes. JJ is a goog player and so is Bosh neither are class A FA. If they sign these 2 players to max deals I am done with the Knicks or until Walsh is gone. Im sorry you dont tank 2 seasons to get JJ and Bosh never ever ever ever!Now if we sign both but a fair price then its not that bad and Melo is a FA in 2011 along with Cp3. I know Dan is going to get on me with this but im sorry this aint cutting it.

    • Dan L

      It’s cool CeeLARock. You’re entitled to your opinion.

      I don’t think JJ is a max, but I think Bosh is. I think Bosh is a class A FA and one of the best bigs in the NBA. I think a roster build around those two and Gallinari is in good shape to contend.

      Seems to me you want either LeBron or Wade and anything less is a failure. It might not happen.

    • Jon

      I think that’s pretty unreasonable. Considering where the Knicks have been and the sorry state of the franchise prior to Walsh’s arrival, how can you be dissatisfied with Joe Johnson and Chris Bosh? That pairing can absolutely compete with any team in the league and would give the Knicks a legitimate shot at titles (unless LBJ also teamed up with Wade or Kobe).

      You can’t just say, forget those guys, we should just sign Melo in ’11 or trade for CP3. Those players might never become available to you for myriad reasons and you’d have passed on the opportunity to add two upper-echelon all-stars, one of which is a top 5 big-man in the league.

      I’m sorry but if LBJ takes a pass and the Knicks get the opportunity to build around JJ and Bosh, they should do it and never look back. If Donnie lands a duo that good this summer, the city should throw him a parade.

      Now, if we were talking about adding just JJ and no Bosh, that’d be a different story…

      • CeeLARock

        @ Jon

        Not unreasonable because i dont want to see the Knicks overpay for these 2 guys. Bosh is a good player but i prefer Amare or Boozer anyday of the week. JJ is a good player but not at a max contract sorry. Stallion hit it on the head is the gap really that big between Lee and Bosh besides size? Lee is a walking double double but his down side is his D is suspect. If we dont get either Wade or LBJ then we should bring in multiple players not just JJ and Bosh. I want K-Mart for his rebounding and toughness somthing that the team really lacks. We also need to revamp the bench we need solid role players.

        • Jon

          Agree about JJ not being a max player. I’d be very upset if the Knicks gave him the max, especially if he got that in the absence of another star player. That would really screw the team for the long term. But I don’t agree that the inside-outside combination of Bosh and Johnson wouldn’t be elite. It’d be the second best in the league after Kobe and Pau.

          I also don’t agree though about Bosh vis a vis Amare and Boozer. To me, Bosh is superior to both for a variety of reasons.

          If Donnie is going to get criticized for bringing in a tandem as good as Bosh and Johnson, the Knicks may as well just take their ball and go home. If that’s not good enough, the expectations of the fan base have become totally outsized and unmanageable. That haul would be an unequivocal home run and I’m not really sure how it can be viewed otherwise.

  3. Italian Stallion

    I think it is extremely difficult to build a championship team if you overpay for players. In fact, I think the only time it makes any sense at all is if you are one player away from a championship and that player is available.

    I’m not sure if Bosh is a max player or not, but if he is, then David Lee is a 13m-14M player. The gap between them is simply not that large. Despite Lees warts on defense as a C, I think keeping Lee at 10M and bringing in Tyson Chandler, Camby, Tyrus Thomas etc… might make more sense.

    I feel confident that Joe Johnson is not a max player. He’s a very good player, but not a max player.

    I think a team of Johnson, Bosh, and Gallo would be a pretty good team, but they won’t be anywhere near being a title contender unless Gallo becomes the best player of the three in another year or two. Of course we might be able to get another quality player when Curry comes off the cap in 2011, but we’ll have to see who that is.

    The thing that worries me about that team is that I don’t think it can win it all and with two inflated salaries and no draft picks it will be really difficult to improve or get lucky in the draft from there.

    • Italian Stallion

      Here are some mid season estimates of Wins Produced for the full season for some key players (source Wages of Wins):

      Joe Johnson – 10
      Chris Bosh – 15.9
      Gallo – 6.2
      Total = 32.10

      I think it’s going to be really difficult to get to 50 with those three as the core unless we get two other very good players.

      David Lee – 15.6

      Camby – 23

      Okafor – 8.4

      Tyrus Thomas – 2.7 (he doesn’t play 36 minutes though so he’s actually better

      • Italian Stallion

        Camby – 23
        David Lee – 15.6
        Gallo – 6.2
        Joe Johnson – 10

        54.8 wins

        Chandler (5.7 wins) and any decent PG and we are a serious team.

        We probably wouldn’t win 55-60 games because there would be some diminishing returns on the boards between Lee and Camby, Johnson would become a primary scorer and take points from someone, and Chandler would play a lot less minutes, but that’s my favorite scenario.

        Then add something at the trade deadline if we can move Curry or do it 2011 when he’s off the cap.

  4. vinny

    Could Brian Cashman give walsh a few tips on how to bring players to NY, we wuld be better off then we could sign whoever despite cap space

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