Gallo = Darko? A Sad New Low For The Already Shameless New York Post

Really by now I shouldn’t be surprised that the New York Post and its stable of “journalists” routinely misrepresent and distort facts and quotes in order to manufacture enough controversy to sell that rag to the unsuspecting masses who may not realize what the Post is up to or be quick enough on their feet to grasp that they’re being sold lies and not news.

So when The Post’s chief spin-doctor, Marc Berman, called the Knicks’ marketing department “presumptuous” for selling season tickets early to capitalize on the hopes of fans that the Knicks might land LeBron James, I couldn’t contain my laughter nor my indignation.

Notwithstanding that Berman may have a point, for him to call anyone “presumptuous” is the most egregious example of a pot calling a kettle black I think I’ve ever witnessed. Berman’s Knicks coverage is built on presumption and I didn’t have to wait that long to find an obvious example.

Within a few minutes of his “presumptuous” tweet, Berman posted about a presumptuous piece of drivel as you could ever care to read, entitled “D’Antoni: Gallinari showing signs of Darko.” Since even the casual observer knows that (even though he’s struggling) Gallinari is worlds better than Darko, my interest was piqued. The thrust of the piece is that Gallinari is showing some of the same disheartening trends that led Mike D’Antoni to give up on Darko Milicic.

Judging by the headline, you would expect a quote from coach Mike D’Antoni comparing the two players. You didn’t get that. You got a quote from D’Antoni saying:

“The rookie wall?.[sic] Did he hit it?…I don’ know. I don’t believe too much on that stuff. Obviously he’s got to turn his motor up. You have to be emotionally invested in the team or otherwise your game suffers. This game is too hard.”

So how did Berman make the leap that D’Antoni compared Gallinari and Darko? From an old quote from D’Antoni about Darko, that had nothing to do with Gallo:

“It’s an easy concept. You play really well, you play. If you’re saying you have a lot practices where you dominate and I don’t play you, I find that hard to believe.”

Really, an accurate headline would have been “Berman: Gallinari showing signs of Darko”, not “D’Antoni: Gallinari showing signs of Darko”. But chalk that up to Berman and the Post’s presumptuousness. And I understand that the “journalist” doesn’t pick the headline, but in this case, the headline was an accurate description of the trifling body. Both were misleading.

What are the presumptions?

1. That the quotes about Gallo and Darko are similar. They are not. The context of them isn’t even remotely comparable.

2. That the question and Mike D’Antoni’s response were designed to evoke a comparison between the two.

3. That you, the fans, are stupid enough to buy into Berman’s nonsense.


  1. Italian Stallion

    For some reason Berman has never liked Gallo. Whenever his game slips a little he’s very aggressive about attacking him. When he was having back issues he was calling him a bust before we even knew what we had. I don’t get it really.

    • Jon

      I don’t get the criticism of Gallo generally. He’s 21 years old and to date hes put up a 15 PER season in only his first full year in the NBA. He’s outperforming Eric Gordon and OJ Mayo from an efficiency standpoint.

      Last year Chandler put up a 12.9 and fans were ecstatic. Yes Gallo was drafted higher than Chandler and yes needs to improve his strength and conditioning, but I can’t imagine what people were expecting.

      • 37 Years

        GREAT ARTICLE!! It really is important for fans to call out guys like Berman (and Isola, for that matter) for what they are, and that is–hacks. ANY journalist with an ounce of integrity values his credibility over everything else. But guys like Berman clearly have an agenda, and until fans start ignoring their work, their newspapers aren’t going to make any changes. Heck, about three years ago Isola ADMITTED he has an anti-Knick bias, based on some perceived slight against him by MSG, and he ADMITTED that he looked for opportunities to slam the team. So, my fellow Knick fans, stop reading their articles. Don’t give their rag papers any page hits. If you must read an article, get it through a portal like so that the paper’s website doesn’t get any more hits than absolutely necessary. It’s not like we need them, what with terrific blogs like The Knicks Fanblog, and solid writers like Hahn and Beck. Only once we ignore them might their newspapers put someone credible on the Knicks beat.

        • Dan L

          Don’t forget Steve Adamek. He’s got a great head on his shoulders. I love ultimate knicks too by the way.

          My problem with Isola is that he routinely gets basic, uncontroversial facts wrong. He could easily just go onto google and better research his stories. Also one time he “broke” a trade that actually originated on Tommy Dee’s blog in the comments section. The commenter I believe later admitted that it was a hoax. Isola tried to pass it off as a legitimate scoop.

  2. 37 Years

    Yes, you’re right–unprincipled and lazy. Reminds me of Animal House: “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”

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