Fan Satisfaction Poll: Week 4

Time for the next weekly installment of the Fan Satisfaction Poll. Last week brought a sharp downturn in fan satisfaction in all categories. Will the deadline deals and the early returns on them reverse the downward trend? Vote below:

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  1. James Ooi

    Hi There,
    I don’t know who designed this poll, it was misleading and terribly designed. See the examples below:

    You asked – “Are you satisfied with (check all that apply)…”
    And the choice given were a continuation of the question above.

    It should have been – “I am satisfied with (check all that apply)…”

  2. EwingOak

    James Ooi- I think you might be on the wrong website.. this is a Knicks Blog, not an editing forum.

    Dan l- You are doing an awesome job with everything you write and put up on this site and it’s a shame that anyone would red-ink it.

    I missed the game on Saturday night but DVR’d it and watched it around 2 am Sunday morning. I haven’t been that happy (other than the defense in the paint) watching the Knicks since the Ewing years. House can really shoot.. and FAST!! I didn’t realize how quick his trigger was until that game. I had only really seen him shoot when the Knicks were playing Boston. Very impressive. And I am really looking forward to seeing more of Sergio out there. His scoring may not be fantastic but he definately draws alot of attention out there and is in constant motion. I loved it.

    It was great to see Gallo and Chandler playing with a former all-star. It will be such a good learning experience for them since they will most likely have at least one superior talent next year. Some real good can come out of the remaining schedule.

    One thing that was great that came out of this season so far is that D’Antoni got some experience slowing things down on offense when it was needed. The mixture of running the floor and a half court set will be a nice combination to throw out at defenses.

    Keep up the good stuff Dan L!!!

    • Dan L

      Thanks EwingOak…

      Now now, don’t be too hard on James. If we had an increased budget I’d hire him to design polls that are unassailable by people who go around the internet trying to find highly informal and unscientific polls on sports blogs to criticize.

      I’m with you on House. I like to say he’s a way better Nate than Nate.

      I think fans have been starved to see a real superstar on this squad who control the game. The Knicks haven’t had it since Houston was effective. Since the Knicks have been bad for so long, I think there are a lot of fans out there who don’t know what its like and therefore pine for the days of Steph or Zach who are talented but don’t control the game.

      That’s what were after people.

      Thanks for all the nice sentiments EwingOak.

  3. EwingOak


    Zach and Steph.. and Jamal had the talent to win games here and there and could make some highlight reels, but they just were not consistant with production and attitude to lead and control the game.

    What a beautiful glimpse we had with T-Mac walking the ball up the court and controlling the offense a few times. Just seeing that for a few more games until this summer is worth its weight in gold.

    I also agree with you that House is much better than Nate. His shooting is superb, but I am equally impressed with his confidence (especially to jack up that beauty with 30 something seconds left in the game and plenty of shot clock remaining) Just awesome.

    These guys have things to prove.. and they know it’s not just that they can score.. but it’s that they can be part of the future and bring D’Antoni what he has been looking for. Any way you slice it, their effort will be the team’s reward in the long run. It’s a good situation considering how many things may have gone wrong with the season.

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