LeBroptimism UP

You knew this was coming.

Donnie Walsh completed a trade that will get the Knicks far enough under the salary cap this summer to sign two maximum level free agents. Ever since the downward revision of the salary cap estimate, the LeBron conversation has centered around him joining a “supporting cast” already in place. Specifically Gallinari, Chandler, Lee, and Hill.

Well, Hill is gone, and Lee might be gone at some point, but in their place, LeBron can pick any of the 2010 free agents he wants. That means another max guy, or several non-max guys. The idea that he can come and reshape the roster as he sees fit makes a big difference.

Brian Windhorst called it a “game changer”.

I also recognize that the Cavs got better at the trade deadline as well, but nobody talks about the kind of risk they took by bringing in Jamison. If the Cavs don’t win a title this year, they won’t have the cap space to improve any more than they just have. In addition, going forward, they are going to get worse, as Jamison ages and his salary increases through the summer of 2012.

Quibble all you want about the draft picks (and the Knicks lost only one), you can always buy another one. You can only buy a LeBron once.


  1. robdeer12

    DW thing is a bit over-rated, the direction we’re going is a no brainer. Post from Alley Viper

    Gimme a break!!! Stop knocking Isiah Thomas already. A blind man can see that the moves he made was a patch job, not a rehabilitation project. If ownership said rebuild, then we would’ve never seen a lot of the players he brought in starting with Marbury. Another thing, Isiah inherited a team that was already way over the salary cap, thanks Scott Layden, Isiah just made it worst. Do you people really read or just follow whatever the beat writers and talk radio have to say? The person that deserves most of the blame is James Dolan. Isiah is at fault for the sex scandal, siding with Marbury over the coach, and giving mediocre players close to max money. Dolan has to sign off on everything he does, and I though you fire the coach/GM/president if they are not carrying out your vision. I guess Isiah was carrying out his visions, because I would’ve fired him a long time ago for some of those moves. Oh yeah, he brought talent in, they didn’t play well together.

  2. robdeer12

    It’s evident that ISIAH has an eye for talent…
    A patch job is what ISIAH was doing, NYC during his era would not accept a rebuild.

    Channing Frye – from downtown
    Crawford – 6th man of the year?

    DW meter? LMFAO!

    • Dan L

      News flash: ISIAH traded ariza for STEVE FRANCIS! He traded for Marbury. He wasted a pick on Balkman. He passed on Bynum. He signed Jerome James and Jeffries to full midlevel deals. SMFH.

      • Virgil

        Ariza was at the request of trying to please LB. If Curry would have done what HE was supposed to and stay in shape, then those picks we gave up wouldnt have been lottery picks. Isiah did try to put together a team, he just had no clue as to chemistry and how important it is. Didn’t Isiah also tab Jermaine Oneal, Damon Stoudemire, TMAC, Marcus Camby as well. Can’t remember all, but he did have an eye for Talent even though he wasn’t a great leader.

        • Dan L

          Don’t give Isiah credit for Jermaine O’Neal Virgil. Donnie Walsh was the Pacers’ GM who traded a washed up Dale Davis for a seldom used bench warmer (JO) and brought him to Indiana.

  3. AM

    i like this blog, but lets not pretend like you guys aren’t taking irrational mike and walsh’s word as gospel becuase all you’ve had to compare it to is thomas’s and layden’s tenures in recent times.a lesser of two evils is still evil.

    you are under estimating the fact that the guy is from ohio.this is not jersey native shaq leaving orlando for L.A.; our chances at landing james are incredibly slim.the fact that we sold out the future just so we can show him he could get one of his buddies to run with him in nyc will be a catastrophe.wade is staying in miami, and as injury prone as he is, i’d prefer he doesn’t end up a knick.bosh can get more money in toronto then he could in ny; add that to the fact that he wouldn’t have to deal with the ny media; he could just as well leave toronto for miami, to pair with wade.

    so that leaves us with whom? joe johnson? rudy gay? carlos boozer? david lee?

    why not just hold unto to hill and try and trade him with chandler and gallo for the first pic in the draft a draft that will have guys in the top 5 with similar skill sets to those guys, like wesley johnson, like montianjunas, like derrick favors?

    you guys will realize what a horrific trade this was when the reality of what people without the walsh/d’antoni goggles all ready know that james wade and bosh will not be new york knicks 2010 and beyond.

    • Dan L

      let me get this straight. instead of trading Hill, THE OPTION to SWITCH picks in 2011 and a top 5 protected pick in 2012 that is likely to be of marginal value for the chance to get LeBron James who (despite the unimpeachable credentials of your sources) hasn’t said where he will play next year, you’d rather…

      trade Gallinari, Hill, and Wilson Chandler for the first pick in the draft who a) hasn’t done anything at the NBA level, and who, in any event, b) other teams wouldn’t give up for that package?

      I don’t know what goggles you’re wearing but I’d rather have the one’s I’m wearing.

  4. Virgil

    Now clearly we all have positives and negatives about these deals AM i actually agree with you in some points that 3 draft picks (hill) could be steep to get Bosh, and Gay, but it is worth it to get LEBRON (I said his name) now IMO trading Gallo, Wilson or anyone for those names you mentioned in the draft is crazy. I agree Dan I’d rather have a proven talent than a neophyte especially in NY with its media. Face it like it or not DW had a plan and he executed it. No one else previously did. Now the important question is
    Who are our targets
    That guy in cleveland and who else. Can we get Bosh or keep Lee who I like better than Bosh.
    Who is that second fiddle? IMO Wade has it good in Miami.

    • Dan L

      in terms of draft picks, can we dispell the notion that there were 3 draft picks involved in this trade?

      The Knicks lose one draft pick.

      Jordan Hill is not a draft pick. He’s an NBA player that projects as a low-tier starter or rotation player.

      The 2011 draft consideration is just that Houston has the option to swap picks. Is it conceivable that the Knicks will have a better record than Houston next year? Yes it is, so let’s hold off before we kill anyone for giving up the option to swap picks.

      We gave up a single pick.

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