Framework For TMac Deal In Place

The unparalleled Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports has sniffed out a significant scoop. Apparently the Wizards, Rockets and Knicks have the framework of a deal in place that would land Tracy McGrady in New York:

The centerpieces of the trade would include the Washington Wizards shipping forward Caron Butler and center Brendan Haywood to the Rockets. The Knicks would send Al Harrington to the Wizards. For the Wizards’ part, they would still need another player, as well as a draft pick and cash to make this a workable scenario, sources said.

The first thing I’ll note (as did Wojnarowski) is that this trade doesn’t work. One variation that does:

The next item of note is that, assuming Jeffries is not going to be included, it seems like someone at MSG thinks the Knicks are going to make the playoffs this year. But if the Knicks have the chance to shed Jeffries in this deal, it would be the height of folly not to pull the trigger. Is it possible that TMac will return from his year off and average 27 points, 6 assists and 6 rebounds, and lead the Knicks to the playoffs? Anything is possible, but don’t hold your breath.

Besides McGrady, hopefully the Knicks have something else in the work to address some of my other grievances.


  1. defense

    The only thing that will happen is unless Mike D’Antoni is part of the packkage is we will be out coached every night. T-Mac to the knicks to me does not make sense if we keep this coach. He will alienate T-Mac just like Houston has done. He’ll play Gallo ahead of T-Mac the rest of the season as punishment. ( see Nate,Eddy, snd Larry) Once again we are putting the cart before horse. First the team needs a offensive and defensive identity meaning a system.

    • defense

      Problem Mario is T-Mac needs the ball. Mike D’Antoni is not going to stop this foolish 3pt shooting until he is fired. See last nights game. If T-Mac gets hot Mike will pull him out the game. You will not out shine Lee or Gallo or Duhon even if it means we lose. Gallo needs to sit down and learn how to create space to take his shot. My line up would be Eddy Curry, Jordan Hill, Wilson Chandler,T-mac, and Mike James. That way we could stop giving up 50+ pts in the paint every night and getting out rebounded every night. Coach needs to make every one accountable and stop giving out these passes on defense.Furthermore Fire Mike D’Antoni.

      • Jon

        If the Knicks acquire T-Mac, it’s for no other reason that because he has an expiring contract. They have no real expectations that he’s going to contribute anything on the court, let alone be a centerpiece of the offense and if he does contribute anything, it’s just gravy.

        Mike D’Antoni is one of the five best coaches in the league the most valuable commodity the Knicks have. If you fire D’Antoni you can wave bye bye to all the big-time free agents this summer. Not just Lebron, Wade, and Bosh, but Joe Johnson, Rudy Gay and all the others.

        Also, how can the lineup include Eddy Curry when he can’t make it through 4 minutes of NBA action without injuring a knee? Is this a wheelchair league?

  2. Jacob

    Even if the knicks are able to obtain T-mac in exchange for Al+, the idea that we are suddenly going to win is incorrect. First and foremost, you need a PG. You need someone running the point and running the offense, and T-Mac will not answer those needs. Secondly, you MUST get rid of either JJ or Eddy Curry to get rid of those of contracts. Even if we do get T-mac, unless the knicks organization is able to get a viable PG or get rid of 1 of the 2 contracts, T-Mac to the knicks is just delaying the inevitable: failure.

  3. Nathan

    Hey guys do you think this could work

    Knicks get Mcgrady and Budinger from the rockets, wizards get hill, harrington and jeffries and rockets get haywood and butler. works in nba trade machine but do you think it could possibly happen?

    • Virgil

      I for one always said that the knicks should have drafted Bud.. I don’t see anyway rockets give him up now, but if they would do this trade, I may not be so eager for pitchers and catchers reporting

      • Dan L

        I was gonna say, is that Virgil posing as Nathan?

        Anything is possible but I have to agree with Virgil. I think the Rockets see themselves as parting with a big asset. I doubt they add a promising rookie to it unless they are the ones getting Hill.

        I’m also becoming less confident that Donnie will be able to move JJ. I guess he can always try to move him around draft time.

  4. Italian Stallion

    If the Knicks got rid of Jeffries, Harrington, and Nate and brought back the expiring contract of T-Mac you wouldn’t see me for a few days because I’d be passed out from being too happy. We’d be getting rid of two losers and an overhyped defender that can’t score at all or rebound as well as the average player at his position.

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