Kings 118 Knicks 114 OT (Or, The Airing Of Grievances)

Tonight’s putrid loss was a poster child for the problems endemic in the Knicks’ roster. Now for the Airing of Grievances:

1. The Knicks can’t rebound. Other than Lee I’m not sure there is an above average boarder on this squad. And while Lee piles up big rebounding numbers, he never, never, never seems to come up with the clutch board. It’s partly because he doesn’t box out, but it isn’t just his fault: The Knicks have absolutely nobody to help him out in the paint. Did the Knicks get a single big board in the 4th quarter or overtime?

2. The Knicks don’t have a playmaker. When the D takes away the pick and roll in the final minute, the starting point guard has to come up with something better than a panicky 3 point airball. When the D cuts off the lane, you have to be able to be able to find someone other than Jared Jeffries from deep. Also, forgetting about Jeffries shooting a clutch 3, when is Jeffries in the post the option in a possession? Almost never.

3. The Knicks have no killer instinct. Up by 15 in the 4th, the Kings decided that they weren’t going away. It’s on the Knicks to step on their throats. But they don’t have anyone capable of setting the tone. This one goes beyond coaching. It’s been a constant theme throughout the last decade and the very same coaches (LB, Isiah, D’Antoni) who have failed to turn the Knicks into winners over recent years had closers and enforcers in their previous stops. The Knicks don’t have anybody on the court capable of rallying them or making consistent clutch plays on either or both ends.

Until these issues are rectified, the Knicks are never going to be anything other than the same ineffectual, soft team we’ve grown so sick of over the years.

Have anything to add to the list? Be my guest…


  1. Italian Stallion

    That pretty much sums it up.

    I think having Jeffries and Duhon on the court at the same time puts the other 3 players on the court at a huge disadvantage on the offensive end because of their limitations. That goes triple if Gallo is off the court.

    Making matters worse is that D’Antoni tries to compensate by using Harrington and Nate a lot because they are the only players that can create for themselves consistently. The problem with that is that both are bad decision makers and run very hot and cold. So when they are making bad decisions or missing, the offense evaporates.

    The boards are becoming a consistent problem. They allow way too many offensive rebounds. Each one is an extra possession which in turn is at least an extra point per possession. It adds up to a lot of losses.

    A decision has to be made regarding Lee. IMHO he can’t be the C of the future. He either has to be a PF and we get a real C or if they don’t want him as the PF because he doesn’t have 3 point range we should trade him for something else we really need while his value is high. Personally, I think he should be a PF, but I don’t see where we are going to get a C. I like Hill, but I don’t think Hill and Lee will cut it.

      • Italian Stallion

        Yea, maybe if he bulks up a bit. But I’ve been looking around the league and I think the C really needs to be at least 6’11” and strong unless he’s a total bull because there are too many 7′ guys out there on the better teams. When I saw Hill stand next to Lee tonight, he barely looked taller.

        It’s too depressing to think about. I’m at the stage where I don’t even care anymore as long as Chandler, Gallo, Hill, or Douglas play well. Chandler continues to impress. If he has a full summer to work on his game he could be really good next year.

  2. EQ1217

    It’s ridiculous that we are still running Harrington and Duhon out there, they serve no purpose to the team other than ruining the development of our young players.

    Man, we better get leBron in 2010 or we are going to be in complete shambles, because I don’t have the slightest confidence that a 70 year old GM is going to try to rebuild the right way

    • Dan L

      Even if the Knicks don’t get LeBron, they absolutely have been rebuilding the right way. I think they will continue to.

      • Italian Stallion

        I agree, but the depressing part about it is that we don’t have our 1st pick this year and last year’s hasn’t contributed a thing. This might have been a different year if our first pick turned out to be a good PG and we had a pick this year that allowed us to dump the season and play the kids.

        Oh man this sucks

        • IGM

          LOL. Soon you guys will come around to the dark side, where you realize that the light at the end of the tunnel is your imagination turned on.

          Soon you will admit that Walsh doesn’t have a clue and that he has made this team worse for an unrealistic shot at one player, the only one, who can turn a franchise around. He did absolutely nothing to develop a “team” that can compete in a couple of years.

          DanL, in December you started to gloat about how well this team was built. The dark (the truth) side is waiting.

          • Dan L

            Nah. I might be drinking the “kool-aid” but I still believe the team is in good hands and that the right long term strategy is in place. Lets revisit this topic in the fall.

            For now, its clear that the players we have this season suck.

            As far as gloating in December, the team was playing its best stretch of basketball in 7 or 8 years. It’s just a taste of things to come, hopefully starting next year.

  3. knicknack

    No basketball IQ. Just like the last Toronto game, Nate doesn’t use the shot clock with the lead. Instead he takes it to the hoop with a bad shot, falls out of bounds and leaves the team with 5 on 4 transition defense. We need smarter players on the floor for the final 5 minutes.

  4. thrifty spending

    At 6’10/6’11 Jared Jeffries has got to help out more on the boards. This is the same flusteration I felt about Tim Thomas when he was on the Knicks. The Knicks uniform is a breeding ground for tall, athletic forwards who can’t rebound for S*##.

    If Gallo is going to anything more than a poor man’s peja, he’s got to bulk up and grab some boards as well (his footspeed prevents any future at the 3). Why didn’t we take a flyer on dejuan blair… How much could it have cost to procure a 2nd round pick?

    Lastly, how much is Chris Duhon making? 5 mil? We could find someone better off the development league. Better off with CJ Watson.

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  6. defense

    I think it is time to stop the Lee Galllo experiment. David Lee is not a center and Gallo is not able to create his own space to shoot. That said I also think that it is time to Fire Mike D’Antoni. He consistently blows games and leads with the wrong decisions. Last night being the whopper! How do you call a play for Duhon or jefferies when Wilson Chandler is the hot hand. How do you play David (no defense ) Lee at center when all he cares about is his double double. Once again the knicks got out rebounded. and gave up 50+ points in the paint. David Lee should be traded while he has value for a point guard that can do more that run pick and roll plays. Eddy Curry is our center and thats that. Wilson Chandler is our offense and thats that. Jordan Hill needs more time with the Eddy and Wilson so we can win some games and form chemistry. Eddy has done everything asked of him and I for one say let him play center and sit Galllo. Fire Mike D’Antoni and bring in Mark Jackson for the remainder of the season.

    • Dan L

      Curry played his obligatory 4 games this year before he tore his knee running up the court against the Lakers. He’s out at least until the end of the year. It’s good to see he has a fan though.

      • defense

        All knick fans should get more than we’re getting these days Dan.Mike D’Antoni is a waste of time and he blew up the 2010 plans with his Lee Gallo experiment. The knicks need a true direction.

        • Dan L

          I just have to disagree with you. How did he blow up the 2010 plan, which is to 1) clear out cap space and kiss as many of these losers goodbye as possible, and 2) win if you can but not take on any contracts to do it.

          Lee and Gallo happen to be 2 out of the 3 best players on the team with Chandler, so I just disagree that he’s done anything wrong by building his offense around them.

          Just an observation, D’Antoni has gotten 1.5 years as coach. This kind of knee jerk short-sighted calling for heads is why people say you can’t rebuild in New York. But you not only can, you have to. Isiah and Layden tried not to but it only delayed the inevitable.

          Evaluate D’Antoni and Walsh in the fall, which is when they promised all along we’d be good. They didn’t promise us anything for last year, or this year.

          • Dan L

            And Gallo is good. There are some people out there who will always hate him. Why? Can’t say I know, but he’s clearly talented and is playing in essentially his rookie year.

            It’ll be no skin off his back though when the Knicks turn into a winner.

            Hey, there are people out there who never liked Patrick Ewing even though he was a warrior and all he did was win. Of course, now that he’s gone he’s a saint to everyone.

            I also want to know where this idea comes from that Mark Jackson is going to teach the Knicks to play defense. When he played, believe me, defense was not his specialty. It was a substantial weakness.

  7. thrifty spending

    i say screw the rest of the season and just develop the future. Why scrap and claw for an 8th seed when it is inevitable that the knicks would get trashed by Cleveland?

    Play hill for 20mins per night. Run more plays for Gallo. And trade Lee for best offer available.

    When free agency comes, if we spend wisely, all will be ok. Just dont do stupid sh$% like give joe johnson 1oo mil contract.

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