Knicks Trade Rumor Round Up

  • Ken Berger writes that the Knicks are interested in bringing back Marcus Camby, but that the Clippers are seeking to get far enough under the cap this summer to bag a max free agent. A third team would have to be involved.
  • Berger also thinks that the Knicks are the most likely destination for Tracy McGrady, even though the Knicks don’t have anything the Rockets want. A third team would have to be involved.
  • A while back Adrian W. at Yahoo! Sports wrote that the Knicks and Bulls were close to an Al Harrington for Ty Thomas swap. According to Berger, Ty Thomas is still on the market, but he doesn’t list the Knicks as a likely suitor. Instead, he cites the Spurs, Lakers, and Nuggets. The Bulls want cap space.
  • Tommy Dee and Alex Kennedy both heard that the Knicks are after Acie Law. Reports say Larry Brown wants a veteran big man.


  1. EQ1217

    At this point it’s pretty much Jeffries or bust in the Knicks trade market.

    If we strike out on LeBron in 2010, I would seriously consider trading Chandler & Douglas for Iguodala & Dalembert.

    Dalembert is expiring in 2011, so w/ Curry & possibly JJ also expiring we won’t be too bad

  2. Nathan

    No way Camby comes to the Knicks, if he does get traded it will be to a contending team looking for some extra rebounding/defence and playoff experience.

    Seriously i just want Donnie to pull the trigger on a trade to make this season at least mildly exciting. I just want to fast forward to July already because there is nothing to look forward too untill then, not even the draft!

    You guys think there is any chance we trade for a 1st round draft pick?

    • Dan L

      Honestly, this might sound bad, but I don’t think Donnie wants a first round pick unless its a top 5. That is guaranteed money that could go towards a free agent.

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