Knicks Active In Trade Discussions

According to Sam Amick of the Sacramento Bee, who polled sources from around the league, the Knicks have been among the most active teams in trade talks. Unsurprisingly, the Knicks, according to Amick, are primarily looking to trade Jared Jeffries.

Everyone knows the importance trading Jeffries has to the Knicks’ offseason. As an added benefit though, by accomplishing a trade, management would satiate Marc Berman’s mindless demands for a shake-up to preserve the season, as if anything management could do at the deadline, including a T-Mac trade, would help the Knicks make the playoffs this year.

The season is pretty much over for the Knicks [1, 2, 3], and the right move for the team to make would be a cap slashing move to open up more space this summer. That could be a McGrady trade, but it makes little sense to just rearrange the deck-chairs because Berman says so, with an exclamation point.

Just a reminder that the last major move Berman advocated for the Knicks with an exclamation point was to sign Iverson. He called Knicks’ management “Turkeys!”. About six or seven weeks later, he recanted. I’d like to see him admit when he’s wrong more often, but that might require double the amount of space than the Post currently allots him.


  1. Jon

    I hope DW and D’Antoni aren’t wearing beer goggles when it comes to this roster and their chances of making the playoffs. I don’t think they are. Most likely, whether or not a deal gets done for Jeffries will come down to whether or not the Knicks are willing to part with a piece of their core.

    I’m sure the Knicks are hoping that a contender asking for Nate will take Jeffries too. But I suspect the Knicks will have to be wiling to part with Chandler or Hill if they really want to get rid of him.

  2. Cody

    you might think i am crazy, but i think if you are going to make a trade that isnt just for the sake of making a trade, then walsh should seriously consider trading DLee. He is a valuable expiring and could net us some serious talent (Bayless, Fernandez) that would make us that much more enticing next year and possibly solve our pg problem. its not a popular idea but Dlee is a free agent at the end of the year anyway and deserves to play on a playoff team.

    • Traps

      You know, to an extent, Cody has a point. However, trading Lee MUST result in moving Jeffries, or it just shouldn’t happen. I would love, love, love to have Rudy Fernandez here, and, after Miller’s 52 the other night, Steve Blake could be a nice get for us. That all said, I think it’s impossible to do unless the Miles expiring can be traded (assuming it can’t). Jeffries must go with Lee, but I don’t think there are any teams with the (expiring) pieces to make something like that work.

      • Jon

        I don’t view Lee as untouchable or anything, but the problem becomes trying to replace his production in free agency. I think Lee is clearly preferable to guys like Boozer and Amare and, when you consider the respective salaries they’re likely to command, I even prefer Lee to Bosh.

        Also, even if you think Bosh is clearly superior to Lee (not at all unreasonable) I don’t think he’d ever come here on his own. He’d only sign if LBJ was coming also.

        Then if the Knicks strike out with all the big targets, they’d also be left trying to replace Lee’s 19 and 11.

        Again, I’m not saying Lee should be untouchable or anything, and I love Rudy Fernandez too, but I’d prefer to wait and see if we can use him in a sign and trade during the summer as opposed to using the best player on the team in a salary dump type trade where we only get a solid rotation piece back in the deal.

        • am

          you forgot to mention the 0.4 blocks per game too.

          I’m not gonna come here and troll.

          i want apologize to dan for saying what i was uncalled for.

          I’m sorry don’t have to except my apology, but i am sorry.

          regarding this, as far as I’m concerned, either gallinari, lee or hill are going to have to be this team’s power forward and strictly the power forward if the knicks expect to be serious championship contenders in the future.

          gallinari will be a power forward by next season, and for all his gifts on the perimeter offensively, he will be a liability on the defense as a sf.he’s just as out of position as lee is.hill will probably still be a power forward too.we need a legitimate center.whether they fit d’antoni’s system is irrelevant we don’t know how long mike is going to be here and basing the prospect of acquiring players for the ole reason of fitting into a coaches schemes is very smart imo if you can get better players.

          i get why people are hesitant to give up lee, because the guy has improved immensely as an offensive player.he’s is better than bosh and amar’e he’s just not as physical gifted as either of those guys.his handle is all ready better than that dickhead duhon’s, his j is money, as well as being damn near automatic around the rim.

          so donnie is in a predicament right now.he needs to make the decision as to which one he prefers and move the others for some players with some upside at center and at pg.mcgee and deandre jordan preferably at the 5, and if its gallo that is going to get dealt, i’d prefer if its for rubio at the point.

          i have no idea(maybe james)
          mcgee or d jordan

          • Dan L

            Thanks AM. I’m sorry too if things got a bit personal. It’s just a Knicks blog and we’re all just Knicks fans. Personally, I need to do a better job of not taking things so hard if I’m going to have a sports blog on the internet. Anyway, I accept your apology, I hope you accept mine, and now we can just move on.

            I agree with you that the Knicks definitely need more effective size inside on the defensive end. Even if Hill becomes the Knicks’ center, it doesn’t seem like he’ll ever be a bruising intimidator type that can swat inside shots from perimeter guys that may beat our guards or, that our guards will feel comfortable funneling into the paint knowing they have help. There aren’t too many of those guys in today’s NBA since most big guys coming into the league these days seem to want to be guards or small forwards. The Knicks definitely need help in that area.

            I also think Lee shouldn’t be untouchable. He plays at an all star level and he has ball skills and a floor game that Bosh doesn’t. I think I’d rather him for 10 mil than Bosh or Boozer for 15 or 16. But I’d trade him if some team also took back Jeffries and gave us some youth, maybe something inside.

            My concern is the same as Jon’s. It’d be hard to replace his production.

            I’d be hesitant to trade Gallo. I’d do it for the right (read: exorbitant) price, because I think he’s just scratching the surface this season even though it seems like he’s running on fumes right now. I think he can turn into a star one day. Really depends what we can get for him.

          • Jon

            I think trading Gallo would probably prove to be a mistake. The “stretch 4″ has become the most coveted type of player in the league because of the spacing it creates on offense and problems it poses for the defense. Gallo is the prototype for the position, like Rashard Lewis. Any great perimeter player that comes here would view Gallo as a key reason because he opens up so many possibilities on offense.

            I don’t necessarily think he needs to start if that upsets the balance of the team. He might be perfect coming off the bench a la Manu Ginobili for all those years.

          • am

            but putting him on the bench is not a good thing when a team like the knicks has as many holes as it does.that’s the main issue with this team.duhon is dreadful, but he isn’t the only reason this team is as bad as it is.

          • am

            you don’t have to apologize to me, it was i got outta line.

            i’d also like to say that for some reason or another, david lee is some what under valued by alot of people in the league.while you have the warriors and the jazz rumored to have been interested in bosh and ama’re respectively at one point or another, they seem to use the fact that lee is a free agent against him, as if it shouldn’t be held against bosh and amar’e.if those teams would like to overpay both of those guys for practically the same value, than that’s their loss.i’d rather have him than bosh or amar’e.

  3. Italian Stallion

    I think the Knicks are going stay with the core of Lee, Chandler, Gallo, Hill, and Douglas and not make any moves at all unless they can trade Jeffries with or without Nate.

    I think the expectation is that Lee will be resigned, Gallo and Chandler will develop into above average players for next year, Hill will contribute something, and they will fill out the team with their cap space.

    I don’t think any major free agent will come here next year, but they should be able to find some help and save some more money for 2011 (when they’ll have a ton). The key is going to be finding a PG, but I don’t think they will give up any of the current core unless it’s a spectacular deal.

    • Dan L

      That’s not the sexiest plan but it’s not the worst thing in the world. Lee Chandler and Gallo are a legitimate core. The Knicks struggle in other areas. For example they have no good point guard, terrible guard depth and no true center to help Lee out on the glass. If the Knicks keep that core around, they’ll be a lot better by just addressing those other areas.

      • EwingOak

        I agree that Lee, Chandler and Gallo are indeed a legitimate core. Not only for the skills they all possess, but for that combination of personalities among the three of them. Lee is becoming a certified leader out there, seemingly unrattled in tight situations and always playing at a pretty high level. Chandler is quiet, but that is just fine. He is actually kind of a rare breed. If he continues to get better and better, he is kind of turning into a silent assassin. He plays hard and relatively smart and doesn’t need to be coddled like many good players do. Gallo, I feel, is gonna be great. His first full year and he already shows so many signs of a great player. His IQ is up there and his skills will catch it. He just needs time and maturity.

        My point is, that is an incredible core of unselfish, semi-reliable and talented guys that would not be problems in the locker room or on the bench for a coach and the decisions he has to make once a superstar or two joins them. Good guys to have on your side if someone decides to come lead the Knicks next year.

  4. Azaz

    A trade that i think is fairly equal. 4 teams involved.
    ny gets: rubio,blount, and someone else to make salaries match
    pacers get: sessions,hill,
    timberwolves get: troy murphy, igoudala, and toney douglas
    76ers get: chandler jeffries(part salary paid by knicks) and mmilic and 2011 knicks draft pick

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