Chris Bosh Loves MSG. NYPostDailyNewsNewsday, Not So Much.

Courtesy of Raptor’s Republic (via National Post (I think it’s “Canadian”)):

“I like the Garden. The Garden has always been a fantastic place for me to play,” Bosh said. “It was sort of the first big stage I ever played on in the McDonald’s [all-star] game when I was in high school. I’ve been there every year since then. It’s kind of special to me. A lot of greats have played there. It’s just one of those special courts.”

That sounds nice doesn’t it? But hold your horses. Bosh also spoke in not so glowing terms about the renowned New York media that probably makes so many athletes shrug their shoulders about the possibility of playing in New York:

“Who is ready for the New York media?” Bosh asked rhetorically. “Who knows?”

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