50 Losses Might Be the Only Way to Be Truly Great

We all know that the Post is a muck-raking rag. That comes from its muck-raking management issuing edicts to its muck-raking journalists and editors. Marc Berman will stop at nothing to manufacture a story. According to Steve Adamek, Berman tried to I believe that it was Berman who tried to box Mike D’Antoni into a bad situation by asking him if he’s willing to lose 50 games for the sake of the long term plan.

I don’t recall anyone asking Isiah if he was willing to lose 50 games, though teams under his reign almost always did. My point with that is, at least there is a plan here.

D’Antoni told reporters:

“I think that’s one area, plus there’s no guarantee we wouldn’t be on the same pace if we didn’t make the trades. When made the trades, everybody knows the reasons, keeping the team competitive and we have longer-term goals and plans and objectives.
“Really, that doesn’t enter into the discussion. We’re just going to continue on with what we want to do to get the Knicks at the championship level that they deserve to be. We’re not going to waver from that. It’s not going to be like, in the short term we’ll worry about this. We’re not going to waver from what we said at the very beginning and I’m really comfortable with that.”

Basically, Mike D’Antoni took a roundabout path to yes. He said the Knicks have a long-term plan to be special. Not a short term ambition to be OK.


Of course, I hope the Knicks don’t lose 50 games, but look at any contender and how they got to be that way. The Celtics for example won 24 games the year before they picked up KG and Ray Allen. The 24 win season followed several other mediocre years, during which they stocked up on guys like Al Jefferson, Ryan Gomes, Delonte West, and Sebastian Telfair.

The Spurs had to be bad before they got Duncan in 96-97, winning just 20 games before winning the lottery.

The Cavs history is just one big losing season with dashes of mediocrity and first round exits.

Somebody tell me what the Knicks were up to prior to Walt Frazier and also prior to Patrick Ewing…

The list goes on. Almost every good team went through a rebuilding phase to become a contender. The Lakers are the only exception, remarkably having missed the playoffs just five times in their history.

In the NBA you are rewarded for being good with championships and you are rewarded for being bad with draft picks. Still, you can mess it all up with bad management. For instance, you could already be bad or mediocre, then add salary to the point of being capped out, and give away draft picks in exchange for limited, losing players.

The only way to come back from a scenario like that is to completely reset. The Knicks embarked on the above described scenario for 8 years. They are fortunate that it will probably only take them 2 years (one and two-thirds now) to reset.

Update: Jon informed, me, and he’s right, that Steve Adamek never said that it was Berman that asked the question. I just assumed that, figuring, who else could it have been. So I can’t tell you whether it was Berman or not, and if it wasn’t, I apologize.


  1. Heri

    Why attack Berman so much? Is it because of Marbury? Let him have his opinion and be a fan if he chooses. Granted, I hate the format of being able to use a million different names to talk BS at the post. It is heaven for sick puppies, the sybil Knicks blog site. One identity at all time is more mature, but this isn’t Berman fault.

  2. Dan L


    We attack Berman so much here because of the way he uses his position to:

    1) Be Marbury’s personal PR guy at the expense of journalistic integrity and the truth.
    2) Attack the team rather than reporting on it. Ever notice how Berman basically just rags on the Knicks constantly?
    3) Rather than reporting the news, trying to make the news, as explained in the post above.

    I’m sure Jon has some reasons too that I’m not thinking of. There are so many more.

  3. Heri

    Celtics traded to bring KG and Allen while the Knicks traded away good players in their prime and now are contemplating also throwing away with weak trades a young nucleus in Lee with Nate while drafting a bulging disc. I could lose all the games in a season if I knew we traded away our talent for lotto picks and some kick azz help for 2010. This isn’t the case, we seem to be thrill with throwing away everybody and going to sleep till 2010. Exactly what LeBron joked about.

  4. Heri

    I hear you, but hey; let Marbury have his personal PR means because the Knicks do. Why shouldn’t we hear the different angles so we can decide on the truth? Attack the team? The Knicks last season were the laughing stock of the NBA and Berman isn’t to blame. The media world reported it as it is. Since, we have drafted a bulging disc, led a mis direction tragedy with a player, traded a 20 and 10 for a retiring illness and play a brain less seven man rotation. We could have done much better this season and have more for 2010.

  5. Heri

    Anyway, I have another trade for you since you don’t seem willing to trade Oden. Lee for Bosh, to start conversation. If you can’t sign Bosh, I’ll give you a talented youth to replace him. Can you afford Lee? How about Lee, Marbury and Jeffries for O’Neal and Bosh? Some of the free agents to be might get traded before reaching free agency.

  6. Evan


    “We could have done much better this season and have more for 2010″ Can you detail your strategy for doing this under the parameters of the salary cap and with trades that other organizations would actually want to make? Nobody was trading lotto picks for zach randolph or jamal crawford. toronto is not trading chris bosh and jo for lee, starbury, and jeffries.

    Also you contradict yourself; first you claim you would be willing to lose all our games for some great 2010 help, right after that you say this isnt the case because we are throwing players away. I would argue we are throwing players away so we can get “kick azz” help in 2010. I would consider lebron james some pretty serious kick azz help. With zach and jamal on the roster it would be IMPOSSIBLE for the knicks to land the best basketball player on the planet.

  7. Dan L

    Heri…I’m sorry but there isn’t any way the Knicks can get Bosh for Lee. In fact, the only way for the Knicks to get Bosh would be to execute the current plan and sign him with the free agent dollars in 2010.

  8. lillo

    Dan man, just finished watching the mavs game. what a waste what a pain. Long term plan doesnt mean to lose 40 games a season the last 5 minutes. I dunno. Having Bosh, Le Bron, whoever in 2010 will wipe out the misery of those losses? That last drive by duhon, missed the iron by one feet, it felt like misery. On the other side how can you be motivated to win when you go back to the bench for the TO down by 3 and your coach says its over (with more than 30 secs on the clock). I mean it seems like d’antoni is a good coach but not for final moments. let him coach the all game but the last quarter, let him coach the all season but the postseason and he’ll be phil jackson. However it stays what we said on the steph affaire, your pov and mine. But how can you think a player can feel and perform after you tell him at the start of the season that is not in the team plan. I dunno man. Even if you want get rid of steph what’s the point of stating that? just to motivate him to be more distant from the team? I dunno man. I feel like this president, this coach they never win, they never will because they are not very fond of basketball and communication. Did I just sound a lil too much over the top? :) See you Dan

  9. Dan L

    Thanks Lillo. Definitely a rough loss, and it really hurts losing in the final moments. It has become all too familiar of a situation.

    I don’t really blame the coach. There is no guy too guy. I think the coach is doing his best to coach. Maybe it could’ve been Steph. Who knows.

    But to answer your question, yes, I think these losses will all be worth it if the team can contend for a title for in two years. There is no other way to do this. We could have kept Zach and Jamal and Steph but we’d lose in the first round of the playoffs most likely for the next few years.

    The idea here is to try to win a title. Not just make the playoffs. I’ll be happy in 2 years when this all pays off and we’ll be able to contend for a title. I know you don’t want to hear this but being bad this year will make us good longer term if we can draft a good player this summer.

    I might be wrong Lillo, but if the Knicks win 60 games in 2010 I think you’ll look back and say management made the right moves and that these last couple of years of rebuilding were worth it.

  10. lillo

    Yeah you are right if we win 60 games, I’d probably say staff is legend. I just dont like seeing the coach saying it’s over. ever. especially when its not. It smells like chooser to be a looser. Because I’m okay with 60 wins in 2010 but what’s wrong with a 30+ this year? Or a playoff spot… You never know last year boston with atlanta was not that simple. :) Im a believer Dan! Prepare for the worst ok. But hope for the best! Always sort of a relief talking to you Dan. See You :)

  11. Jon

    In my view, the problem is really more that there’s no go-to guy but instead of recognizing that and playing together, all these different supporting-cast type players are trying to take over in key spots and make one-on-one plays. That’s a recipe for disaster. If the Knicks just moved the ball the way the offense calls for they’d find shots in the final minutes just the same as they had for throughout the entire game.

    The Knicks are doing right now what a lot of football teams do with the “Prevent” defense when they drop off in the 4th quarter and let the other team move the ball in exchange for killing clock. That is to say, they’re abandoning the style of play that put them in position to win the game in the first place. It’s frustrating, but I still think patience is what’s required here. D’Antoni has been the Knicks coach for all of 35 games and Donnie has so many moving parts right now in terms of guys he wants to cut and trades he wants to make, that it’s just way too early to judge their performance.

    All I know is, when they arrived they said they had a plan, and they’re working tirelessly to execute the exact plan they described. That’s so much more than can be said for the management that came before them. I’m satisfied with what’s transpired so far.

  12. Heri

    If I had Bosh and he was walking away from me into free agency, I would trade him for Lee. They aren’t winning with him right now and he will walk away, why not trade him and pick up a decent young replacement to minimize your loss. It’s what Minn did with Johan Santana. It happens in all sports. If you can’t afford your superstar, trade him before he leaves to minimize his loss.

  13. Heri

    This place is beyond being able to see Knicks mgmt mistakes. How could this season be better? Start by drafting a healthy rookie, or is a bulging disc in a draft pick sane. Don’t mis direct any player into banishment to end up with a seven man rotation. Don’t BS yourself into accepting a bad heart retirement for a 20/10 under any reasoning. How can you make it better in the future? The same way you can make it better now.

  14. Dan L

    If it became clear that Bosh was going to walk, I think the Raptors could get someone like Boozer AND a first round pick, just for example. Someone way more talented than Lee. I’d hate to break it to you but Lee is putting up numbers because of his minutes. He’s a sixth man on a title team. If you think Lee is worth Bosh or Oden, then you have to think he’s worth LeBron or Wade or Deron Williams or Chris Paul, or other FRANCHISE PLAYERS, aka, the type of player we’ll be able to get in 2010 by sticking to this plan. If Lee was as good as those guys, we’d be a winning team, since those guys are franchise players and their teams are CONTENDERS just because they have those guys on their rosters. You have to realize that the most you can get for Lee is young pieces and draft picks. That’s it. You think the Knicks can be a championship contender with Lee as the cornerstone? Why aren’t we already in that case?

    And you keep saying drafting Gallinari was a mistake. Dude, have you even seen what he can do? Why don’t you wait ’til he gets on the floor? He got injured taking it hard to the basket. I’ve never seen him play more than a few minutes. I don’t know if he’s the next Dirk or the next nothing, but I’m not willing to call it a mistake yet.

    Making the first round of the playoffs this year is not all that big of a concern to me. Building a contender is. I just want to see how you feel in a year and a half. I don’t know how old you are, but if you’re, I’d say 25 or over, you’d know that that time will fly by real fast.

    Oh, and as for Santana, baseball analogies are completely irrelevant here. MLB doesn’t have the kind of salary cap restrictions that the NBA has. Any team that wanted Santana could just pay him whatever the hell they wanted. In the NBA it doesn’t work that way. Every team has the same amount of money, so there are only a few teams in contention in baseball, while every team THAT CAN MAKE SPACE UNDER THE CAP is in contention in basketball.

  15. Heri

    2010 is an excuse around here for anything negative in 2009 and I for one won’t buy it. You can throw gas to the moon all you want, but mediocrity is simply; “mediocrity.” The Lakers have missed the playoffs only five times in their existance.

  16. Dan L

    I’m obviously aware of the Lakers. They are the exception to the rule, described above.

    I’d like to hear your detailed proposal regarding what the Knicks could have done since last off-season to make the team not mediocre.

  17. Heri

    Wait a minute, wait a minute. I never said that Lee was equal value with Bosh. Problem for Toronto is that Bosh is walking away and to get Lee in return would be better than nothing in return. No player traded for Bosh would have to be equal value since you are doing them a favor by giving them some type of value instead of them receiving nothing at all as Bosh walks. Receiving Lee would be enticing for them over nothing at all. Lee is a lot better than you give him credit. Gallo is a lot more hurt than you give him credit. I guess you feel Gallo was the right pick, bulging disc and all. He still has a pain that shoots down his leg and may require back surgery. It would be what remains since he simply has been unable to play.

  18. Jon

    Heri, I just think you’d do well to give the new management more than 35 games to prove themselves. It took 10 years to get into this mess. It’s going to take more than few months to get out of it.
    And it’s way too soon to worry about Gallinari. I’m not quite sure why you’re so nostalgic for Steph and Z-Bo. They led the Knicks to 23 wins last season. Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoni have had *months* where they’ve almost won that many games. The season’s not even half over and the Knicks are only 3 1/2 games out of the playoffs. Just give them a chance.

  19. EZ


    Yes Bosh may walk but there are 25+ other teams who may also have an interest in Bosh, you are viewing Lee for Bosh in a vacuum as if the knicks are the only other team in the nba with something to offer.

    We are not making excuses for the knicks as much as discussing the merits of the current strategy to rebuild towards the goal of being a title contender in 2010. To do that there has to be sacrfice now.

    With the exception of the recent Pistons teams who had 4 all star caliber players, recent history tells us that to win a title in the nba you need an superstar player – not just an all star but basically an all world player. Now there are three ways to do that. 1 Be really awful and land a franchise player through the nba draft (spurs, heat, lakers, 80s celtics, bulls,) 2. clear cap space and sign a superstar in his prime to the max (lakers with shaq) 3. Kevin Mchale (Garnett).

    To that end the knicks have put all their eggs in one basket with lebron and possibly bosh, who quite frankly will never be the #1 on a championship team (a great #2 though!). You are mixing up what they are doing now with the failures of the past Why repeat those mistakes?

    As far as Gallinari goes that may very well prove to be a mistake as Eric Gordon looks like the real deal. It may be our Darko pick but I will hold off on criticizing for at least one more year, after all Dirk was a bust his rookie year — not saying he is dirk just sayin…

  20. Heri

    Eureka, alelulla; finally a dash of Gallo as being a draft bust! Such a deep draft and we pick a bulging disc. I don’t know about you, but no way in my brain do I buy Gallo being hurt in one play. This player had to have been damaged goods undetected by mgmt. Spine less! Hasn’t played at all and still has pain. Failure, deep, deep failure. He even had a reputation for being hurt easily in Italy. See it how it is and we can move on to the next Knicks mgmt knuckle head move.

  21. Heri

    Next Knicks mgmt knuckle head move, simple; Zack’s trade. A 20 and 10 star for a heart ailment and retirement. I won’t waste my time about Thomas. I’m not praising Zack, sure he could had been traded, but too soon and nothing in return wasn’t the idea. Walsh blew it with Mobley, we could had traded Zack for some one not forced to retire. Some one who could be around for 2010. Don’t BS us with lies, that it wasn’t possible. Don’t BS me, by asking me for who. The NBA is full of players that could had played this season and 2010 in return for Zack. We traded him for a heart failure. Unreal. Another dumb mistake reflected in our record. We should all know it.

  22. Heri

    Dan, LOL Don’t get me wrong; I love my Knicks. We aren’t perfect, but if we try to cover the sky with our hand, it won’t work.

  23. Dan L

    I just want to wait to see what happens. If we win 60 games in 2010 I’ll be very happy. If we win 41 next year, I’ll be very happy.

    This year, if we get a high draft pick instead of getting eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, I’ll be happy.

  24. Heri

    Next Knuckle head move, mis direction. Simple, we bring out the best in players for the teams sake. This way, we get value in play or trade. I don’t care about Marbury, not that I wish him harm. We simply failed to make the team better with his play and trade. Simple, it’s mgmt responsibility.

  25. Dan L

    Fair enough about Marbury and that is what we are trying now with Curry, but don’t you realize that this is what we did we Zach. Nobody was crazy enough to trade for him before. His value went from a second round pick to heart defect and Thomas. Don’t you remember how the Clippers wanted him for second round pick and that’s it? It’s a miracle we could trade him at all considering that salary.

  26. Heri

    Wrong. Zack’s value never became a heart defect and retirement. It was unexpected, just like the bulging disc. Both could had been avoided with proper work prior to the trade and draft pick. Don’t cover the sky with your hand. Two failures is what it is.

  27. EZ

    Heri I tend to agree with you on Gallinari – injury or not. Gordon, Augustine, and Bayless were all proven college players with tons of upside still on the board when the knicks picked. Never liked the pick, still dont, but he still may be a good player, he is very young.

    Having said that I cant disagree with you more on zach randolph, his contract was widely regarded as one of the worst, if not the worst contract in the entire nba for its annual salary, and more importantly its length. Take a look at this list – its fairly comprehensive http://www.121s.com/viewtopic.php?t=9786. (btw donnie walsh inherited 5 of these contracts)

    It took the clippers, as moribund a franchise in professional sports as you can find to bail us out of the mess isiah made when acquiring zach. think about what we gave for zach? think about what we gave for marbury? or stevie franchise? Basically NOTHING. Teams were giggling on the other end of the phone when the offer was proposed, as I am sure donnie was with the idiotic mike dunleavy.

    MAYBE another team would have given us something slightly better down the road, but a #1 pick or good young cheap player was never going to happen. Why risk it? If your #1 goal is to clear cap space and the opportunity presents itself why pass that up.

  28. Heri

    It doesn’t stop there. Add the Roberson signing over Ewing because we rather play a seven man rotation than play Roberson. Then there’s Rose and James. If anyone needs to be bought out, it’s the players you don’t play while harming the team in a seven man rotation. Why keep them and banish the one who… My god, it makes no sense the more I write about it.

  29. EZ

    if patrick ewing jr is the answer why is he NOT starting for the reno in the d league? The D LEAGUE!! why has no other team picked him up for the league minimum. snap out of knick fans, nobody wants th is guy for a reason, just because his name is patick ewing jr doesnt mean we should either. honestly id rather take a chance on a dleague point guard for a 10 day, the last thing we need is another swingman.

    i think they are holding onto rose and james so they can use their their expiring contracts in any potential trades involving lee or curry.

  30. Heri

    We could had made the playoffs this year and competed. Maybe into the second or third round. It would had been the best development for the team possible; playoff experience as we be headed in the right direction. What I see is movement towards mediocrity, which isn’t the idea in my brain. We had enough talent to compete, playoffs and proper trades for Zack, Marbury and even Lee. We haven’t had the proper trades nor the proper draft pick.

  31. EZ

    ahh yes i can vision the papers now. Tonight the doubters are no more. After shocking Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic in the the first round of the nba playoffs the knicks tonight stunned the world by taking game 7 from the defending champion boston celtics to earn a berth into the easter confernce finals.

  32. Heri

    Ok, who ever, but Roberson was another mistake; while Ewing might had played more than Roberson did. In the name of 2010 we seem not to care about maybe being right or wrong now as we head into 2010. We are blowing away talent and not getting proper return for it. MAYBE! Frankly speaking, my Knicks are the complete opposite of the Lakers. The exception to the rule we’re not. We are more like the extreme of it. No team loyalty exist and Dolan is the worst of owners. He simply throws money into a team with no heart, passion or brain to put a charge into it.

  33. Dan L

    Seriously, Jr. was traded TWICE before we got him, he’s a bench guy in the d-league, and nobody signed him. Well said EZ.

  34. Dan L

    Heri I can’t believe you think we’d have made the second or third round. That means we would’ve had to beaten some combination of the Celtics, Cavs, Detroit, Orlando, and/or Atlanta. We were a game above .500 when we traded Zach. Wake up.

  35. lillo

    I dunno. Having Bosh, Le Bron, whoever in 2010 will wipe out the misery of those losses?


    Salary cap mode: ON

    Well EZ man. Cool. I say it’s not that we are being p*ss poor since 2 years, it’s 10 years we’ve been that. I say win the much as you can now. You play basketball? You coach basketball? Well, play to win. Do whatever you can, with whatever you have, to win. Build? Long term? What if you are 99 years old and you die before the 2010! Make all those fans losing their affection for what?! Win for the fans or die trying. As a great american, fellow citizen of yours had to say: either you sh*t or get off the pot.

  36. Evan

    Lillo your right what am i thinking. You play to win the games! We had randolph and jamal and we let em off the hook! This current team is who we thought they were. Now my friends say can we make the playoffs and i look at them and say PLAYOFFS?! PLAYOFFS?!.

    I say we package the expiring contracts of jerome james and malik rose for marco jarik.

  37. Heri

    If we would had drafted Bayless, Augustine or Lopez. If we trade Zack for a player who could play and not a heart case. If Marbury wasn’t mis directed. If we make the right moves, yes; we could had competed in the playoffs and watch a young team go through the best development possible which takes place in the playoffs.

  38. sasm

    I think that what some people are missing here, is that there is no guarantee that LeBron will come here. I know that we all have convinced ourselves otherwise, but to be honest, Cleveland is likely the front-runner.

    The people here, who are advocating that the Knicks play to win, and make smart, yet “safe” moves…IE: Don’t draft Dan; Do some research into Mobley,etc,etc. Are the people who are being realistic. Even if LeBron is giving us a 50/50 chance… he won’t be coming here if we dont have talent to win… right now! Bosh is not enough….assuming he would sign if LeBron did. On top of that, we have to have players who can win… right now, we don’t. LeBron cannot win on his own… that has been proven. And with what the Cavaliers are doing in Cleveland, when put next to what we are doing and the mistakes that have been made… what team do you really think he is going to choose?

    As for the argument to trade Lee for Bosh…. Why wouldn’t the Cavaliers offer a better deal? They already have LeBron as an incentive for Bosh. They already have a step on us. Our management has to do more than other front offices…they have to be near-perfect.

    And with no experience in the playoffs… how attractive are we? Just because we are a big city, have higher taxes, and more crime? Yeah, we have a great arena… but those free-agents get to play in it every year. Yeah, we have cool stuff here… but they can come and visit whenever they want. Yeah, they may be able to get some extra sponsors by coming and playing here… but then again, there is no guarantee of that; especially LeBron, who gets anything he wants already.

    So… assuming we are on “even” ground with the Cavaliers, in our bid to land James… who do you think is winning that battle?

    Right now it doesn’t look good for the Knicks. And that is just the truth.

    BTW: Donnie Walsh has been in Indiana for 30 years… How many championships did he bring to Indiana? Zero. What makes everyone so positive that he is making the right moves now? Because he says so? Remember who hired him and why. The understand why the current coach was hired. Look at both of their resumes. Neither has any championships… Why is that?

    But, yeah… okay. Us New Yorkers should just sit here an blindly accept anything and everything that we are told, just so the management and coaching staff get a free pass through 2010.

    But for all of you talking 60 wins and championships in 2010… what happens when Wade, Amare, LeBron, Bosh and the other big stars all say “No, thank you?”

    I bet that you don’t think too highly of this management then. So basically, you are giving them (the front office & coaching) a free-pass predicated on what free-agent players decide to do with THEIR careers. If the players decide to come here…the management is good…if they say “no” then management is bad.

    WAKE UP NEW YORK!!!! We are being screwed again, and we are accepting it with a smile on our faces!

  39. Dan L


    I know its not a sure thing that LeBron is coming. Or Bosh. But you have to look at the entire list of free agents. We will get 2 or 3. We’ll still have Chandler, Gallinari (hopefully he’ll be good) and a high draft pick this year (has anyone noticed how much LeBron loves Stephon Curry?).

    Plus, you have to look at what the Celtics did. They got KG, and Ray Allen all at once. Sure they added those guys to Pierce, but the Celtics were struggling to make the playoffs year after year with just Pierce. What was left was a bunch of role players like Kendrik Perkins, Gabe Pruitt, Eddie House, James Posey, and Rajon Rondo.

    I have no doubt that the Knicks will be able to add guys of that caliber to Chandler, Gallinari and whoever it is that they draft this year. Who knows, maybe Lee and Nate will still be around. Also, don’t forget about the mid-level and the bi-annual.

    You honestly are trying to tell me that free agents are going to evaluate their situation and say, “Well, I really like New York, but they don’t have Gabe Pruitt so I’m not sure they can win.” Give me a break.

    Also, while New York may have higher total crime numbers because of its population size, the crime rate is much much lower than most American cities.

    Let’s see, what else…

    Tell me how many coaches and GMs can say they have won titles over the last 20 years.

    Chuck Daly
    Phil Jackson
    Rudy Tomjonavich
    Greg Popavich
    Larry Brown
    Doc Rivers

    All those guys either have jobs or are retired.

    GMs are obviously even fewer.

    “I bet that you don’t think too highly of this management then. So basically, you are giving them (the front office & coaching) a free-pass predicated on what free-agent players decide to do with THEIR careers. If the players decide to come here…the management is good…if they say “no” then management is bad.”

    I’d advise you to go look at what Jason Kidd said. You can read it here:


  40. sasm

    Dan L –

    I not only read almost everything that is written about the NBA, but I write it myself. No need to give me links to things that are re-hashed in every paper in the country.

    Yeah, Jason Kidd said the obvious. He said that free-agents will goto New York. They will, but not because of the reasons that everyone is assuming.

    ANY NBA team that has cap-space, becomes a free-agent hot-bed. Those players are like every other professional sports player: They play for money #1. New York will have a lot of it, and so the Knicks will obviously get some of them.

    But the Knicks dont want “some” of them… the Knicks want 2 of four free-agents in-particular.

    IE: LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, Amare

    Take ANY two players off that list that you have, besides the 4 players I just mentioned… then tell me how happy you are.

    Yeah. That’s what I thought.

    There may be a lot of names on that list, but half of them wont even be worth having/signing. IE:

    Ray Allen
    Michael Redd

    Others will be 30+ also.

    Brandon Roy and Lamarcus Aldridge should be removed from that list, as neither will be available. They have both said they plan on signing extensions this summer.

    Amare is ALL ABOUT $$$ and being the #1 guy!!! That has always been his position, and that wont change. He is not coming to New York.

    Dwayne Wade is very unlikely to come to New York. He likes it in Miami, and he knows they will do whatever is necessary to keep him.

    That leaves LeBron and Bosh.

    I already went through the LeBron thing, and right now, it is heavily favored to the Cavaliers.

    Chris Bosh is the one who is most-likely to bolt. And if the Knicks could get him, and say a Joe Johnson… that is an excellent core. But, you have to hope that Atlanta continues to get worse (Like the blow-out to Orlando), otherwise, Joe stays with the Money.

    That leaves Rudy Gay and Randy Foye as the only 2 players left that aren’t 30 years old or more.

    I’m Sorry, but all the money that the Knicks have had…. it didn’t make anyone move before…. the sponsors didn’t pop-up over night, we have had them… but we still have not got the top talents. And why do you think that is?

    It is because after the Money… players look at winning. The Knicks were not winners, while other teams were…who could offer the same amount of money. Therefore, players go to the better team, with the same amount of money.

    Since I have been in every state, and every NBA city, I can say that with the exception of Indianapolis, all of the cities offer the same type of nightlife that New York does… they all offer 5-star restaurants (not as many),etc. All of the Stars come to New York all the time, so the theatre, the other stuff… they see it all anyway. Yet taxes are cheaper elsewhere.

    Look at everything.

    The Knicks MUST get at-least Bosh for this to be successful.

    If they dont come away with one of those 4 players (3 of them seem pretty unlikely right now), then this whole thing is yet another failure.

  41. Dan L

    Steven A., is that really you? Because I could swear that I’ve seen you on NBA Fastbreak insisting that LeBron AND Dwayne Wade have a tacit agreement to play in New York together, come 2010. In fact, you said that this was the reason they signed identical extensions a few off-seasons ago. It was their plan all along.

    Now, I’ve never gone that far. Mainly because I don’t talk to the players like you do. All along I’ve said we might not get LeBron…but Steven A., why have you changed your tune? Are you hearing something different now?

  42. Evan

    The people here, who are advocating that the Knicks play to win, and make smart, yet “safe” moves…IE: Don’t draft Dan; Do some research into Mobley,etc,etc. Are the people who are being realistic. Even if LeBron is giving us a 50/50 chance… he won’t be coming here if we dont have talent to win… right now! Bosh is not enough….assuming he would sign if LeBron did. On top of that, we have to have players who can win… right now, we don’t. LeBron cannot win on his own… that has been proven. And with what the Cavaliers are doing in Cleveland, when put next to what we are doing and the mistakes that have been made… what team do you really think he is going to choose?

    Of course there is a chance lebron wont come here, but if the knicks didnt trade crawford and and randolph lebron the option wouldnt even exist – big difference and a risk i for one am willing to take.

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