Can The Knicks Land Anthony Randolph?

It is clear that under the right circumstances, Anthony Randolph is very available. What are those circumstances? Marc Stein reports that Golden State would be much more amenable to moving Randolph if the acquiring team also takes on the salary albatross known as Corey Maggette’s contract.

Maggette has 3 years and $30 million left on his contract, after this one. The Warriors have a few options when it comes to packaging Maggette with Radolph. One is finding a team willing to give them young prospects and a contract that expires this year. The Knicks can do that and so can other teams. Everyone knows though that the Knicks aren’t willing to add salary to their 2010 books. But what about a 2010 cap-neutral trade, or one that even aids the Knicks slightly this summer. Yes, the Knicks can accomplish this despite taking on Maggette’s deal. That’s where the next option for the Warriors comes into play.

If Golden State strikes out on acquiring an expiring contract and a prospect(s), they might be inclined to take a contract that expires in 2011, 2 full seasons before Maggette’s is set to expire, along with some young talent.

For example, a trade of Wilson Chandler, Jordan Hill, and Jared Jeffries for Maggette and Randolph works and is almost cap neutral. A trade of Chandler, Hill, Eddy Curry, and Toney Douglas for Maggette, Mikki Moore, Randolph and Stephen Curry works and saves the Knicks about a million bucks for this summer.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss the idea that the Warriors would move so much of their future in a package to get rid of Maggette. It has been rumored before, and Stein reports that it is possible.

But there are a few reasons why trades like these wouldn’t appeal to either side. From the Knicks point of view, it doesn’t seem like Walsh is interested in saving $1 million. If he trades Curry, I think he wants to save $11 million. Also, the Knicks have big plans for 2011 and this deal would certain hamper those plans (though you’d have to wonder if it’s better to have Steph Curry and Randolph than whoever the Knicks could sign in 2011, unless its ‘Melo). From the Warriors side, they wind up with Eddy Curry. However, at least his contract is almost over, which is what they want.

Might the Warriors get better deals than the above hypotheticals? Certainly. But so far, according to the San Jose Mercury News’ Tim Kawakami, who, in his piece about the Warriors unique ability to shop a guy while diminishing his value, writes that all they’ve been offered for Randolph is J.J. Hickson. Not only can the Knicks beat that, but the Cavs’ interest is yet another incentive for the Knicks to do what they can to land the guy.


  1. Jon

    I do think that, if DW were willing to take on Maggette, it would open up some avenues to acquire a few of GST’s more desirable young pieces. But that doesn’t appear to be DW’s approach to improving the team. He seems singularly focused on unloading a bad contract in exchange for more cap space this summer that can be used on FAs. If DW does end up using cap space in a trade, it will be during summer and only after he’s exhausted all the possibilities with the big free agents (Lebron, Bosh, Joe Johnson, even Rudy Gay).

    Don’t get me wrong, this is a good idea, and doesn’t compromise any cap space for this summer, so the Knicks could still land a max FA in addition to bolstering the core of young players with guys like Randolph and Curry. But since it doesn’t add any cap space for 2010 and actually eats into the space for 2011, it just doesn’t seem like something Donnie would do.

  2. Italian Stallion

    I have a funny feeling the Knicks aren’t going to do much.

    At one point Walsh said that all the moves last year disrupted the team. He and D’Antoni seem to be focused on trying to make the playoffs this year. So I think they are going to be reluctant to tear everything apart just when they are starting to play better.

    I think Robinson might be traded because he’s in the doghouse and Douglas is demonstrating that he can handle that backup role. I’m sure they’ll also entertain any deal that gets rid of Jeffries contract, but I don’t see much else happening. (They certainly must regret not moving Robinson and Jeffries when they had the chance).

    Curry is basically impossible to move because he doesn’t look good (even Bender looks better off his 4 year layoff) and won’t get much time unless the Knicks collapse.

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind tearing the team apart and totally throwing the year out the window if we could extract some young talent or picks for guys like Harrington and other expiring contracts.

    Just a note, as a long time fan of Chandler that really started souring on him early this year, he has played a lot better in December.

  3. yo

    its not gonna take dw to take on magette if he wants randolph.lee nate and chandler would be enough.nelson is as delusional as always.

    and i’m not ready to give up on hill yet.i think that hill and randolph could probably get us wall depending on what team has the number 1 pick(looking at the bulls).i’m hoping we can get rudy fernandez with harrington.

    wall fernandez james gallinari would dominate the league for a decade.i don’t think we can pay lebron and another superstar, so our best bet is t get him in the draft.and wall looks about as legit as any pg ever has.all i know is, we need to stock pile assetsas soon as possible.

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