Keepin’ ‘Em Honest…

The Knicks saw Atlanta’s Josh Smith ejected against them in the second quarter, the woeful Nets come to the Garden, and then faced injury-depleted Portland.

All of that, coupled with improved play of their own, resulted in a three-game winning streak, something that seemed unfathomable not long ago.

Their run of good fortune — at least when it comes to their opponents — appears ready to come to an end, as the 7-15 Knicks visit 10-11 New Orleans tonight.

That’s because Chris Paul returned a week ago from a sprained ankle, and despite the fact that it remains sore, the point guard has hardly missed a beat.

It’ll be a tough task to go through Paul and the Hornets to get their fourth consecutive victory — and fifth in six games.

–Dan Martin, in his agenda driven article on Friday morning entitled “Paul puts Knicks’ streak in peril”, appearing in the agenda driven New York Post. I’m sure the Post was sincerely disappointed that they weren’t able to stir up another benched player scorned controversy, at least not tonight.

Josh Smith was ejected, the Nets stink, Portland was injury depleted. What’s New Orleans’ excuse Mr. Martin? What was the Suns’?


  1. JLS125

    Now that’s the KNICK PRIDE I’ve been waiting for. I’m proud of you Dan. Talk that $hit man. We’re doing good. Let the HATERS hate.

    BTW, It looked like Duhon was feeling it tonight.

  2. Dan L

    lol…Thanks JLS. There’s a lot of haters out there who claim to be Knicks fans but seem to be rooting for the Knicks to lose. I’m feeling good about the team about now.

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