Knicks Have Trade Offers. Are Deciding. DUH!

According to, the Knicks are not only actively shopping players and feeling out the market, they have specific trade offers that they are evaluating:

There has been a lot of talk about the New York Knicks making some moves in the coming weeks and sources close to the situation say that the team is not only fielding and making calls, they are openly evaluating offers.

Well, everyone knows the Knicks don’t want to stand pat this year. Not with Jeffries and Curry taking up 2010 cap space. But what are the moves Hoopsworld is referencing? They don’t say, other than to rehash the one everyone already knew about thanks to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports: Al Harrington for Ty Thomas:

There is some substance to the Knicks interest in injured Bulls’ forward Tyrus Thomas, mainly because he is a player they have on their list as possible free agent targets in July and a trade now allows the team to “try him on” and make a decision on his future. Thomas is an ending contract so a deal for him does not impact their 2010 plans.

Sources close to the situation said recently that a deal involving Tyrus is not out of the question; however any deal would not likely include Al Harrington as recently suggested. Sources said Harrington is not a player the Knicks are ready to part with as he’s one of the few players capable of creating his own offense.

So if the deal doesn’t include Al Harrington, who else can provide the Bulls with scoring?

The Knicks are supposedly open to some level of deal that sends out Nate Robinson, however Robinson would lose his Bird Rights in a trade, and has the right to refuse any deal after agreeing to a one-year deal last summer.

First, it is completely over Hoopsworld’s head, that bird rights mean nothing to Nate, since the Knicks aren’t going to re-sign him. No matter what, this summer, Nate won’t have bird rights except if the Knicks agree to a sign-and-trade. And, it’s pretty obvious that the way things stand Nate might want out of his current situation so he can try to earn his next contract on the back of play rather than cheerleading. Bird rights are pretty useless if everyone thinks you’re a twelfth man because you aren’t going to rake in the big bucks anyway.

Bottom line, are the Knicks looking to make trades? DUH!


  1. Italian Stallion

    Maybe sending Nate to the doghouse was specifically designed to make him willing to accept a trade because they already had a deal on the table????

  2. chikin sammich

    that’s a weak ass trade.the bulls don’t need nate.i honestly don’t understand the love with al.obviously the bulls, who gave the defending champions a fight last year in the playoffs need some scoring, but not from a pg.this is some bull. dealing al we kill two birds with one for tyrus plus pick isn’t out of the question imo.

  3. Dan L

    Hi Chikin,

    While it’s tempting to trade Al for Thomas’ potential, and I even wrote that it should happen, the Knicks are on a roll now and I wouldn’t want to mess it up. I think I’d pass on the Al deal for now and maybe revisit it later.

  4. virgil

    I agree that a deal is in place for nate but can’t go down until the 15th so he is just getting to bide his time and not get hurt. I would really hope the sactown trade is back on n8 and jeff for sergio and thomas if it works numbers wise

  5. chikin sammich

    actually dan, i was more interested in the pick(if it was in the deal, I’m probably imaginin’ ish or misread somewhere) than ty thomas’s potential.

  6. chikin sammich

    as i said in the knicks blazers should talk:

    so what exactly was the hold up in the harrington deal? al has played well, but look at how badly chicago has been playing, you think al can net us an unprotected first round pick from them jon?

    al for james thomas, and a first seems pretty fair to me.thomas has been a disappointment for them, and al has always shown o be a very capable scorer albeit making stupid decisions on the court at times.

    this quote from chad ford is making restless, lol.

    “The Jazz are going to get the Knicks’ pick whether it’s No. 1 or No. 30.

    It’s a devastating blow for a Knicks team that desperately needs an infusion of talent. Wall, in particular, would be perfect in New York. They need a star in the worst way and are also in major need of a point guard. Wall would’ve provided both.”


  7. chikin sammich

    I’m honestly not worried about chasing free agents whether they’re in a knick uni or otherwise.we need picks.and it would be even sweeter by screwing over the bulls after al returns to bad al form.

  8. Dan L


    I agree draft picks are immensely valuable to a rebuilding team. If Chicago were willing to throw in this year’s unprotected pick of course I’d do the deal in a heartbeat.

  9. chikin sammich

    our top 4 assets(gallo,lee,harrington, and hill) are our will be at their best at pf.something’s got to give.maybe david gets dealt for thomas and a 1st round pick.maybe a darko+hill package would be enough to get the pick from the jazz back.i just don’t understand why donnie will take his time with this.this is probably as good as all these guys(with the exception with of gallo) will look here.we’re going to need more than 6 players on the roster if lebron is not signed.

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