TMac: The Real No-Brainer

Ok so the Knicks turned down the chance to sign Allen Iverson. Now fans won’t get to see The Answer jack up 25 shots a night at the expense of Gallinari, Douglas, Hill, and most importantly, Eddy Curry, just to win 5 more games.

[Note: since Donnie used player development as an excuse to not sign A.I., I would like to see the Knicks actually do that every night. So far they haven’t.]

But make no mistake, the Knicks need to showcase Curry. The better he looks (and he looked good on Wednesday), the better the chance the Knicks can trade him, thereby clearing enough cap space to sign two max guys in July.

It has also been reported (by Hahn among others) that the Knicks are looking at alternative opportunities to improve the roster. That could explain why their hotness for Iverson seemed to turn ice cold overnight. What potential opportunity could be in the works? Adrain Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reports that Tracy McGrady is fed up with the rockets and the situation has reached a boiling point. Wojnarowski also writes that the Rockets main goals in dealing with TMac involve maintaining team chemistry and saving money by having insurance pick up 80% of his per game salary for each game that he misses from here on out.

Now, the incoming and outgoing salaries involved in any trade with the Rockets must be within 150% of one another. That means the Rockets can take back a good amount less than than McGrady’s $23 million. That difference is doubled, since as a tax paying team, the Rockets would also be spared a dollar for dollar penalty equal to difference between McGrady’s salary and whatever they bring back. And if one of the contracts is Cuttino Mobley’s, Houston will be entitled to have insurance cover it, as long as they obtain it by the end of the month (a year from Cuttino’s “injury”).

A deal that makes a lot of sense for both teams is Duhon/Jeffries/Darko for McGrady/Cook. Knicks lose Jeffries and get a scorer and the Rockets maintain chemistry and save millions on Mobley’s contract and millions more in avoiding a dollar for dollar tax penalty. Once Mobley’s contract comes off their books, Houston would save about $10 million in salary and thus $10 million in tax as well. In fact, this trade makes so much sense, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet.


  1. auggie

    when was the last time that a sports repoter was right about any trade rumor?over the summer the knicks had sessions signed,rubio in their back pocket,and a deal was done with the wizards(according to many different sports guys)im starting to think that they know less than the fans do.

  2. Jon

    I hear you Auggie. But I do think guys like Alan and Tommy work really hard to get inside information from their sources and I do think they know more than we do. At the end of the day, though, all they can really offer is informed speculation.

    GMs talk to everybody all the time. Less than 1% of what’s discussed ends up happening. So even when you have some inside dope it’s hard to be accurate.

    Chances are, if those guys say a move is being discussed, there’s some grain of truth to it somewhere, but it just didn’t pan out. From my perspective as a blogger, though, what they offer in inside info is invaluable because it gives us some insight into what the front office might be thinking about and that makes it easier to speak intelligently about the team.

  3. Ryan Boyce

    I can’t believe this blog has people who reply in agreement. It makes me sad. We’ve spent the better part of a decade taking on players who are past their prime and FAILING! I’m glad the moderators of this blog don’t run the Knicks. Kobe isn’t going to New York. You might as well say Michael Jordan is going to retire and sign with the Knicks.

    It’s easy to write an article that’s full of **** about the three best players in the league signing with the knicks, but stick to goddam reality!!!!! Don’t plan on getting signed to write for sports illustrated any time soon. This entire fan blog has the credibility of an Enron exec.

    Get real people.

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