Can Curry Be Cut?

Alan Hahn doesn’t think the Knicks will look to get out from underneath Eddy Curry’s weighty, crushing, contract for “failure to perform”, but that doesn’t mean they can’t. Here is some food for thought (hopefully Eddy won’t eat it before we’re done with it).

The following is from the NBA’s Uniform Player Contract:


(a) The Team may terminate this Contract upon written notice to the Player if the Player shall:

(i) at any time, fail, refuse, or neglect to conform his personal conduct to standards of good citizenship, good moral character (defined here to mean not engaging in acts of moral turpitude, whether or not such acts would constitute a crime), and good sportsmanship, to keep himself in first class physical condition, or to obey the Team’s training rules;

Is there any doubt that this could apply to Eddy?


  1. John

    Sounds like he should be ancient history already, given his poor physical condition for the last two seasons… I don’t understand why they will not look to exercise this and rid the team of this poor excuse of an athlete.

  2. Italian Stallion

    I think it’s preposterous that he’s still not in shape. Granted, he had a very tough year (much his own fault) and ended last season in terrible shape. But an entire spring and summer is enough time to get anyone in very good shape. This guy is FOS and needs to be tossed. Someone in the NBA needs to show some balls, make fair weight and fitness clauses a standard part of all contracts, or get really aggressive and use the clause you identified to toss some of these losers out of the league.

  3. slumdogballer

    In an ideal world, Eddy would be gone by now. I think we all see flashes of Jerome James before our eyes.

    Can we terminate his contract? It would be a hard sell and the issues would certainly go before an arbitrator. Initiating such an action without a weight-clause to stand behind it would set an uncomfortable precedent. Sure, the League should vote in the Knicks’ favor if they want the Knicks to have a chance at regaining their luster, but imagine what impact this might have on how players and agents might perceive the Knicks and other teams as well? After the Thomas-Era fiascoes I would rather avoid getting in a legal entanglement that doesn’t look like a decisive, clear cut victory.

    Also keep in mind that Eddy shares the same agent as you know who – Lebron. I’m sure Leon would have something to say about any action taken against his client.

    No way the Knicks even consider terminating Eddy’s contract due to his inability to fulfill his end of the contract by coming into camp in shape. They didn’t do it with Jerome James and they won’t do it with Eddy.

    We should all focus our attention on Jeffries and hope that his stellar shooting is not a mirage and that it can last just long enough to send him and his contract out of town.

  4. Dan L


    I fully agree with you. It’d be a tough sell to terminate Eddy’s contract. The most important reason that the Knicks shouldn’t do it is that it sets a dangerous precedent. What players are going to want to join the Knicks if they take a unprecedented action like this? Players will be worried that if something bad happens to them the Knicks would just terminate their contracts.

    Good pick-up pointing out that Curry and James both have Leon Rose as their agent.

    I don’t think the Knicks would, or necessarily should terminate Eddy’s deal. I just think it’s interesting to point out that they can.

  5. Italian Stallion


    You are being WAY too lenient. It may not be a smart move strategically to go ahead with a move to terminate Curry, but guys like him, James, Sweetney etc… and others have made it very clear that the NBA needs some kind “get out of jail free” card to deal with overpaid fat slobs that refuse to get in shape.

    If there was no salary cap, it wouldn’t be that much of an issue because it would strictly be financial. But with a salary cap it’s preposterous to have professional athletes not living up to their end of the bargain and paralyzing the entire franchise.

    Either you must be allowed to terminate the contract or partition the NBA for a “fat slob” exception to the cap.

  6. Dan L


    I agree in the sense that maybe there should be a general “Allan Houston Rule” every year whereby each team can cut one salary albatross every year. Alternatively, maybe NBA contracts in general shouldn’t be guaranteed. But if this option isn’t in regular use for every team, and the Knicks are the only team to cut a guy like Curry, they’ll just look bad to players considering going to New York.

    I definitely agree though that prospectively, there should be a change.

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