Hahn: Knicks Not In Sessions

Yesterday, Alan Hahn discovered through one of his sources that the Knicks did not make an offer to RFA PG Ramon Sessions, nor will they without first offloading an albatross contract (you know which ones). This was contrary to what he’d been told by a different source the day before. Hahn is now hearing that the Knicks would still love to add Sessions, but not at the expense of any precious 2010 cap space.

It’s sometimes hard to tell which source to believe when there’s conflicting information being tossed around like this but, in this case, Hahn clearly seems to feel that his clarification yesterday is more accurate. Just applying logic to the situation, the second story just feels a lot like the truth.

You know we like Ramon Sessions a lot in this space and we were early advocates that DW ought to make a big push to bring him in. He’s a young player with a good upside and he’d fit well with the young pieces the team has already assembled. However, when you consider Lebron’s refusal to sign an extension, his comments to ESPN that aired this past Sunday, and the fact that his shoe deal also expires after this season  (I wonder if Nike will have any thoughts on where he should sign, hmm…) Donnie simply can’t afford to ignore these signals and  jeopardize his shot at the best player on the planet.

That’s not to say Donnie’s without blame here. His decision to forgo the opportunity to offload Jeffries at the deadline last season is indefensible and now it’s come home to roost. He badly misjudged the Knicks’ chances at making the playoffs and, truth be told, making the playoffs last season should never have been his priority in the first place. The reality is, if DW had consummated the trade, the Knicks would have their PG of the future right now. Be it Sessions, Curry, Rubio or Flynn. Because not only would the trade have freed up some cap space, it may also have cost the Knicks a couple of extra wins last season and netted them a higher lottery pick.

At this point, though, that’s all just crying over spilt milk. What’s done is done. And with Lebron looming on the horizon, unless Donnie can clear some room, the Knicks just have to let Sessions go.


  1. JLS125

    From John Hollinger chat:

    Andy (DC-Metro)

    Who is the player or team that no one is talking about that is on your radar screen? Please dont say Durant or THunder- I’m already driving that bandwagon with Simmons riding shotgun

    John Hollinger (3:27 PM)

    Player — Ramon Sessions. Most underrated player in the league. Will be a big-time pick up for the team that lands him…

    Let’s go Knicks! Make it happen!!!

  2. Dan L

    I kinda believe what Hahn is saying about the Knicks not spending ANY money unless they clear some first, including for Sessions.

    If the Knicks don’t sign Sessions and he takes Milwaukee’s QO, he’ll be restricted again next year (because he has under 4 years in the league), and maybe the Knicks can work something out then…

    I’d like to see him on the team this year but definitely not at the expense of salary flexibility.

    You have to believe Donnie is working super hard to shed Jeffries right about now, but even if he can’t, I’d say its possible the Knicks sign Sessions if his asking price comes down.

  3. Jon

    I really don’t see Sessions going back to the Bucks for $1 million. It makes absolutely no sense. It’d be one thing if taking the QO would earn him his freedom next offseason, but it won’t. Even worse, with all those guards on the Bucks’ roster and given Scott Skiles’ thinly disguised infatuation with guards who cut an image similar to himself (read: Ridnour, Luke), there’s not even any guarantee that Sessions would be able to improve his standing in the eyes of the other teams around the league going into free agency next season.

    It’s so frustrating having to wait and listen to all the posturing from Sessions’ agent and worry about the misdirection with the Clippers (not offering better money than the Knicks; bad situation) but, in the end I still believe the Knicks are the team offering the most money (i’d imagine it’ll be 1 year with an option and a buyout) and best opportunity (starting PG in SSOL) and that at some point Sessions and his agent will swallow hard and accept.

    The fact that a player as talented and productive Sessions can be hung out to dry by his own team and still not be able to draw a fair from another team is an indictment of the NBA’s FA process, which absolutely sucks in my opinion, but it’s the reality of the situation.

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