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This afternoon Gery Woelfel of the Milwaukee Racine Journal Times tweeted:

Knicks almost had deal 4 R. Sessions a month ago. Now Clippers apparently close. Mike Dunleavy mum on topic.

But within minutes news broke of a trade sending Rasual Butler and his $4 million salary to the Clippers in exchange for a future second round pick.

Are the Clippers really going to add another $4 million to their books for Sessions?

Hoopsworld’s Eric Pincus, who covers the Clippers, is skeptical:

personally i’m still skeptical that sessions to LAC happens – would Rasual coming make that even less likely? not sure yet


Note – if the Clippers can convince the Bucks to do a S&T for Sessions – the most LA can offer via their trade x is $3.455 mil starting


Clipper source/Sessions “Never out of the hunt for anything that makes us better but we feel pretty good about where we are right now.

I don’t think $3.455 million is what Sessions or Chubster Wells are looking for. If they are going to take that amount, I think they’d prefer to do it in New York to start for the Knicks. Not to compete with Telfair to play behind Baron Davis in a slow offense.

Also, I’m starting to take Gery Woelfel’s info with a smaller grain of salt every day. It’s clear to me that he’s just passing along Chubster’s talking points.

It might be that the Knicks are Sessions’ only real option and that Donnie and Chubster are just waiting each other out. The Knicks though, according to a RealGM report, are not all that interested anymore, though I think that this too is bluster to get Sessions to accept a lower amount.

Stay tuned, as if you had a choice.


  1. Italian Stallion

    I wish something would happen. I’m looking forward to seeing what our team will actually looks like next year.

    If we wind up signing Lee, Nate, and Sessions, I’ll feel OK about the off season because there will be a lot of youth and potential for upside surprise. I think we will at least make a strong playoff run.

    I have my preferences for how long a contract each should get and how high Donnie should go, but I feel that as long we always sign fair deals or better, we can always trade these players later. I also think the cap space for 2010 is not as critical as everyone is making it out to be. If the cap is further lowered (which seems almost certain), the Knicks aren’t going to be able to sign two max players next year anyway unless God intervenes. I think the new plan should be to get one all star in 2010 and one in 2011.

  2. Dan L

    I agree that the 2 free agents in 2010 goal might be a bit ambitious. 1 in 2010 and 1 in 2011 is a real possibility and I like that plan.

    What I don’t like is signing Sessions at the expense of the signing a free agent in 2010.

    Are Knicks fans going to want to say, “Damn, we can’t sign LeBron James this summer because we signed Ramon Sessions last summer.”?

    I don’t want to be in that position. I think we have to stay focused and not lose sight of the bigger picture here.

  3. Jay

    If you think about it, it’s not IMPOSSIBLE to sign 2 FA: sign Sessions just under de MLE (4 mil, for example) and take a vet -as ridiculous as it may seem- like AI and go for de bi annual, which should make a solid back court, counting on Sessions’ defense abilities. On the onther hand, I wouldn’t rule out the chance of S and T between the Iazz involving Boozer and Harpring (who looks to retire at the end of next season) or Miles for Lee and Jeffries, something that would make fans very happy and at the same time add a lot of depth to the team and give them actual possibilities of making a strong playoff run. Just look at all the comercial moves the Jazz are making, they DO NOT want Boozer. At this point, and with a whole month to go before camp, anything can happen

  4. Italian Stallion

    I think if we are really concerned about that, later in the season we could trade Jeffries + Nate for an expiring. My own feeling is that Lebron/Wade aren’t coming here and Bosh is probably going to Miami or Cleveland. So I think it might be OK to risk having to move Jeffries later this year in order to have a decent team now.

    I give Lebron coming here about a 5%-10% chance and NOT being able to move Jeffries + Nate for an expiring about 10%. That means the chances of both happening are about 1% or less. I can live with that to not totally suck this year and discourage other players from coming here because we are so bad.

    Of course my estimate may be off. 😉

  5. Jay

    I def understand where you’re coming from. As a fan, we all want to move forward and try to make at least a playoff run, or improve last season’s record. But on the other hand, what are the other chances of that if the team that starts camp this year is the same one that finished last season? I don’t see it being THAT much better. I think that giving our “young guns” starting options to prove themselves can be risky, but highly rewarding. Gallo (let’s just hope that he’s the great player many of us think he is) and Chandler are being called to step up as high scorers for the team, giving Hill minutes to prove to everybody why he was the 8th pick for NY wouldn’t be bad, and why not? maybe Toney D just turns out to be the “steal” of the draft as many thought he was. I think it’s a valid option to give the young core of this team the chance to prove themselves just might make this team more attractive to next year’s FA’s. At this point, nobody knows, but I think that Lebron’s current supporting cast in Cleveland (except for Shaq) isn’t THAT much better than the Knicks’, hell it might not even BE better than our core. There are plenty of alternatives, this is definitely one that could be explored… Having of course a couple of new and cheap player for next year, of course. Oh yeah, and don’t count on Cleveland having a lot of chances luring Wade. They’re just too tight on their cap, no way to make for a Superstar like that. Chicago for sure has a big chance. In the end it’ll all come down to who makes the better moves and shows more cap flexibility along with good supporting role players. Don’t forget the Nets are forming a pretty good team and have plenty of room.

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