Von Wafer Update

Hes taller than Nate.
He's taller than Nate.

Yes, the summer is going by so slowly that we’ve resorted to Von Wafer updates:

Von_Wafer_freee agency is wearing me down — clippers, knicks or even maybe rockets are in the game — but I don’t like greek food.

I don’t know a ton about Von Wafer except that he’s a 2 with size and he can score. He can probably be had on a one-year deal or even a very cheap multiyear deal. I suspect he’s way down on the Knicks list of priorities in the backcourt behind Sessions and Nate.

Anyway, there’s your Von Wafer update.


  1. Italian Stallion

    I was on the edge of my seat when I saw that headline.

    Can we get a Mardy Collins update next? 😉

    Seriously, it’s not you fault Walsh is in a coma.

  2. Jon

    I still think we’ll get Sessions eventually. And, if we do, Duhon to Orlando is a natural.

    Sessions is holding out to see if he can draw a bigger offer from someone else that DW will have to match. I still don’t buy that he wants to be a backup in Clipperville, though. They’re pushing that angle to try to force Donnie’s hand.

  3. slumdogballer

    This news is a non-factor for us. I do not think we were seriously considering Wafer as an option at SG. Now Keliza is a different thing altogether. I would have loved to see him in a Knicks uniform.

    We’re in for a very long wait fellas.

  4. Lives In New Jersey, Loves New York

    “It’s not your fault Walsh is in a coma.” LOL. Agreed. @ Italian Stallion.

    I think I went on summer vacation a couple of weeks too early. Talk about being in the dead zone — nothing is happening in or for NY. That Kahn guy in Minnesota is doing it the right way — building through youth, while we are shopping for rusted parts. Sessions is not the dreamboat, but he would save the Knicks’ summer of Darko.

    Is it “Slow and Steady Wins The Race” or “Think long, think wrong.”

  5. Jon

    @Loves New York:

    The strategy has to be both. You can’t just be building with youth forever or else you end up like the Bulls, passing on the chance to add KG, Pau, and even Kobe.

    The Knicks have to somehow reconcile building for long-term with youth *and* trying to free up cap space to become competitive next season. In this economy that’s an almost impossible endeavor and that’s the cause of the morass.

    Sessions would be a very good basketball move for the long-term (it’s certainly possible that he could turn out to be a better player than any of the PGs available in this year’s draft when all is said and done) but not if it costs the Knicks their shot at Lebron. Especially when you consider the fact that LBJ has made it abundantly clear to everyone that he’s at least going to test free agency next summer.

    Most teams’ summers are over but the Knicks’ really hasn’t even begun yet. Let’s see what ultimately shakes out from the Sessions, Lee, and Nate situations. It’s frustrating having to wait into August for anything to happen but it’s still too early to judge the Knicks’ summer.

  6. Lives In New Jersey, Loves New York

    Jon, you are absolutely right that this summer cannot be judged as a whole until it is over. The Knicks still have a lot of work to evaluate. 1. How did the observance and pressure on Curry pan out? 2. Is Gallo’s back back in shape? 3. Do we retain any of the following: Lee, Sessions and/or Robinson? 4. Who do we sign to join the guard corp (Morris Almond, Jason Williams)?

    However, you can still look at decisions being made along the way and determine whether the quality gets one to the end result of winning a chip or just attracting a free agent next year. So far the decision to court Jason Kidd, Grant Hill, Jason WIlliams, Jamal Tinsley, and Jerry Stackhouse send troubling messages about what type of team we are trying to build.

    It is good that fans try tt keep the faith amidst the evidence, but clearly the players are not as faithful. D’Antoni and Walsh were supposed to be able to attract talent but the promise of LeBron and D’Antoni together in 2010 couldn’t even sway Steve Nash to set it up so he could join NY. Other players simply used the Knicks to boost their deals with preferred teams. They don’t believe the Knicks will be a winner soon and it’s not all about the prestige of the Garden and money.

    Finally, what is it that has people believing that LeBron will treat NY any differently — another tool to force the Cavs to max out his salary. Sure, he leaves the door open but who do we have that is going to get LeBron to the promised land in two-three years especially when the first problem is lack of a defensive philosophy. LeBron is no fool. Money is a short term objective — creating lasting value form which to make money is the objective. For LeBron the legacy is ultimately more valuable than the immediate cash.

    I am extremely skeptical that Walsh is doing any better than he did the last few years in Indiana. Very skeptical, but let’s see where we are in five weeks.

  7. Jon

    @Loves New York: It’s not that I really think Lebron’s motives are different than the others. It’s just that I agree with DW that the Knicks can’t take themselves out of the running as long as he’s potentially on the market.

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