Other Teams To Step Up Bids For Sessions

Word out of Gery Woelfel out of the Milwaukee Racine Times, and rebroadcast by Tommy Dee, is that the Clippers and Kings are set to step up their pursuit of Ramon Sessions. If the Knicks miss out, it would be a harsh blow, with the perception that Donnie Walsh is dragging his feet and/or is being entirely inflexible about the 2010 plan.

There have been some indications that Donnie doesn’t want to add to the salary by signing Sessions, without subtracting from it first by getting rid of Jeffries or Curry. I’m selling that. What difference does it make what order the roster shuffle takes. If Donnie thinks he can move Jeffries, then surely it doesn’t matter that he’s already signed Sessions. And if Donnie could really move Jeffries that easily, you’d have to think he’d have done it by now, rather than let the Sessions situation come precariously close to leaving the Knicks with no point guard of the future.

I haven’t been as frustrated as some, because I’ve just been of the opinion that Donnie is “smoking the terrorists out of their holes”. But if the Knicks lose out on Sessions because Donnie didn’t want to throw in an extra half a million, I’d be pretty perturbed.


  1. Jon

    I’m not buying this just yet. Everything we’ve read in the news about the Sessions bidding has been driven by Sessions’ agent (especially the Woelfel stuff as he seems to have no other sources on the situation). I do believe the Clippers are interested but I think this is yet another tactic Chubby Wells is using to drum up a full mid-level offer from the Knicks.

    From a basketball situation the Knicks is by far Sessions’ best option as it offers him the chance to start and put up some of those pretty SSOL numbers. While a full midlevel offer is undoubtedly good money, a few years in our system could catapult his earning potential into a new stratosphere. Playing behind Baron Davis and Eric Gordon in an iso-dominant system wouldn’t seem to afford the same opportunity.

    That’s why I believe that, even if Sessions gets an acceptable offer from the Clippers, he won’t take it without first shopping it to the Knicks to see if they’ll match. DW is not going to be suckered into bidding against himself and I’m sure he told Wells, “This is our offer. Go see if you can do better and, if you can, come back to us and we’ll talk about matching it.”

    Let’s wait and see what happens. I suspect that, in the end, the Knicks will be given every opportunity land him.

  2. chris

    I agree. I dont think any of these other options are real. Sessions would play off the bench for those two teams. but would start for the knicks. I think it makes sense to play hard ball. If you dont try to trim spending then you get eddy curry for 9 million a year

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