Knicks To Offer Sessions MLE Monday?

Either Gery Woelfel of Milwaukee’s Journal Times is right, or Alan Hahn is right.

Woelfel tweeted over the weekend that the Knicks are serious about Sessions. Then Hahn blogged that there was “nothing…hot at the moment” in the Knicks’ Sessions chase. Today, Woelfel followed up that the Knicks are ready to extend the midlevel to Sessions as soon as tomorrow, but most likely by Tuesday.

If the Knicks land Sessions, who is just 23 and played for Dan D’Antoni in high school, he will be billed as the point guard of the future.


  1. Jon

    While I hope Woelful’s take is accurate, I’m skeptical. The Knicks as an organization haven’t exactly been leak proof and, so far anyway, there is absolutely zero buzz about this move coming from the Knicks’ side. Couple that with the fact that Woelful’s source is Sessions’ agent and I think we may just be seeing an agent trying to scare up an offer for his client.

    I hope I’m wrong though, because I think Sessions would be a great addition.

  2. Dan L

    There was no buzz about the Randolph and Jamal trades until they happened, or the Hughes trade for that matter. And Woelfel didn’t say his source was Sessions’ agent, that is just an implication from reading what Hahn has to say.

  3. Jon

    I read on yesterday that Woelful has been speaking to Sessions’ agent all summer. So my assumption was based on that. It’s certainly possible that BrewHoop is mistaken, but those guys seem to be on top of things.

  4. Virgil

    The Los Angeles Clippers agreed to trade Quentin Richardson to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Sebastian Telfair, Mark Madsen and Craig Smith on Monday.
    Courtesy of ESPN. Damn Q is the traveling man no one wants him

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