Berger: Knicks Receptive to Miller Trade

Ken Berger of CBS Sports is reporting that the Knicks do indeed have interest in acquiring PG Andre Miller from the Sixers in a sign-and-trade for incumbent starting PG Chris Duhon.

Contrary to reports earlier today, Berger is reporting that it’s Miller’s agent who has been working to orchestrate a deal. Since Duhon is already under contract, that makes much more sense, although I suppose it’s possible that both agents are working on a change of address for their clients.

Berger says that the Knicks would only be willing to offer Miller a 2 year deal. I’d presume that it’d be for something in the neighborhood of $15 million.


  1. virgil

    ok if we did this, i think we would still be in the same situation only a slightly upgrade at the point. Who is the future and who is the backup. If we could do the deal without giving up duhon i would be happier

  2. Jon

    I don’t care about Duhon so much, as I think Miller is a much better player. It’s that $7.5 million Miller would be earning in 2010 that bothers me.

    Don’t forget, though, Donnie has a secret.

  3. virgil

    yea that again. I am going crazy wondering. I am not sure about the miller or boozer thing as fits for us. I am sure it has to do with losing jefferies more so than curry although, Rockets have interest. Prior to Zha Zha reupping here in atlanta, the talks shows were talking about curry as a possibility and crawford was talking about it too

  4. Jon

    I agree about Boozer and Miller not being perfect fits, btw. Although it’s funny that Miller is always characterized as “slow” or “plodding” when for the past two seasons he’s been the trigger man for a team that likes to get out and run as much as possible. He wasn’t exactly slowing them down.

  5. Italian Stallion

    Miller would be an upgrade over Duhon, but I’m not in love with this move either. Miller only has 2-3 good years left in him. So he’s not our PG of the future either. I think if we can’t find our PG of the future, I’d rather stay with Duhon because he’s younger and could actually get a little better if we don’t run him into the ground this year like we did last year. Plus, I think he would make a great backup over the long haul if we do find out future PG.

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