Situation To Monitor: Brandon Roy

Brandon Roy apparently is unhappy with either the pace of extension talks with the Blazers or the amount they have offered (You mean they didn’t just say, “Hey Brandon, here is the max.”?)

Brandon Roy told KJR radio in Seattle today that he’s frustrated and disappointed with the Trail Blazers handling of his contract extension negotiations. He talked a lot about the hard work he’s put in, and all he’s done to make his dreams come true, and about being patient as he watches the good days and bad days come down the pipeline.

He wants to get a deal done and is confused as the rest of us as to why the left brainers in the organization are standing in the way.

On watching the negotiations: “I sit back and think about all the hard work I’ve put into my dream… excited about the opportunity to provide for my family. I go in… knowing that I’ve come into the league and I’ve done everything I can do to get a max contract.”

On how he feels about the negotiations: “It’s 50-50 right now… I’d love for something to get done so I can move forward and meet free agents…”

On whether he was involved in the Hedo Turkoglu recruitment: “Not playing much of any role. It’s hard for me to go out and recruit Hedo for five years when I have only one year on my deal.”

Well played by Roy’s camp. It’s absurd that the organization is misplaying this negotiation so badly. Sign the guy already.

Brandon Roy is a max player in the league and I’m sure the Knicks (and many many other teams) would love to give him max money in 2010 if the Blazers don’t come to their senses. Of course the Blazers could always match any deal next year.


  1. virgil

    Wow I’ve been preaching broy 4 a while over lebum. Would rather have him with bosh. I know I’m crazy we need lebron.
    But b roy would excel here in ny

  2. auggie

    we dont need that chalk dust throwing,phony picture taking,sore sport ,loser,slamdunk over video confiscating LEBRON./He doesnt deserve to play in new york,SIGN B.ROY

  3. John

    @auggie I have to agree with you 100%. He is just playing games with us to keep his name in the media/limelight. I don’t care who we sign as long as it is not him!!! I think we should build around the young talent that we are aquiring, and our main goal should be to beat Cleveland every year and keep that sore loser from ever getting a ring. The old school Knick fans would never have kissed Michael Jordan’s ass like they are doing to Lebron the cry baby..

  4. virgil

    YES I AM FINALLY NOT ALONE ON THE LEBUM ISSUE. Thank you auggie and john. I felt I was the minority on that

  5. Italian Stallion

    Well, make it 3. I’d rather build a team of young players that feel more like Knicks and “stick it” to Lebron every year! 😉

  6. Jon

    Right. Unless Lebron becomes “Jordan” to, say, Gallinari’s “Ewing” in which case Lebron would be “sticking it” to us every year.

  7. virgil

    But jon at least we were competitive. But I don’t see him being jordan and sticking it to us from cleveland. I made a comment about homegrown knicks and was almost laughed off this site. Glad 2 get some support. I hope I don’t c a ban coming my way. I would like some good young talent that has true knick pride. I envission hill as an Xavier mcdaniel or Mace just a little polished though. Those were hearts of the team.if douglas can be molded ala starks but better on d great. Now if curry can be herb williams we may b onto something

  8. Dan L

    No way we’d ban you Virgil. The one guy we banned worked really hard to earn it. As far as LeBron goes, I just disagree with you guys.

    There was a summer when the Knicks were rumored to be in the running to sign Jordan as a free agent and I was far from upset. I was very hopeful and excited.

    I feel the same way about LeBron.

    What exactly is a “home grown Knick” anyway? Some guy who landed on your team because the ping pong balls came out in a certain order?

    Maybe I’m just not that picky about how to win a title as it approaches 40 years since the last one.

  9. Dan L

    Something tells me that if the Knicks get LeBron and win 60 games year after year and a few titles, you guys will be ok with it.

  10. Jon

    Virgil, we’d never ban someone for having a different opinion than us. Never. We only ban the most egregious azz-hoes.

  11. ewing33

    it would be cool watching b roy as a knick.his game is a dead ringer for clyde’s.i’m pretty much over the lebron.that nike tape-gate confiscation of him getting dunked on is bitchmade.

  12. virgil

    you know i m kidding with the ban. But I remember Jordan talk and was happy, mainly because he earned his respect. In this day and age there really isn’t a homegrown player anymore, but to me Lebron will always be a hired gun ala yankees. there is no feeling of him being the least bit loyal to NY only the money. Lee and N8 are the last of the home grown if they stay, not just because they started their career here, but because they have the heart of a ny’er. They are willing to work hard, granted not on D though. but all of us NY’res appreciate the hard nose guy who works hard. Mason, Starks, Oak, Ewing all did that. Charlie ward, Houston, Spree. None of them acted as though anything was handed to them. That to me is a Knick. Lebum is just a star wanting what he thinks is his. It hurt me not to put the best PG in the league on that list, but he too is a star thinking the world owes him something.

  13. virgil

    o and we signed hill… Best knicks news in a long time. What a summer so far. What do you think of the miller for duhon talk

  14. Dan L

    @Virgil: Fair enough. I do think LeBron has terrific work ethic though, and he plays great D. I get what you are saying 100%, and LeBron has shown some lame tendencies, like walking off the court after the Magic loss and confiscating the dunk tape.

    I still want him.

  15. Dan L

    I just don’t buy the Duhon/Miller talk. Not without the Knicks actually giving up something valuable. Duhon for Miller straight up doesn’t seem fair for the 76ers.

    Also I don’t think Miller settles for a multiyear deal starting at $7 million, and I don’t know if I want the Knicks to pay him more than that.

    Finally, it adds to the cap and Donnie has been so meticulous to not add to the cap in a meaningful way, so I don’t see it happening without Jeffries or somehow Curry leaving the Knicks.

  16. virgil

    At this point in the summer, Every scout needs to be out in Vegas and all other summer leagues to see who is gonna be let go. What happen to the other pg out of spain?
    I really can’t think of anyone out there right now

  17. chris

    I have to say Roy is awesome but not up there with lebron or wade. (Although for a guard I would definitely put him next).

    I sad the knicks didnt go for frye although looks like we will have plenty of bigs.

    Duhon for miller looks like a horrible Idea unless they will take curry of jefferies.

    Honestly i dont think LBJ is doing all this to keep his name in the papers. I think he will honestly leave the Cavs. Because how many FA have refused to go the the cavs. Frye went to the suns, ariza to houston, ron to LA. They have not signed a single FA. They only got shaq but that was through a trade where the player didnt have a real choice.

    LBJ will be leaving. For the knicks I dunno

  18. Dan L

    I think the Cavs signed Anthony Parker off the Cavs but I haven’t been the least bit impressed by him in the course of his career. He’s not the one to put any team looking for a title over the top.

  19. Jon

    I think Parker is a very good role player and a nice addition to the Cavs. He’s a good defender and his shooting will help space the floor. But I agree with Dan that he’s not a difference making player. You can never count out Lebron’s team because he can win a series on his own but, on paper, I’d say the Cavs are the third best team in the east behind Boston and Orlando.

  20. Italian Stallion

    I think “homegrown” is pretty much anyone that you drafted or picked up in a trade prior to them already being established elsewhere.

    There are some exceptions.

    Some players fit the culture of the team/city so well they are easily adopted by the fans as their own.

    I’m sure winning with Jordan would have been a lot of fun, but not as much fun as winning with Ewing.

    It’s sort of like this. If the Yankees had won with Mattingly, people would have felt better about it than winning with Boggs even though they loved winning with Boggs.

  21. Dan L

    I get that Stallion, but I’m sure the old time Knicks fans weren’t booing the Knicks when they won their second title even though they needed Earl Monroe’s help.

  22. Rene

    I agree Dan the best thing about getting Pearl was not haven’t to play against him ask Clyde.LOL I love Roy or wade as my two Lebron as my three case close,he’s coming and the tape thing and working off court are very lame reasons ,little kid stuff,not to sign him.As a third choice at two I would select Brewer a defensive stopper and at three Rudy Gay who we might be able to pry away but Durant would be the third three.I also would want to get Turiaf for my five and Rondo if Celtics let him go.

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