From Around the Knicks-O-Sphere

This morning’s draft rumblings from the beat:

  • Star-Vermin tells us that the Knicks would have interest in Rubio if he slid all the way down to 8th. Earth-shattering stuff. POST EXCLUSIVE?


  1. Italian Stallion

    I keep changing my mind about how I think the Knicks should aproach this draft, but I think I’ve finally crystalized my own thinking.

    I think the Knicks need to make a list of players they believe can eventually be really solid long term NBA starters and also fit into D’Antoni’s system.

    I’m not sure how long that list is. I just suspect it’s a lot shorter than most others think – less than 8).

    From there, they can either trade up to get one or select one if he happens to fall to #8. Other than that, I think they should trade down and gamble with multiple picks. I think getting another marginal starter or solid role player would be a huge waste of the pick.

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