Holiday or Curry? Steph or Jrue?

There’s been a lot of scuttle in the Knicks-O-Sphere that the team may be higher on Jrue Holiday than Stephen Curry. While you all know we prefer Curry here (it’s a little mind-boggling that Curry gets a rep as a guy with limited experience at the point but Jrue, who hasn’t played the position at all above high school, gets a pass), we couldn’t really get mad at Donnie if he preferred Jrue. At 19, he’s brimming with potential and, from a size/speed/power standpoint, is the NBA prototype.

The thing is, though, it may be a bit of a semantic point as, unless the Knicks move up at least a couple of spots, they’re unlikely to even get a crack at Jrue. In fact, in all likelihood, when the Knicks pick at 8, Donnie won’t really have a choice between them, because one of Curry or Holiday will be gone. In other words, if Jrue is there at 8, it will probably be because some other GM in the top 7 preferred Curry to him.

So, I propose this as an ideal scenario: If Jrue is sitting there when the Wizards come up at 5, the Knicks offer Harrington, Duhon, and $3 million cash to the Wizards for Etan Thomas, Mike James and the (very available) 5th pick. Then we wouldn’t be forced to choose between them. Steph and Jrue could make for quite a backcourt.


  1. SlumdogBaller

    Interesting idea but how “available” do you think Duhon is? Ignoring his drastic drop-off last year mid-season, he did show he’s a capable 20-25 minute PG in the 7SOL and could prove to be a valuable backup player regardless of whom they bring in to groom/start.

    I’m all for shopping No-sHarrington because I see him as an obstacle in front of Gallinari & Chandler’s growth.

    If Washington’s 5th spot is available why not try to acquire it, as you propose, and then package the 5th along with say – Nate or David or Mobley’s contract – for the #2 pick? We’d be able to unload a potentially burdensome contract (in Lee) and acquire Rubio & an 8 pick (Hill? Clark?). Sure, I understand Nate & Lee cannot be traded until after July 1 but a handshake deal can be made prior to the draft…..Then, the Knicks can go buy Portland’s #24 pick and pickup Hansbrough, Mills, Mullen or Green.

  2. Jon

    In a perfect world I’m sure Donnie would love it if he had Lee or Nate to dangle in trades for draft picks but, as you know, because of their restricted free agent status, any scenario involving Lee and Nate in a draft-night trade is extremely complicated.

    As for Duhon, I’m on record that the Knicks should look to trade him. One of the benefits of playing SSOL is that it tends to distort the statistics and pump the value of your players. To me Duhon, while solid, is a classic example of that phenomenon. Considering that he’s on an expiring deal, the Knicks would do well to parlay him into a young player that will be part of their future.

  3. Jon

    Incidentally, I posted my trade proposal as a chat question for Steve Kyler of Hoopsworld and this is what he said:

    Jon in NY, NY:
    There’s a lot of talk that the Wizards are going to make the #5 pick available. If the Knicks offered Harrington, Duhon, and cash for Thomas, James and #5, any chance the Wiz would bite?

    Steve Kyler:
    Maybe… unlikely that Knicks consider that kind of deal… they like Harrington a lot.

    I’m a little incredulous that the Knicks wouldn’t give up Harrington for a top 5 draft pick. Getting an elite prospect on a rookie contract is far more valuable to the long-term strategy than Big Al ever could be.

    At any rate, here’s the link to the full transcript of Kyler’s chat:

  4. SlumDogBaller

    Good stuff and I have to agree with you that Harrington HAS TO BE IN PLAY for a top-shelf young talent. It’s just good business and long-term decision making.

    I do think Harrington has talent and his ability to knock down the trey with some consistency along with his ability to be a multi-positional type player gives him some value in 7SOL. For me, it’s his selfish play and low-IQ that makes him most expendable.

  5. Italian Stallion

    Wow, I didn’t think the Knicks were all that high on Harrington. He’s OK, but he’s a bit of a knucklehead. I’m hoping he’s gone by the time the Knicks are really ready to compete. I like your deal.

  6. Dan L

    I don’t really buy the notion that the Knicks wouldn’t trade Harrington for a 5. You have to believe that one of the main reasons they traded for him in the first place was his 2010-friendly contract.

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