NBA Draft Combine Athletic Testing Results

The athletic testing results for this year’s draft combine are now available at all the major draft outlets (this link is to ESPN’s Chad Ford because he also offers a bit of analysis).

I tend to put much less stock into this information than the measurements mainly because it rarely reveals to anything meaningful. For instance, in 2007, Kevin Durant tested as one of, if not the worst athlete in the draft. Like Austin Daye, he failed to get the bench press up even once. Conversely, in 2005, Oklahoma State forward Joey Graham rose from being projected in the late first to going 16th to the Raptors because he tested out as the top athlete in the draft during these drills. It always boils down to one thing: Can he play? So I say take this with a grain of salt.

That said, Steph Curry tested solidly middle of the pack (with a very nice 35.5 inch vertical and got the bar up 10 times) which suggests that he’ll probably be able to hold his own athletically.

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