Donnie Darko? (Or Darko Miliknick?)

We previously told you to be on the look-out for the possibility that the Knicks could be chasing Darko. Darko has an expiring deal and would thus provide low-risk shotblocking (John Hollinger points out that he has the ninth best shotblocking rate amongst centers, though is below average in almost every other way), some rebounding, and size.

Darko’s time in the league is just about up unless he can somehow revive his career. Darko could be a good fit in this system since his Euro game makes him a decent passer and a solid shooter as well.

Mike D’Antoni’s offense seems like the ideal fit. Remember, Boris Diaw looked like a stiff until D’Antoni showed everyone how to use him. Now he’s a solid contributor. He fills a need up front too. It just makes some sense.

Now word is that Donnie offered Q for Darko. We’re not surprised…in fact, we called it. Even though the deal was rejected, I do expect Darko to be a Knick next year.

(Note, Donnie also offered the Grizzlies $3 million for the 27th pick…I wonder who Donnie has eyes for down there).

Interesting Milicic quote:

“I will find the referees, murder them and then [expletive] their daughters”.


  1. SlumdogBaller

    As we can see, Darko is a bit of a nutcase but there is no doubting that he knows and has the tools to block shots. He has a decent mid-range touch and would be an excellent addition for a 20-25 minutes p/game role.

    Could this all be a prelude to a big deal going down post draft? Maybe parts of the deal are being worked on pre-draft (Darko for Q) and the 2nd half of the deal might go down after (#2 for #8)? Perhaps there will be more teams involved (Portland – wanting Conley & Nate and having extra picks to burn, Memphis wanting Lee and having extra picks, Minnesota having an excess of picks)? Hmmm.

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