Latest Draft Rumblings and Other News

1. The Thunder are reportedly high on Stephen Curry…Honestly, I don’t think he’s a reach at 3, in this draft. The fact that the Bobcats are interested and might trade up has me worried too.

2. Donnie Walsh interviewed Thabeet yesterday. He has one skill but it’s definitely one the Knicks need.

3. Ty Lawson will work out against Stephen Curry for the Knicks. Hahn thinks Lawson has a chance at going 8th. He’s wrong.

4. Eddy Curry might be less fat (Italian Stallion was the first on the net to report this, following Eddy’s tweeting).

5. The Knicks might invite Alex Acker to summer league. They reportedly view him as a potential late bloomer.

6. The Knicks might bring in Carlos Cabezas for a look and also a guy named Fabien Causeur, the starting PG for Le Havre. I don’t know how I feel about having a guy named Fabien on the squad. Just bloggin’.


  1. Jon

    I think it’s probably fairer to say about Thabeet that he’s really only useful at one end of the court, though I do think he can at least be a presence on offense and he runs the floor fairly well.

    My bigger concern with Thabeet would have to do with the rumblings around the league that he doesn’t really love basketball. For big men, that’s often a recipe for disaster. See Curry, Eddy.

  2. SlumdogBaller

    Donnie knows the game and it’s hard to believe that his interest in Thabeet is more then just smokescreen. Sure, he has one skill that we most covet but the other parts of his game are suspect – the most glaring one being his desire and passion for the game.

    It will be interesting to see how the workout goes between Lawson and Curry as it’s rumored (by Alan Hahn) that Walsh is high on both players. I also do not think Lawson is a top 10 player.

    Saying Eddy is less fat is like saying a chick isn’t so ugly. Eddy is still FAT and the chick is still ugly.

    I’m high on international players in the D’Antoni system. I’ve heard/read good things about Cabezas – that he’s solid. I would prefer, however, Walsh try to make a trade for Sergio and get an additional pick from Portland.

  3. reed19

    holiday is the guy to me.the guy is a frickin tank, turns 19 next month, and will most definitely improve under d’antoni offensively.

  4. reed19

    as far as steph curry, i think he and lebron have been talking about new york.his love for ny seems kinda random to me.clearly he knows something.i mean, why wouldn’t he be as open about playing in his hometown, where his dad was/is(not sure) an assistance coach with the bobcats?

  5. Dan L

    @reed19…I think part of it is just fit. If you were a sweet shooting 1 who played questionable man D, would you prefer to play for D’Antoni or Larry Brown? Especially knowing how hard Brown is on a) rookies, b) his point guards…

    (By the way while Curry might not be able, yet, to be a good on ball defender I think his IQ is such that he’s already an above average team defender).

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