No. 8 Just Too High for Ty Lawson

Look, I have nothing against the guy and I think it’s undeniable that he had a stellar junior year at UNC, but I think that those who would consider Ty Lawson a viable option for the Knicks at 8 are seriously overrating his ability. When I watch Lawson play, I see a PG very well suited to Roy Williams’ system at UNC, but I don’t see a lottery pick.

Lawson has some terrific attributes that will probably help him carve out a nice NBA career, particularly his speed with the ball and his ability to distribute in transition. But he’s also undersized, injury prone and limited in half-court sets. In the past I’ve compared Lawson to Jacques Vaughn–and I only think that’s a little unfair (Lawson is a more talented scorer. But think about Jacques Vaughn when he played for Roy Williams at Kansas and you get the idea.). Consequently, tonight’s report from DraftExpress that Lawson seems to be sliding a bit comes as no surprise in these quarters. Here’s what Jonathan Givony is hearing:

One player who really doesn’t seem to have very much positive buzz these days is Ty Lawson. “Injury prone” one assistant GM calls him. “A backup point guard…he’s 100% behind Jonny Flynn” another NBA representative says. “He’s a product of North Carolina’s system” a third told us. Lawson seems to be outside of the lottery at the moment, but still has a good chance to be picked by two teams looking for point guards in the late teens, Philadelphia (#17) and Atlanta (#19). He’ll have to keep Eric Maynor at bay, though.

To me, that sounds about right and, in fact, we projected Lawson to be selected by the 76ers in our first mock that we posted after the lottery. I know Lawson has a workout scheduled with the Knicks, but unless Donnie Walsh trades down from the 8th spot, he’s not going to be the pick.

On a related note, DraftExpress also had this to say about the Stephen Curry, Larry Brown, the Charlotte Bobcats and the Knicks:

Larry Brown is reportedly extremely high on Stephen Curry, and may be willing to trade up in order to get him. Apparently he views him as being able to play either guard position, even alongside Charlotte’s current group of point guards, Raymond Felton and D.J. Augustin.

Curry is getting love from teams as high up as Washington and also has a chance to be drafted 6th (Minnesota) or 7th (Golden State). While the Knicks clearly like him, he isn’t the only player they will consider—the other top candidates on their board currently appear to be Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday.


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